Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My World Tuesday

Heading out for a ride in the woods, the horses all lined up in a row in the lower paddock, seemingly waiting to bid us off.

The mare and I charted new trails again. We first make markers with ferns and natural objects as branches leaned against the trees base. Eventually the path gets marked by repeated footfalls, and by that time the ferns and most of the branches have crumpled and fallen away, leaving our hoof marks in the forest floor to guide us. Don't you think the ferns markers look like Pineapple heads, or maybe a ceremonious trail unveiling!

We also encountered a band of crows, making the rounds overhead with loud conversation as they circled and landed in the forest canopy. It was nice to see the quarter moon above too. Thanks for visiting my world today...please move around the world and visit more friends at the

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Have a good day all!


  1. Thanks for taking us along on your trail tour. The ferns are so light and pretty.
    Do you ever get lost in those woods?
    Ever since I saw Hitchcock's 'The Birds', the sounds of crows give me an ominous feeling. Funny how movies can instill such crazy felings. :D


  2. Hi Lisa my dear!
    I have not forgotten about the wonderful Awards you bestowed...just considering the ramifications before I post "thanks" and such.

    Um, in our woods, I have not gotten lost... but last summer I did get lost in some new territiory I trailered to alone. I finally got off and put logs down across the trails I had ridden on. Turned out, I was going in circles!I ALWAYS have markers now..red plastic ribbon I put on the left side as I trun a corner...a Seaman's term I associate with it: "Red Right Upon Return". like the channel markers in a body of water. My dad taught me that, we had a small boat.

  3. Nice video, we have a lot of crows out here too and the fern markers are neat! I haven't traveled far enough from home to get lost yet! Always stay on farm land close here. But someday I will venture out farther when we haul the horses to rails to trails to ride.

  4. Your woods are incredible! So dense ... SO GREEN! (I am really missin' green!) Beautiful ride!

  5. As I have said before, your world looks a lot like my world...lol!!!!

    Thanks for the crow video. I am one of those weird people who actually kind of enjoys them. :)

    PS-Your friend's new gelding looks like a nice, big boy. Hope that he turns out to be a great mount for her.

  6. Looks like all the snow is gone. Ferns are so pretty on the forest floor!

  7. WOW, beautiful photo's!!
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. Love your trail tour, it takes me back to when I used to ride all the time.

  9. Kacy--I liked this post! Your woods are so green...I used to live on the east coast and we would get that kind of green...tho not in the winter except for the pines. Here in Texas we have terrific weather during the winter which I wouldn't trade for anything, but I sure do miss all the green! Not long to wait now, as long as we don't suffer a drought this summer I will have lots of green to contribute! 78 degrees here the past few days with lows of 40 at night!

  10. You know, it just dawned on me that your Wa adventures are similar to the ones I used to take my mare on! I think mares make better trail companions, they seem like they take care of us better...
    My mare and I had some good times on the trail and roads.

  11. Jane Hay now!
    I try for the Naturall effect that does not draw too much attention in the woods..it is like tracking in a way looking for the signs.
    I can't wait for your springtime to see you and Gilly out and about!

    Hi Tammy. I do love our lush wooded area but when I visit Esther Garvi @ http://esthergarvi.com her sandy African desert is sooo enviting to me!Thanks for stopin by!

    Mellie I love those crows..and did the video several times over. I had to stiffle my chuckling..they just do remind me of adolecent days of chatter and I end up laughing alot when they hover and talk!
    Our woods are only a state away...they are the same I do believe! Mee to on Navador...he is plenty of horse and she really wants to trail ride with me but Hope she can..he has lots of power and her other Throroughbred gelding
    was not one she could take out to trails. I wish I had pantz still...she would "Pony" anyone willingly and calmly.

    Tara hello! I need to come see you! Yea..the snow is gone but it freezes almost every night still...that darned ground hog was right !

    Hi Sara, thanks!

    Brit Sarah good times huh!

    Thaks Mindy..yea Texas seems like it would have green in isolation spots... yea it is false spring here with 60's and freezing at night.

    Denise sounds good..are there archives on your mare adventures? I would loooove to hear of them sometime! I like your new profile picture

  12. Hi there girl! Thanks for stopping by and saying hello. I had been missing you. I haven't had much of a chance to post comments or even read much for that matter, like I said, I've been spinning my wheels. Sounds like you and me could use some strong light to help us out!! I don't blame you for not reading all my blatherings...I do have a way of droning on and on, I know. :)

  13. I can't think of anything more wonderful than riding a horse through the woods! I envy your world!
    I will just have to live through you vicariously by following your blog!


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