Saturday, October 4, 2008

A little Equine Therapy

This week I had Miriah Sturat out for the mare...our local Equine Therapist, and hero!.She resides very close to us(meaning -very good for us) in Canby Oregon. Her Business is
She is very "dedicated to the horse".

Wa thoroughly enjoys her and puts up with her touching the sore spots =now= without kicking at her. One of the first times she did Washashe was for a saddle fitting clinic + and she walked up and touched her...Wa kicked out and everyone kinda hissed some bad horse noises. Miriah said plainly,"she did not have to miss!" that was her language telling me I had the right spot and help.

She has helped me so many times...when I remember; my mare's sometimes bad behaviour is NOT premeditated ill towards me, but a language that I must heed as her steward. After all, My mare has never lied to me...her horseface goals remain true to> Comfort, safety and food...not necessarily , in that order!

Assesment+telling us that her shoulder and neck were in great pain....
She has had a rough 3 weeks. And last weekend she reared in the stall at the coast= hitting her poll ,very hard.

Oh, that feels better! ! !

Yawn!All finished and happily munching hay again! Charting the facts and assigning the homework..OH YES~ I have homework...but it is such a pleasure to do!


  1. It appears that Miss Washahe thoroughly enjoys her massages...I like mine!!!

    (I used to use a chiropractor and a massage therapist on my old horse Shadest.)

    Can I come down to OR and ride with all of you girls??? It looks like you know how to have a good time! :)

    Oh...and the TB farm was hard. I had to keep reminding myself that I was invited there as a guest of a guest, and that I better behave and keep my mouth shut!!

  2. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS~ Come on down my dear! Seriously, some other blogger horseface friends came this summer and it was fun. Jewel(20 meter circle of life came out and rode our trails too!

    Yea, I know that you had a hard time with "the TB farm" Sorry and you were an angel!

    Arrangea gathering with us anytime!

  3. Your girl is lovely. I know that people like chrome, but I am partial to legs with no markings.

  4. Gotta love any horse person that gives you homework! It's lovely to know they arm you with practices that can further improve or keep your beloved equine in better shape :)

  5. Lester has had many visits with his therapist/ chiro and I'm always so amazed at the transformation in body language from start to finish. I need to call his chiro out for a visit, it's been a while....

    How do you say your horse's name?

  6. Hello D,
    Wa Sha She
    or as Nora says it:
    It means:
    "People of the middle waters"
    Osage. The Indian tribe my mother is from.

  7. Wow! I'm jealous. We have to fly those kind of people in to get anything like that. It sucks. Actually I have heard there is one lady on the island at a barn not to far from me that does massages. I need to ask around more about her.

  8. do need to call that woman up!...If she is any good, it is an amazing tool for the horsesfaces to experience and for you to have as well for stretching and healing them when you need to as well.

  9. That looks NICE!! I always love when I am able to make a visit to the Chiropractor myself.

    Wa looks like she's enjoying it a lot. :)

    Ink will be having his first visit with the Chiro soon.. Just have to put some more money in the equine fund ;). I hear very good things about them and I can imagine any horse might need some type of assessment or work done during it's life.

  10. Hay Keri!
    Well,this gal is more of a soft tissue woman that gets some adjusting in on the side because sometimes something is out and when she releases the goes too!
    There is even a horsey accupuncturist that comes to the stable!


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