Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Deeper than we anticipated!

Water Effect


  1. That is a great shot - and the adding of waves is just perfect!

  2. great shot indeed and a clever horse at that.

    Let me share to you My World thru Cagayan De Oro's Night Cafe.

  3. Alright, tell me how you did that? Looks pretty neat, boy, I would hate to end up in water that deep!
    Pictures are great!


    Hey got a new camera (love my hubby..hehe) so we will be back on the hunt for frogs to do a post for you. Have some new horses lined up for tomorrow, am hoping to be able to get some good shots for a post. I promise KK, I have not forgotten you girl!!

    meantime, happy hoofin ;)

  5. Very cool. I like that water effect.

  6. Valkyien
    Haha! Yea thanks!!

    Tink *~* *~*
    I was viviting a W W photo and they had one on it.. you just click
    the "water effect" words I think. Tooo FUN!

    Laws thanks

    Jane, D, I laughed so hard when I saw the pic with that mare dissapeared in a "Puddle"!Don't think she'd be standing there quite so still!

    MMOM THANKS for the news on the camera!! Happy for you! I will be over to see you!

  7. LOL!!! I am such a blonde!!! I sat there for like one minute, thinking that the picture was still loading!!!

    I love it!! :)

    Hah!! My word verification is "sublings!"

  8. Well, now, that's a cool Watery Wednesday water effect! Neato!

  9. Very cool KK!! Cool shot!

    Hope you enjoy the new blog space :). I have opened a discussion board for everyone to use - like a forum. Check it out here: click

  10. Oh my gosh!! I thought maybe I was having a flashback to being stoned or something and had to check my eyes!! That is way cool!! Love it!
    I like your spring countdown thingy too - can't come too soon for me. :)

  11. I love what you did with this shot, very unique. Thanks for sharing

    Regina In Pictures

  12. That can't be true ... reminds me of the Horse Latitudes, but these waters look tranquil, and not quite that deep.

  13. That's crazy! What a creative gal you are. I don't think Wa would appreciate it as much, though ;)


  14. Mellie ~ I am chuckling at you!!!
    Tricia ~It was so silly..I had to!!
    JJ~ Thanks
    Keri~ SOOO =good to have you visit me! Will be over!
    C-ing~ you are so dunny...I knew it freak someone out!
    Robert~I aim to please! Thanks...what fun going around the world is seeing every one's works!
    Lisa~ got that right. Wa does not like the unusual..but is startting to get used to it from me!

  15. Wow...for a second I thought you went swimming. Cool pic Kac.

  16. hey Kacy,

    I sent you an email yesterday. You should really shoot me an email. ;)

  17. LOL, that was fun!

    Nice visual effect! And come to think of it, if the snow around here all melts, we'll be in it up to there, too!

  18. Jules is that not too funny!
    O Sunshine okay am looking for it now!

    Solitare yea, it got sloggery here after the snow melted. That "smaller body of water was not there before, and is gone now.


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