Friday, October 31, 2008

Something for Carrie to see

Carrie, thanks for letting me help you accomplish this from afar! Cougar's Move day...for you,via pics.

What a lovely boy..he saw me at the gate and began to walk right up

What a great horse! He walked around the front of the truck & trailer with me...turned around at the end, and walked right on! Absolutely NO hesitation!!

Trailering on a Lovely Fall day, with the Classics!

Finally, we arrived...ooops, I missed the last street, then, turned around, missed the first street, fortunately we found a literal "turn around driveway"...then got it the third time!
Cougars new mom's

This is dedicated to Cougar's owner Carrie. She and I met through Julie ~ ~who also boards at Templeton Equestrian Centre.Though we only got to ride once, at Mission state park, I really adored the horsewoman she was/is.
Recently, Carrie moved to the NY area for a career change for her love, Dan man. She and animals all moved there with him after some duress over loosing a full lease for her lovely horse Cougar. As if moving your whole house and life and away from all you have and know is not hard enough...
fter not coming to acceptable terms for a lease...what next; she decided to have him boarded in a Pasture Board situation with a former boarder from our stable.
This documents the move for her and shows her that her wonderful gelding Cougar is still Wonderful! WE LOVE YOU CARRIE!!!! Your Friends miss you, and I enjoyed helping in this way..Your faithfull trailering "documentarian!
THE -peaceful relocated-END


  1. Cougar is GORGEOUS! And Carrie is very lucky to have friends like you guys to ease her mind in knowing her beloved pony is well-cared for.

  2. I agree. I'm not usually partial to duns, but that is one good-looking hunk of horse! Carrie must have been sad to leave him behind.

  3. Carrie is sad to have to leave him and may be willing to send for him.

    She has found a stable about an hour away from her, that teaches disabled folks to groom and care for and sometimes ride, horses.
    They may take him in for free board for the use of him with thier clients.
    For now, he is in a pasture..I was trying to find a leaser for him, but now, hard to ride him in a pasture to try him, he will be taken care of there till she figures out what to do.

  4. I wish I could have met Cougar. He is so beautiful and looks like a sweety. That is so rad of you to trailer him for her. I love reading your blog. I will call you soon to figure out a plan to meet. I was thinking that I would go up to Washington this weekend to be a spectator at a Buck Branaman clinic, but the rain is making me lazy!
    Happy Halloween!

  5. Hi A,
    missed you the other day, butlike I said it got tight and you had to work!
    Well...who is this BUCK?
    Yea...I had early-onset-rain- laziness when I returned yesterday to the stable...brought Wa in to ride in the arena..ended up taking her out on the trails for about 35 minutes instead! LAZY ME!!!

  6. What a handsome boy Cougar is, and what a sweet friend you are to post this for Carrie!!!

    It kinda pulled on my heart!!!

  7. Cougar is stunning!! I love the dappling. My Haflinger is dappling around her rump this year.
    I cannot imagine loosing access to my horses.

  8. Yea Mel and Gail,
    I have really been torn with the whole thing too...she really got a raw deal witht he leaser pulling out 2 wks before her Big Move. It will be $ she did not plan on spending to board him this next year.
    I am praying it does not interfere with the plans to send for him soon..because of finances and all.

    He is a hunk and a dream to ride as well..good sound horse that thinks and is responsive and engageing!

  9. Very handsome boy, I love all his dapples.


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