Friday, May 8, 2009

Good instruction

I have really enjoyed some good instruction lately. It has been grounded and founded and very well received by my mare. She is the ultimate judge these days, for an instructor. I have had quite a few in the 4 years time since I have been in partnership with the Wa. She tells me no lies, when it comes to the knowledge base of the one instructing me. If they do not have an eye or mind for the sensitive horse and the slightly dyslexic rider, and give me false direction(or no direction)...she will tell me off, as they are inept and fail to address my issues/ flaws in the saddle...but she does address them!

I have a really difficult time with my right blocks my flowing track. The mare will react to any body blocking (her past of being tied into frame and the heavy hand of a" Break-em' good" cowboy) it does play into our ability to move forward sometimes.

One thing I am very upset with myself for is trusting some of the people I have with the mare and I. Being green to the training world , have made some pretty awful choices. Sometimes for lack of availability to travel and sometimes just mistaking someone for genuine, having seen their ability to help others along nicely; I thought that they would take me seriously too. I discerned incorrectly last time, with an unfaithful trainer, who lacked true caring motives and showed huge lack of concern for furthering us.

Moving on from that stifling situation, we have found some truly genuine people to help us continue. I have a couple "horse riding mentors". These people are so in tune with their own horses and have been around the training circuit . They are a wonderful prevailing wind of change for good to the mare and I! One thing that is a huge blessing..though my mare has a great memory for the wrongs done to her in the past..she is pretty forgiving of my mistakes and has shown me willingness to trust me, as I get things right and am respectful to her.
My mentoring rides have been very enlightening and as of last week, I was told almost 100% growth from the first ride. I am thrilled! I finally got a bit of body positioning instruction that is helping greatly for releasing my shoulders and increasing our bend. She has taken to this so well ,that her 5 steps being on the bit has turned into 10! We used a metronome tape the first ride 2 mo ago, and that has really helped me to regulate our rhythm. Relaxation has ensued, with the mare being able to rely upon something consistent.
She seems to be settling down with our indoor riding, and I think our outdoor riding contributes well to this....

A recent chapter in reading in W. Museler's book, "Riding Logic" that really encouraged me to this end , and has me being very thankful for all the time I have spent with the mare outdoors.
He says, "Riding is developed by practice and the greater the enthusiasm a rider has for it, the more enjoyment he will gain from it and the more he will want to put into it. Nothing will accord more with this ideal than riding out in the countryside.
A long hack out, even when there is no one at hand to offer words of correction, will do much for the seat simply because the rider becomes more relaxed. Undulating countryside improves his sense of balance. He invariably sits better than when he is forcing himself to sit in a way that he thinks is correct.".." Riding across country is indubitably the best test of dressage skills."

My greater outdoors riding has given me something for the arena , and it also has improved my mares attitude towards the work she and I do inside. It balances her and is refreshing to the both of us!


  1. Awww good post Kacy! I too have the book you speak of but haven't read it yet. I also have read from many top named trainers that riding on trails is really, really good for the horse. Some people I know only want to ride in an arena, how boring for the horse! I also feel that it does things to their mind to be kept in confinement all the time. I know I would hate it if I couldn't get out of the house and could only look out a window. Horses are met to be out in the open; good for you and your mare. I wish I could get out on trails more like you do. here we don't have many trails close to home that you can get to without a trailer. But we are going to work on getting the horses onto a trailer and on the go. I can't wait!!!
    So glad you have a trainer that is working out for both of you. In some ways having a very sensitive horse is a good thing because Wa will tell you right away when there is something wrong and can correct it. A horse that takes longer to let you know things are not right you may have a hard time figuring out just what the problem is. Sounds like the two of you are on the right track!
    Ride on!!!
    ~Jane and Gilly~

  2. Wow, what a positive report! I know it is a good feeling when things (horse, rider and instructor) come together in a harmonic way.
    It is hard to find a good trainer/instructor and even harder to find the right one for yourself and your horse.
    A good trainer can be good with horses, he can be amazing in schooling and teaching horses, but challenge is to be able to bring all of the "secrets" over to the rider and student in an understandable way.
    And every student is different...
    Well, you get the picture.
    Don't be too hard on yourself and enjoy the ride...!

  3. Mare is looking good! She looks pretty soft and relaxed and forward. I've never seen more then her ears! just kidding ;-) glad the lessons and instruction are paying off!

  4. Kac, check you email, I just sent you one!!!!!
    Jane and Gil

  5. Hi KacyK, thanks for visiting me at HBFG...
    you asked about the breed of the horse in that picture?
    here is a post about him... you'll find it at

    (in english..)


    Greetings from Sweden


  6. So great to hear you have someone you like to help you. Isn't is a great feeling to see improvement and have what someone says "click". I still look forward to my lessons, and love the feeling when it all comes together.

  7. Nothing like a trusted trainer to improve one's confidence in the saddle and move you and your horse to the next level. Congrats!

    I call it "getting rid of the cobwebs" when we leave the arena.

  8. Wonderful!!! I am still in the great search for a good trainer for the mighty Jackson and I, but I never once stop before going out onto the trail and say, "Darn, I wish I was in the arena..." It is a huge missing piece of our puzzle at this point in time, and needs to be addressed this summer. BUT i loved that quote you posted and would like to read that book! If I take all the time I've spent on hilltops (and then the time almost on our butts coming down them), in streams, trotting into uncharted territory, blazing new trails and just plain riding out, out, out, my horse and I may be further than we think in our abilities! And we sure do like it! Nothing makes me trot better form-wise than when I'm off in a horsie-sun induced daze and just let myself be. It is when I go out of my conscious mind and just ride that I amaze myself! :)

  9. Such a wonderful well written, from the heart...and, my friend.

    I agree about the trail rides as being refreshing for the horse and rider's body and mind. Too much arena work can be boring and..well too much work...for both rider and horse.

    I admire you, Kacy-kins. You and Wa are sight of pure joy together. You look beautiful!


  10. That sounds great to finally get some immediate improvement with your horse. Most everything is body position for you and then patterning your training on the horse. Congrats and I hope it keeps getting better!

  11. Your mare looks wonderful. Glad you are enjoying your lessons now.

  12. Great post ,glad things are going in the right direction for you .
    Have a great weekend.

  13. Wa looks fantastic in that black and white photo. Relaxed, happy and engaged.

    putosto: patato rissotto?


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