Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Yet another fabulous Fall ride

This time our ride started with the other Thoroughbred in our life at the stable...The lovely miss black "Velvet" and Nora.

Velvet was a bit stiff today, she has been off work for a week or so and also has a new pasture configuration that makes her have to stay in every other day till another horse gets her hind shoes off. So, she only went out for 30 minutes with Wa and I.
Wa thought it -all to strange- that she not be returning with her Horse friend, when they turned to go back and we did not..and she threw a bit of a fit, that I WON!

So, today decided to go and Blaze some more trails off the "Deer Trail" that the endurance rider showed us last month...Wa actually thought it strange again..of me to ask he to consider the deer trail at first, it is rather steep and narrow. Not her kinda thing but,I really want to know she is going to do all I ask her and today= this was it. I had to move

Lots of trees and some rather large rocks off the trail I found to make. It has a steep ridge up on the one side and a cliff edge on the I opted to throw them over..and whee ha! Wa just about had a cow the first time...she thought something was coming to get her... so I opted to do it over and over again till she did what she did in the video.Semi calmly stood for the rolling noises to stop.

She cracks me up truly. What a mare she is and yet she did so well with standing for me while I broke all manner of tree limbs all around her and even on her sometimes..I think we both need goggles, for it truly is messy and fiber stuff flies all aroundI am a bit off to the tub with Epsom Salts! I think tom orrwo may be the last 65 degree day so I am bathing Wa too !


  1. Yes, we how cloud rolling in tonight, so I think that's the end of it up here. It was a good run.

    Wa is so lovely.

  2. I so wish I was getting a chance to ride this fall. The landscape looks so peaceful and beautiful.

  3. The look on her face in the video is priceless, LOL.

  4. DP yea..our run on the awesome weather,it may be coming to a close..but it sure does make winter shorter!
    RR, maybe you'll get a ride in I hope!

  5. Happy to see Velvet get out on the trails before the rain comes..nice way to end the summer:-) funny girl.

  6. Thanks for stopping by At The Farm. I was so tired I couldn't even talk so I did pictures. Marcy was smoking legal, but it still made a cool photo. Charme's Delight or Charme is my riding horse...not to far to the ground.

  7. She is such a pretty girl. But, I think she is concerned that you may have lost your mind - throwing sticks and rocks down a hill?? What will this crazy human do next and why??? **sigh**

    p.s. thanks so much for the poem - I loved it!


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