Thursday, February 26, 2009

Vinnie's impression of a Pit Bull

We went out to the stable today to try and retrieve some of My Pea Gravel...but it had snowed yet again!
So instead, my husband and I did my stall mucking, and on the way back to the paddock I saw Vinnie doing his "mouthy Vinnie thing" with Sport.
Sport does not complain much...a few random kicks here and there, but as you can see, once Vinnie is latched on-that is it. He sticks like glue, often ripping blankets, to Sports mom's dismay.
Though you can not see in the video below for the caked mud, there is an overlay rubberised sheet atop Sport's normal blanket. Vinnie's mom had to buy it for Sport because of the damage he caused the last blanket!
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I am sure that the antics would have continued , but my cell phone rang, and that made them stop.


  1. Oh, bad, bad Vinnie!!!
    I hope our snow is all gone for now, it's now 55 degrees and it's 10 pm but rain is expected tomorrow. :-(

  2. I LOVE YOUR CELL PHONE RING!!!! Bwahahaha!!
    Too funny! They didn't know what to think. hehe

    Gosh Vinnie is a pest!

    Thanks for sharing the video. It totally made my night.

    darn snow....will you have time to take your pea gravel? I hope you get some warm weather to melt it all tomorrow. :)


  3. I forgot to add that Sport's being a good sport. heheh

  4. Jane Yea..he is a big-ol-puppy..gets into everything!Hope that it gets better out for you!
    We are jsut getting the 4th snow and windy rains.

    Lisa you know, I don't think we will be able to now....since the BO stayed me off for two months telling me that she did not know where I'd go..lier! So, she gets my gravel and a seared conscience too. running horsey neigh is great!Makes the horses stop everytime!

  5. I hate it when they wreck each others clothes, halters... Hope you get your gravel eventually.

  6. Oh my gosh Kacy! So much snow! Yikes! You must be sick of it by now! I would not make it up there! I grew up in Ohio on a farm and was scarred with chores in negative degree weather. I now shun ALL things cold! :)
    Sorry about the barn drama, hope you find the next place much better.

  7. GHM I am glad that mine has never ripped hers and she would not allow any other horse-mouth to touch her-NO!- so even with multiple turnout, blankets are still safe!

    Mindy yea white falling S _ _ _ is the 4 letter word for me now!
    I dislike the cold have it good where you are~

  8. Kacy....I read that you are moving....hope all is ok for you and your horse....Happy Trails are coming.....

  9. Hey there girlie!! I am at school right now waiting for my class to start. :)

    Glad that my post brought some humor into your life this morning...anything I can do to help!!!

    PS-Did you get my email the other day? It would have said ""

  10. Oooh...he's a bugger, isn't he? Ha!

    That's the thing I love most about having my horses at home...the only barn drama I have is of my own creation. I can yell at myself and complain about myself all I want and nobody but me really cares. :P Good luck getting your gravel outta there. I know how pricey and precious that stuff can be.

  11. oh- Lori
    kinda shocked to read it myself on Jules site! will come out eventually so...I have been pretty down and outer over the treacherous way I have been asked to move.
    But yes indeedy, brighter lighter days are ahead with a true and pure hearted friend, to care for my mare! No sleights in the future for me!

    I purged my mail..and got rid of many unwelcome words and some others I would have wanted...please resend!

    Yea Jenn our hope and dream is to do it your way!
    We are looking into this aspect daily now!

  12. Vinnie is too funny! He kinda reminds me of a Vinnie I knew down here out in Aumsville a couple years ago.

    All our snow was melted by noon. Nice that yours stuck around a bit.

  13. How funny! I don't get to see such antics since we don't blanket ours much. Made me laugh, thanks for sharing. I can't imagine sewing up six of them all the's bad enough in the summer with the fly masks they rip constantly! I'm always getting the sewing machine out for those!

  14. Gosh how that made me laugh, Kacy. I meant to comment on it yesterday but got distracted, so thanks for popping by today to remind me. Sport really is a good sport.

  15. O Sunshine it was so pretty really, just a bit thwarting again though

    Blue ET I was laughing pretty heartily before I took the had been going on for a bit of time and sport was doing the kick out thing, a lot more...

    DP they are the best to watch with the antics ...when sport is in the mood he really dishes it back to Vinn!
    Glad to avail some giggles!

  16. I know those torn blankets all too well. I'm glad your cell phone stopped Vinnie. I'd try it here but we don't get a signal.
    I loved your photos.

  17. I saw on another post that you are moving? Is this a good thing or not? Hope you are OK.......take care.

  18. Hey tried and tried to leave a comment, wouldnt let me till now! I hope your money isnt a total loss with the gravel....I wish I could view your videos but my dial up takes far too long and usually never opens things like that...bummer
    I'm so glad you called the other day.....I hope to talk again soon, and hopefully my phone wont die on us! LOL ok if I call this week?
    We had 50 degree weather a few days last week down to 25 last night, freezing rain today and expected 65 degrees this Saturday! Thats KY weather for ya! Never predictable! Georgia is getting so close to foaling! I'm so excited!
    NEW word to use for the uglies that have treated you badly - thats my verification word, reminded me of fart...they are ugly farts...LOl okay so maybe I'm the only one who finds that funny, must be all the work I've done today, my brain is kinda burned! ha ha later!

  19. Oh my! I would be furious about Vinnie if I was Sport's mom! :-o Does Vinnie's mom pay for these ripped blankets?
    Lester and Polo play with each other's halters, but have yet to destroy anything.

  20. Mountain Woman yea, that silly horse niegh ring does tend to stop em!

    Denise Yes Sport's mom was mad...Vinnie's mom bought the overlayer rubberised blanket for hopes that it will shield the next round of blankets!


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