Thursday, October 9, 2008

E.G.P.S. Garmin vs Marein

Okay, This I have never thought would or could happen.
Today, after getting my Pea Gravel footing delivered and laid atop a felt ground cover base, I went for a trail ride...and what my mare did was simply amazing .

I had some daylight time left for riding, as the gravel man got me outa bed earlier than normal on a day off..all week I have been coming out later and riding till dark and once, I came in after dark with a head lamp.
It looked less foreboding then the weather experts had predicted, yet the very COLD, Nip in the air said that the snow in the Cascades forecast was indeed near.
Any who~I planned to go do some trail renovating by setting up some log jumps + something NEW!
The mare looks a bit dejected here...but *WARM, in her quarter"Blanket" I made 2 years ago. 2 New jumps behind her. Notice the white bonnet and blue spec in the middle of it... is a "Flashing light" I turn on now, while hunting season is going. I too, have a BRIGHT Orange vest to wear! So...after jumping the new Trail jumps we made..though Wa seemed astounded they were there though she was with me as I set them in place and we walked them together. Once we were trotting towards them, they must have taken on a different appearance, I guess.
After jumping the logs, we set out for the next mission-a few miles away- (Stacey, I must get a Garmin for the mileage!)
I have been wanting to make a batch of new trails, that the motorised vehicles-that are illegally riding around out there- can't use.
Firstly= because they are hidden, they won't start or end in normal places. The bikers most
likely will never see them... they are usually flying up a slick dirt trail so fast; that they most definitely won't see something that still has ferns, moss or branches on it!
AND Mostly= the existing trails are sooo blame slick because of our clay like dirt, that it becomes dangerous for our horse's leg health and up-right-ness to remain that way! The motorised vehicles strip the soil, plus they "trench" the trails into narrow tracks that our horses fall into, making wet winter riding impossible.
Without the tires on the trails, the track we ride on would have needles and leaves, ferns and moss to help it hold together.
Anywho, I saw the beginnings of a one of the new Equine- Only- Passage trails...looked for my ribbon, that I was only going to place upon trees =ONLY= for the beginning stages of the trails, because you can not distinguish direction well in the raw thicket, and I did not want to get lost! It was not there, must have taken it out for a snack space in my little pouch . Hummm--- well, Heck! I decided that we'd just try it for a time and I would break some eye level branches, for myself, as there was NO-WAY to see a hoof mark on the ground a 1ST, or even, a 4Th time through it is very thick!
Now Wa, I must tell you, does NOT like things touching her at all so this is a dreaded event to enter a thicket with no trail! She even hates trails that she may see plainly..if they have some overgrowth on them, that might reach out and touch her! But she really proved herself worthy of a challenge today..she just went forth.
Into the thicket and we just choose our way as we came to it..looking to miss holes, stumps. I did not go straight as I hoped..because I thought I better see if I may find the other established trail somewhere below us. And we did, escaping most of the slickest spots we dropped back down onto the last 600 feet of established trail. We went out to the clearing and took in the fall view, then headed back.

NOW THIS is where I was utterly shocked at what occurred next. I decided that no way was I asking the mare to try to retrace an untraceable path.....OH..WHAT...She, on her own, took the unmarked point of exit we had made minutes ago, up into the thicket..before I could even gather the reins from the buckle to stop her from turning up the brushy hill!
I just laughed heartily..and let her pick the we went and without hesitation or hitch, we plopped right out where we had originally started the whole unmarked adventure!
MAN!!! I love this mare, she totally astonished me today! She somehow used her MareGPS to
backtrack an otherwise, nonexistent trail back through this landscape! She is talented fore sure!


  1. Hi AHS! I'm finally getting caught up on my belated blogging and I'm enjoying reading yours.

    Are your mares barefoot? And WOW you have some beautiful lands to ride through. Love the pictures. I totally know what you mean about the four-wheelers / motorized vehicles wrecking your nice horse trails though. Grrr!

