Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sunday Stills Moon

This was last year in August for an Equine camp trip that turned very bright and loud with Lightening/Thunder . The full moon was just clouding over to look like a river in the sky, before the storm hit.
You can just see the horse paddocks in the blackened bottom corners.
Click MOON to see more stills~


  1. I love being out in the moon light. Especially a full one. You can see and hear so many things and its just so peaceful

  2. Ah, the fabulous infamous full moon!

  3. Sounds like quite a show: it's fun to think back. But soon enough August will be here again.

  4. Wow that looks great!
    I've never been camping, but it sounds so fun. Camping on horseback sounds even better! :D

  5. WOW......what a shot!!! Gorgeous picture of the moon. Beautiful!

  6. Love the pic! Thanks for stoppin' by and checkin' me out! Come back anytime!

  7. Wonderful photo...very captivating!! :)

  8. Very nice, the best one so far. Love the forest/moon combo, well done!

  9. What a breathtaking photograph, Kacy!!!! I love it!

    And I love that Shakespeare quote in the post below. So true....

    How are ya' doing down there in Oregonland??? We have been having some wonderfully sunny days up here, but it has been cold!!! :)

  10. That really is one great picture of the moon. I like the way it is framed by the pines.

  11. That is gorgeous!!! Great job..I'm ready to go camping!

  12. Well that is just beautiful! I love the moon and the trees!

  13. what an eerie-beautiful photo! amazing....

  14. Peggy~ I so agree!

    Lori~I was having no luck taking the shot all too blurry with my point and shoot, till my gal freind that was with us that is a photographer, gave me her mini tri pod..then I got it!

    Gail~ Yep...we always treat her as special!

    Robert~Hello again, sure enjoy your blog!Yes I have plans for caming agina in August..diff local though and hopefully, no storms as such!

    Mellimaus~Camping alone is fun..I mean not solo, but camping with people..and tyhen ahve your trust steed there too! I love it!

    Jane~Thanks, you are so generous with your commnents!

    Welcome J-9 thanks!

    Wife~ I will, thanks for visiting meee too!

    Andrea~hope you and your dog are well , thanks!

    Shirley~ Ta!I like it and the memories

    ED~ I exclainmed "WHAT!" at your glad you like it..just a point and shooter with a borrowed tri pod!
    Thanks KK

    Mellie! Thanks..I did like the way the pic turned out and how COOL-O to share with so many...I am really lovin these kinds of things.

    It has been warm in the days and sunny >YES!!!I am sleeping better too!
    Be well gal!

    Grey Horse~Thanks sweet

    gtyup~ YA>>Camping,MEEETOOO!!! Got our first date at Silver Creek Falls for 4th of July again!

    Jen MO~ hello...and thanks..the trees were so softening aloing with the clouded sky

    jme~ it is kinda huh! It turned out to be a rough night for us all...a mare colliced and we had taken some sleepinmg aides because the ground was too hard(RV camp really- not along with the thunder lightning and rain showers...we had walking and all that goes with colic! She is well and I learned TONS!


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