Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Out and About

To My friends here that know me well ,or have visited and grasped the essence of my spirit towards my Mare and life in general; I am setting off on an extended trail ride ,"figurativley".

I will return on a brighter day, out of winters chilly grasp and far from an ever contentious wind that has blown treacherously my way.

The mare and I bid you happy trails !!! I will check in for watering hole conversations~

Yours truly,



  1. Aw, Kacy. I'm sorry to hear that whatever you're going through has pushed you to this. I will look forward to your return and wish you all the best in the meantime.

    vitiv: life sustained by intravenous means

  2. Kacy, hello my beautiful little friend!! I'm just in the right mood to kick some butt girl!! Just give me the sign and I will defend your honor my wonderful and kind-hearted friend!!! Happier days are just around the corner and you are always in my prayers.

  3. Kacy, I'm so sorry you won't be here for awhile! I will miss you so much; I hope that whatever problems or troubles you are having will fly away and leave you happy so you will return to us!
    I got to ride Gilly today and we had a major breakthrough! It was good!

  4. Cowgirl Up KK ;)

    We'll be here for you when you need us- have no fear.

    Kisses to that beautiful mare from me...

  5. No, you can't leave! We need you. Hope to hear from you soon.
    Happy Trails to you.

  6. Kacy--I was reflecting on the whole blogging thing the other day while I was driving and you and Julie immediately popped into my head when I thought about when I first started posting a few months ago. You both made me feel so welcome and included. I hope you are alright and everything is OK.. I have always gotten such warmth from you and treasure your comments on my spot. I hope you don't leave us for too long.
    Fondly, your Texas buddy..

  7. Oh, Kacy! Even if you don't want to post, I hope you'll check in with us every so often. Happy trails luv, and may your journey have a happy ending :)

    flont: waterproof typefaces

  8. We will for sure miss hearing from you. You'll be in our thoughts. Keep your face always towards the sunshine,and the shadows will fall behind you. ——W.whitman

  9. Well, we will definitely miss you and your witty posts!

    I hope that all of this passes soon, so you can get back to your wonderfully happy self. I have thought about taking a blogger vacation too lately...there is just a lot of "life" going on right now. Nothing bad for me, just too damn busy!! :)

    Hang in there sweetie!! And who is going to call me "Mellie??" LOL!!!

  10. I miss you already, my dear Kacy-kins! Come back soon, ok?


  11. don't be gone too long, but have fun: ) i love your image of that sweet single track trail lined with sword ferns, to me they represent home.


  12. Hmmmmm . . . hope all is well.

    Let me know if you need anything, now that I'm your part-time neighbor and all! ; )

    Take care,


  13. Have a great trail ride (figuratively) and we'll see you when you come back.

  14. Ride off into the sunset at the........ ................. site for horse people of all fashions. Find your dreamdate, riding partner, life partner, or just that special friend to talk shop with. You can be sure to find them with us.

  15. Don't get saddle sore and enjoy the ride! Thanks for visiting my world.

  16. Kacy,
    Will miss you sharing special moments with your girl. Hope everything will be O.K. soon. Lu

  17. Best wishes on your "ride" and hope we see you soon later on down the road. :)


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