  2. I enjoyed this post because it sounds just like what we do up here, and I love that you set up jumps too!!!

    You obviously have the same problems that we do around here, with ATV's, and we also have to make hidden trails.

    What we do to keep the ATV's off, is look for a game trail, or an older, unused trail, disguise the entrance to it, or leave it alone if it is already secluded, mark the entrance with a non-descript ribbon, place ribbons every "x" amount of feet if the trail is not really obvious, and then we all know that at some point, within about 20-50 feet off of the main trail, we will find the hidden one.

    It usually works great, because even if the bikers see the ribbon, when they don't immediately find a trail, they turn around and give up.

    Most of the riders in our area do this, and have done so for years, and so far it has worked quite well, with a whole other trail system having been created. It definitely takes some time, but it is well worth the effort.

    Good luck and happy riding!

  3. Yea!!!
    Hi there Funder, great to see you here.
    Yeppers, the mares are barefoot indeed. In fact I must do something about the "Fall Spurt" of growth only 2 1/2 weeks after I got them done professioally so. I can't afford to have them done each time, so I do them inbetween. Have "A HOOFJACK" will travel!
    My barefoot guy does check-ups on me.
    Yea the motorized people...well, I have plans for them! I do so love ourt area for riding. It is rainforest like in some areas.
    Seeya soon!

    YEAAAA! MEL! YOU are my hero..
    You clicked on my "followers list! I was feeling pretty degected about having to ask people to do it..I like this Blog stuff and actually did not know how much. So if I can fuigure out hhow to do something on it --I do! Then nobody came around.
    But Yea! I will come up with an award for you-faithful-friend!

    I have a friend that manages the lands here for Port Blakely. I have called him before and he came out lickity-split and put signs up.
    NOw I have a police sticker on my riding helmet(Julie at Equinemine gave it to me) and A whisle with flashing lights. I have backed one ATV down...but, it's gonna take more than that. So I plan on getting a small chain saw. Yep..MORE "jumps"..except, they will go across the entire trail!

    Your plan is a goodie too...that is what the endurance rider I went with taught me to all I need is a sure footed horse!Wa-is not that- although, she is getting better-without the boots slickifying her feet! I have ones with studs..goinna switch to those today.
    Yea, after my main trail ride with Vinnie, the newbe on established trails...I will go back into the woods- with Wa, my tree falling horse, and we shall start on that trail we addressed the other day!

    See you around!

  4. Sounds like a pretty darn good trail horse to me. Her trail riding outfit is one of a practical nature, i see. She looks like a dandy horse for you and i love her sweet face.

  5. Thanks Saddle MR,
    She is a very good mare for me.
    She did another wonderful thing for me yesterday...I fell some trees, making a new trail, and she just stood there for me.
    She loves her outings!

  6. Hi AHS! I love reading your blog! You are so cute with your pretty mare.

    Thank for the award! That means a ton to me. How do I get it from your blog to mine though?

    This is a wonderful group of horse gals who seem to be reading each others blogs, successes and trial with our horses. It's to great!

    Good job on the pea gravel! That is awesome for exfoliating your horses feet as you know! If it's deep enough, horses will actually nest in it when they lay down. It's better than crushed rock that way.

    What awesome trails! Thanks again!

  7. That mare isn't just a pretty face. Even though they have their moments, I do find mares to be practical creatures. Just like most women.

    There is a little pedometer application for google maps. It takes a little getting used to, but is cheaper than a GPS.

  8. Trail riding during hunting season scares the crap out of me. I guess it doesn't help much that a hiker was killed in our area by a hunter this year. Be safe out there.....some hunters are very very stupid.

  9. PAT! Hiya!
    I was so pleased to give you that totally deserve lots of them in my award-deserving-book.
    I have tried to get to your e-mail from your blog, but it had casued my computer to freeze up..ooouuu.
    I will try from e-mail next time. I totally had to copy-paste most of it. Right clicked the blogs address to link them, one at a time..I am slow too..started it weeks ago! I put the picture of the Angel in my pictures then went and uploaded it to the post!I am so sure that there is an easier way...but, well, I am not too-too savvey with tech stuff..I just learn, as I make the mistakes.

