Saturday, February 7, 2009

My English is a Western wannabe

English saddles are NOT typically known for making squeaky/Creaky noises! Yet this little jump saddle is 44 ! So it does it's best to imitate it's westernsaddle cousins These days.


  1. woo, that's one talkative saddle!

    i love your horse's shiny black mane, oh, i wish i had a bay.. my favorite color.

    thanks for sharing

    ~lytha in germany

  2. Funny, yes, that little saddle is making a big squeak! What did Wa think of all the noise? Since you are doing videos I need to do some when riding Gilly, my camera (Kodak Easy Share) does video so why didn't I think of doing it when riding last fall??? I must remember this!

  3. Lytha, funny you covet the bays..I long for a dapple grey again!

    Jane Wa notices not the creaks of the saddle...I don't even notice unless I am alone and walking out on her.
    Well, it did n ot come to me at first since having both hands on the reins, seemed more important!
    You will have fun!

  4. I have found that if I have a strap on my camera and hang it from my neck I am not too worried about losing it. Then when riding if I have to put it down in a hurry I can just let go. Do you have yours on a strap?

  5. Lets see I can direct you to a recent pic that has the case showing on my saddle.
    Yes, the camera has a strap that I put immeadiately around my wrist...and when Done, I put it back in its padded case on the saddle. The case is attached to the "grab strap" on my pomel, by a Caribiner.
    =Oh just noticed that on my sidebar..there is a pic of "My Wonder Wa'" beachtimes 2008
    and just above my knee, is the grey camera case attached to the saddle.

  6. Your videos make me feel like I'm riding Brig! They are so close in color and with that ears forward, purposeful walk while looking around at everything! Were you out at night?


  7. Is that saddle older than you, Kacy? You are to be commended for keeping it going strong, squeaky though it may be. Wa seems unbothered by its commentary.

  8. Hi Julie,
    Yes, we have been on nice "Twilight" rides this week!
    Wa and I get home right before it really gets it was 5:50pm.
    She was freaked by the shadows before and always spooked badly..tonight, she was only spooked by a the deer we almost bumped into. They did not move till we walked up to it!

    I am leading the way DP,by 3 yrs in age!
    My sister tends to "lend out" her things and sometimes, like the several feet of land that a nieghbor builds his fence over an adjacent property line; they tend to be assumed by the possessor, in so many years.
    I traveled 2 hours to retrieve the little dried up saddle because I had hopes it may fit Wa. I went through soo many blasted saddles in fitting!

  9. My favorite sound...creaking leather!

  10. Hi Gail! is kinda cool, I admit. It is like all the stories of where this saddle has been are seeping out through the joyus creaks!

  11. lol! Eeek..eeky...eeek! lol!
    I bet the saddle feels very comfy though. Wa sure moves at a nice brisk pace. I love how she turned to listen for your cue and your soft voice saying, 'c'mon let's go'. hehe

    My mare would alway wait for me to say, 'go on now' or 'walk' before she's move on. Aahhh, I miss riding so much.

    Thanks for 'putting me on the back of your beautiful horse' for just a few seconds. :)


    word verif: 'forative'
    You love to ride in the green lovely 'forativ'....

  12. YOU too Lisa, will ride very, very soon, I predict!
    I can't wait for that day for you.


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