Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sunset Grazing Comedy

This is what Pantz doeswhen she is taking care of things...Making sure the mountain lion is not stalking us...she HOLDS her breath...stops all action...even when you are riding, she will do this.

I think she did not go for the customary "20 QUIET SECONDS "-this time is- I actually BROKE THE SILENCE & laughed at her...see her ear move, then she begins chewing again!


  1. That's a great picture of you and Wonder Wa at the top. Never realized that her blaze looks so much like a question mark.

    Tonka does the same thing as Pantz. Stops, stares and doesn't breathe. If it's something really scary he will blow at it a couple of times too.

  2. Hey! I was here earlier, but Blogger wouldn't let me post. It said it was down or something...

    So, as I was saying....

    Horses are really quite silly sometimes! Of course if I were a prey animal (and sometimes I am, right?) I would probably quit breathing to listen for that cougar!!!

  3. Love your new look and the picture at the top!

    Pantz is cute with a nice alert system there :D.

  4. Cute video clip, I have to say I don't think I have seen a horse do this before (or haven't noticed), she's on the lookout! My dogs do it when there think they hear something outside, but it isn't nearly as funny.. Love the new banner!

  5. Thanks for the sweet reply! I am always excited to meet horse friends. I met Miriah last year when I was riding at a friend of hers, (Shelly at Stormcrow Stables). Then, after working on my externship for body work I was fortunate to go out with Miriah for a day and watch her work. I hope to be as good as she is one day.

    I would love to come out and ride sometime. What stable are you at? I am currently at Talisman Farms/Continental Farms, near Aurora. I am scheduled to go out to ride a new horse this Sat. for a possible half-lease, but the horse is being looked at for purchase. So it's likely that won't work out. I always have the weekends off, as well as most days of the week. I'm a night worker.
    So glad to meet you!
    My name is Adrienne, and my phone number is 503.442.6929.
    If this lease doesn't work out I'd definitely like to come out, or trail ride with you if you need a partner.

    Enjoy the sunny fall days,

  6. My horses do that too. Their chewing is so loud that they have to stop to hear anything else. My Harley is a snorkler, just like his mama was too. Still makes me chuckle even though I've heard him do it like a million times! Don't you just love horses with all their funny little things that they do?? They definitely enrich our lives.

  7. DP
    Thanks..Julie from "EquineMine" took it on my camera after her Maddy mare rolled on hers.I rarely get photo's of me and Wa casue I am the one taking the shots and riding with one hand all the time!

    That is funny..just of late, I thought too, that Wa's blaze looked like as question mark!
    Oh these horses..thought it was a mare thing..actually thought it was A Pantz thing, the breath holding!~

    Sorry Mellie, about that..the system was holding it's breath on ya!

    Yea Keri, I loved the tie died look..Orange and I are made for each other..Fall is my favorite!I noticed a few others changing the looks of things..and it is a new season ya know..just seemed time...but it has "taken some time" cause it deleated my..what are those things..all the pics and fun things on the sidebars...Face lifts cost something I guess!

    Hi Tara, Pretty loud Banner -huh!
    yea, come to think, I have noticed dogs doing that... it isn't that funny, as it is normal.When I am on is weird..she litterally= stops breathing!

    I am so in love with your green "Tally ho" bracelet.
    Are they "One of a kind" gone, when they go?

    Hello Adrienne,
    I recently met a young gal that shadowed was my ,mare's first 2 weeks at Templeton, where we Pasture board. We had gone to the beach that wk end and coe home and they love being outside all the time ..they were just so relaxed. The gal maybe had a false sense of it all from them; as they know and love what Miriah does. Not like the second time my mare had Miriah and she kicked out when she touched her!

    I will call you about riding sometime! Can't wait to meet you.
    Talk soon...This fall is fabulous and we should try to go riding in it soon!

    Yes I do crack up C-spot, with the noises that the horses make! In fact, I have a hilarious video of my mare snarfinhg up some Beet Pulp at the beach..want to get it to music , if I can figure out how to do that!
    Yep..just love them to Pieces!Our Elsie is quite old...but we still call her a kitten, becasue we told her she's always be that to us!

  8. I could listen to that munch-munch-munch all day long with my guy.

    I like how they have to stop chewing so they can hear what's going on around them, I find myself having to do the same when I eat chips or cereal!

  9. Your favorite movie line fits perfectly...counting the two ladies picking them up!
    Thanks for visiting. I enjoy your blog.

  10. Hey Kacy,

    Thanks for the call. I was at work, Friday is my only day shift. I work about 25 hours a week at Amnesia Brewing in Portland. I am going to call you tomorrow after I check out the new horse. Thanks for passing my info to your friend in NY. She gave me a call about Cougar. So excited to meet new horse lovers and look forward to riding as much as I can.

  11. lol! That's so funny! She turns into a statue, doesn't she?

    My horse will just snort at whatever it is that seems spooky. And usually her ears go forward, too.
    I've not yet seen her 'go statue' yet, though.

    lol! Great video :)



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