Sunday, October 26, 2008

Antique EXPO..lots of horses...dogs and 1 live cat

We left the house after church and went for our favorite coffee stop for a triple shot of "liquid life"......stopped off at the barn so I could take the blankets off the mares and turn them out together for this fine fall day of sun & about 65 degrees! And OFF to the Antique EXPO in Portland!
The gate the prank I played on all who enter onto the Stable's property! It has elicited some screams and timid latch fingers! HA!
he rest is what I collected today that cost nothing to me, except a small entrance fee.
The last photo I took was the most "dear" item I shot today and I got chased outa the vicinity of it by the woman that owned it. She was just appalled that I took a photo of it without asking her! She thought I would post it for sale on E-Bay! She asked me to leave her booth..well, um,er the hall in front of her booth.
There are also some random LIVE animal shots...people aer so cute with their pets at these things.

Enjoy...And Tara...I may still get the Silver horse head"Watch bob" trinket and send it top you for an exquisite necklace to be made by YOU!


  1. Ooooh...sounds like a fun day! I LOVE antiques, and have a small collection of my own that includes some equine stuff, as well as furniture.

    That sure is a big TB in you post below!! I bet his rider never wants to get off while out on the!!!

  2. Well Mellie, she does get off and somehow she gets on..but she always appologises to him. I would rather walk 20 paces to find the stump!But then, I am 20 years older than she!
    What is you collection?
    I collect Hunt Scene items.

  3. Oooh, I love that painting of the mom and her little girl with the roses and the horse by the fence!! I probably would have got that one!! I love old Victorian-era horsey paintings like that...I'll bet most of us have horsey collectibles of one kind or another. I have lots of prints and paintings including some hunt scene ones. That would be a fun posting idea. Sounds like a great day to me.

  4. Looks like they had a lot of cool stuff at the Expo!

  5. Wow, lots of cool horse stuff (especially the horse head "charm"). I love incorporating antique horse pieces into my jewelry!

  6. Wow that's some cool stuff. The spider on the gate might make me look twice especially if it was dark out!

  7. Blog roll is FINALLY updated- can you find Kacy on it>>>hmm reply on 20 meter to let me know :) hugs and we really need to have a download/overload gab session soon!!!

  8. What fun you had, eh? Lots of wonderful horse and critter items to enjoy and imagine owning, too.

    I love your wacky sense of mischief and humor. I'd pull that same prank on folks, too. lol!


  9. I want that brass horse and the American Derby print:-) How fun! Here I thought that spider by the gate was from got me.

  10. Hey there! It's me Michaelangelo's mom! He sure looks good on your blog!!

    Here is the link to the saddle I was telling you about I have for sale!

    Hope all is well!! Take care!

  11. OH and I forgot to give you Michaelangelo's blog link as well !

    Have fun Love your blog!



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