Sunday, February 1, 2009

Riding Solitude

Washashe mare and I have had some nice quiet rides in the woods of late. Surprisingly, each time out this week, we have encountered only natural noises. No motors , no dogs barking, nothing but the sounds found in a peaceful glen or stand of forest. A wisp of wind through branches, fluttery wings overhead and the footfalls of the mare as she picked her path through the thick undergrowth, crunching branches and twigs as we made our way through some uncharted territories.
Sometimes we were interupted by the occasional flock of adolescent like crows barking and chattering on, like teens in a crowd.

For the stresses I am under right now, it has been just what any doctor would have prescribed for me! And
Wa has been extra calm. I wondered if something was up with her earlier in the week ,when I found her water trough thickly iced- late day- and she was a bit tucked up...worried me, but all seems to be in right harmony now.

Today's ride trumped the weeks already high marked times, by us in a very nice rounded trot. I was changing my posting stride every 3rd stride on the rising instead of sitting. My sister taught me to do it for better you can not do it unless you are over your leg. It takes a bit of concentration and rhythm out on the uneven trails. We were in that rhythm and I looked over to see movement of deer were bounding and trotting, almost with us as we strode by ...they stopped short and we continued on without the slightest snort or jump ,this day.

I think that was the ONLY time today I heard sounds, unnatural to the forest deep....Me laughing heartily!
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  1. If a happy woman laughs in the woods and there is no one around to hear her (other than her mare) does she really make a sound?

  2. Ahhh, sounds like a wonderful ride in the woods! I can't wait to ride Gil again, it's been too cold and too much snow for me. Glad you had a great relaxing ride.

  3. I see you are having some fun with Picasa, looks good! :-)

  4. Ah, I miss those trail rides! Sounds like you had a lovely time. We have had an exceptionally icy and cold winter so my horses have basically gotten the winter off. The footing has been horrible. Glad you enjoyed yourself.

  5. Ohh, I'm jealous of your totally-silent woods! I can always hear the highway noises when I ride, but it's kind of soothing, almost like the ocean. Just the very faint distant traffic noises.

    I am totally serious when I say that my horses are my Xanax. I was on Lexapro for two years before I got Champ, but after I got him I didn't need it anymore.

    I always change diagonals on the rising part of the trot. I figure it's polite. I can't always sit the trot and if I just stand up an extra beat it's better than flopping down on the horse's back an extra bea.

  6. I am glad that you were able to get out for some much needed riding therapy! I rode a couple of times this weekend too, and I thought of you and your Wa mare. :)

    Hope you are feeling better, and I promise to post the pictures of the natural cavaletties soon.

  7. (((hahahaha)))DP you are my hero!

    Thanks Jane, mee too=can't wait for Spring for you!Yes LOVE Picasa!

    Hello CTG! Nice to meet you, yea..I am not sure where you are form yet, need to come visit and find out. The weather has been like that all over though, I am hearing. SPRING TIME COME!

    I sure like your new Profile Pic Funder. Well today my mare will be my DRUG forsure..heating up issues have me a dither and sweaty right now! Yes..the rising post change is my prefferance now too...more challenging!

    Sweet mellie, I do think of you as well now when I am out..almost like we are together! Okay..still thinking of your latest "Danger" post too...will come back and re read it

  8. Ahhhhh! You carried me away through those beautiful woods, with you and Wa. Your writing was beautiful, Kacy :)

    I hope things just get better and better for you from now on, my friend.


  9. Sounds like a great ride. I love when the woods feel that peaceful. I think that is why I love Whipple Creek...very quiet and I always encountered coyotes and deer.

  10. These rides have LIFE QUALITY written all over them!
    Our trail rides in the bush are very quiet, but maybe I'll try to listen more next time... Do it the Kacy way!

  11. Jules...ASAP when the T&T come back..WE are going there!I gotta see it for myself !
    XO Kac

    Oh Esther...tee hee, I have a way?!I think it was the absense of hearing the normal truck,dog,chainsaw,voice, that was striking and allowed me to hear the more subtle "all around me"" sounds!


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