Monday, October 20, 2008

Riding into Fall


  1. Beautiful scenery! It looks just like it does up here. :)
    Is that Pantz that you are on?

  2. Mellie Hi!Yes,I imagine it does look the same where you are.PPantz is only being ridden by me once a wk till she gains more weight. She was very nervious yeasterday and I can see why she loses easily...we traveled tons this summer.
    Have a glorious Fall day! I am out to the stable now for cleaning out the Trailer tack room....oh Joy '~'

  3. Thanks for stopping by All things Horses. Drop in anytime to see what antics I am up too. Oh, I envy that scenery you have, those paths look so cool to ride. Enjoyed reading your blog.

  4. Beautiful pics! Those trails look so nice and quiet.

  5. Wow, your trails look so beautiful. Keep taking pictures of them! One day I will make it out west to ride.

  6. Love those ears, forward and interested in every picture.

  7. Beautiful scenery! Beautiful horses. I noticed you like many books I like. I have been hoping for Manx to throw in to our mix of barn cats. They are hard to find around here.
    If I could find the time, which I will one of these days, and will share our Arkansas scenery.
    Thanks for stopping by.


  8. You have the nicest trails! We have no trails to get to from the farm:-/ we have to trailer out for anything more than a hack. So I am jealous!

  9. Hi Cowgirl, yea, I will stop in more.Good to have ya come on by!

    Stac, I thought of you tonight, as I lunged the mare over ground polls.
    Today was just to sogged for outdoor was quiet yesterday while we shot the pics..I do love the solitude of it!

    Funder gotta come out west to'll love it, we'll go horse camping!

    HI Gail,Oh please do..share the scenary of Ark! sometimes Manx cats can be difficult to find here too. We are kicking ourselves for not getting
    Elsie's twin..all these- 17 -years!

    Ha DP! I editted out the others ears that were crooked! Pantz mare is hard to even get to stand still for 2 seconds!She must stay on top of what may be lurking around and behind her =at all times!She thinks she must take care of me...and I am always telling her the opposite!

    I am sorry to hear that Denise...always trailering for trails.
    Well, just today, I read a flyer(knew the stable too, almost moved there) it said, " tired of trailering to trails?? 1 Stall available for lease- hours of trails"... I know the trails it offers and I like them more than ours, actually! But I am set for staying..and I am appreciative to have the luxery of riding from the stable!
    I don't mind you?

  10. Your pictures are beautiful. I live in Portland and have been enjoying the random fall days, hoping they last for another month. Maybe we'll run in to each other at something horsey.

  11. Thanks for taking us on the ride with you! I feel like i was in the saddle a bit too long though. i could've used a beverage break in there somewhere!

  12. I love that you posted Alois Podhaisky's quote on your blog. I'm reading his horsemanship book right now. Very dry, but extremely interesting. :)

    You've got some beautiful trails to ride on. I'm a little envious. We've got a few, but mostly just riding out in the pasture and fields near our house.
    We have to trailer to get anywhere nice.

    I can't wait to see more pics from your trail rides :)


  13. Oh and Meant to say that we, too have a Manx. We rescued her last year while we were visiting AZ. She's almost 2 years old now and very dedicated and loyal to my 5 yr old daughter.
    Manx cats are very unique in personality, skills, agility and 'creativity'. I'm so glad we found her. :)

    I look forward to reading and seeing more about your Manx, too.


  14. LOVE your new look!!!! I just stopped by to grab the rules for Gosting it Forward...will post my award later today!

    Thanks again! :)


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