    So, yes all the people here in bloggerville have been,so far, truly sweet and encouraging and also extremely insightful for me and to me. I love it more than I ever thought I could..kinda like my cell phone..we held out for years without, and now, well, I have boundaries set for how and when to use it before the laws are put into place for safety sake!


    I am still laughing at your comment about our practical mares! More because it was a comment on a comment! I do agree wholehearted, and also find great humor that I have arivved at a -blogger landmark- that peopole talk to each other on another's comment section!
    I do appreciate you. Thanks for the
    pedometer site..will B looking into that soon!

  10. Kacy Darling: You and Wa are incredible. I can't thank you enough for doing all this. Remember that we may try and go for a trail ride this Sunday, October 19 (start around 10:30 a.m. because I have a lesson with Michelle at 3:15, okay?)

  11. Kacy Darling: You and Wa are incredible. I can't thank you enough for doing all this anf for your mare to be so bright.
    Remember that we may try and go for a trail ride this Sunday, October 19 (start around 10:30 a.m. because I have a lesson with Michell at 3:15, okay?)

  12. Ooh, I'm so impressed that you trim at least some on your own! People are so intimidated by that. (I trim my own; haven't yet found a local trimmer whom I trust and I do ok with my bunch so far.)

  13. What fun adventures you have! I envy the beautiful trails you have to ride on!

  14. Good on ya Funder!
    I never dreamed I would be doing my own hooves...3 years after I recieved this mare.
    My barefoot trimmers are so nice they taught me a little at a time and getting the "Hoof Jack" was a back help too.
    Have you read litterature on the hoof? If so What..I need to follow up more I think.

    Hi again 5 o'clock
    Yes..lately the trails and silence of the woodscapes have been a stress-buster for me!
    I am very thankful for it in my stable's back yard. It is why I moved there!

  15. Hmm, barefoot - the best place I found to start was Paige at ironfreehoof has links off of her site, and I also spent a lot of time in the barefoot yahoo group.

    Man, I used to have a bunch of good barefoot links but I didn't save them! That'll get you started in the right direction, though.

  16. Look at that lovely pea gravel!

    I gotta tell you, I am sitting here drooling over your trails. Those are the same type of trails I rode as a kid, and I miss them. BUT- I dont miss the SNOW that will come along with that type of terrain soon! ;)

    Great blog. Your mares are beautiful, and it sounds like you guys are having loads of fun with them!

  17. Sounds like you guys had a blast! -MareGPS- LOL, good for her.
    I've been on trails too before where I just sit there, hang on and let the horse find their way - not really fun for me!

  18. I long for the time I can do as you do. I have a Haflinger, my favorite ride. Next I have Arabian, second ride, alittle more full of it than the first. My pinto and other arabian are not ready to ride yet but will be trained soon. Magic will be three in March and Arrow will be two in May. I keep all mine barefoot and seem to have no problems.
    I was using a western saddle but have switched to Australian because it is so much easier for me to handle. Even though my haflinger is short, it still is a long way to lift a western saddle.
    Wonderful story telling!
    Soon I will take the time to ride the farm which has many wonderful trails with ponds, creeks, and hills.

  19. The horses new run-in's look GREAT! Nice digs for sure.

    Wa sounds like a very special mare. :)

    I LOVE your riding terrain, it's so lovely. What a beautiful experience to enjoy with a horse. Not to mention I bet it's fun to jump in those woods!

  20. I've been thinking about you the past couple of days and hope things are working out with your sister.

  21. Sweet trail jumps! Ugh, you have the motorized vehicles and we have the stupid pig hunters that we CONSTANTLY are kicking out of the area.
    Hehe, Mare GPS...
    BTW, go for the Garmin! I've gotten more than my money's worth out of it already and I've only had it a month!


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