Monday, May 11, 2009

A Wild Hair

Y'all know what the wild hair may be too....this of course is the has been one year of growth May o8 to may 09~

Last night, after trying another braid and having it be a bit hotter outside during the day, I decided to Shorten the mare's mane. It will be cooler for her and my right wrist needs a little less action.The mane being long means lots of braiding action these days!

So, we started in..and honestly folks..I have always "cheated" with the mane pulling by using all my crafty techniques..and seemingly having good results. A....I did an experiment..crafty section verses...really pulled section..HUGE DIFF! I really liked the pulled look and feel=BETTER!

While this was true..the mare polled in as well..and she MUCH preferred the crafty section by turning her head away,as I placed my fingers on the next section to be pulled. I administered -1 Cup Oats -into her hay bag and that took care of that! I was amazed how well she did with the process!


To take the shot above of the hair on the floor, I had to use the flash..and It started a small stampede in the barn....lightening flashes without the thunder! I was crouched down against a side wall..all horses had quickly exited... including mine..then I heard and felt the HOT breath of Romeo, above my neck...his head had come on over to investigate me on the ground below his stall wall! I almost joined the herd outside scared me, I forgot he was over there!

This was at not too good a pic...and I will see what it REALLY looks like today!

I am giving the mare the week off from riding..she and I had a fantastically adventuresome weekend,it being SUNNY and all. My friends and I took a Looooong trail ride and I fear the "All Purpose saddle" is not made for the kind of riding we did...(Post to follow soon)...the mare's back is sore. I would not have made it with the treeless one either. So until my little Jump saddle comes back, all re-flocked from it's maker man, we are going it slow! I am doing some Natural Brace washes + massages with this awesome liniment-"Sore no More".

Wednesday,her favorite person( aside from me and her other barn mom)is coming to give her THERAPY!!


  1. How about a little "how to" on your pulling success. I've just never got the hang of mane pulling. Looks like you did a beautiful job.

  2. That's my kind of mane! I like them 4-6 inches, and usually pull 3 times a year. I have had a lot of practice over the years so I can pull very fast, and the horses never seem to mind me at all. Sorry to hear that Wa is sore...when is your saddle due back?

  3. I've never tried mane pulling before but have read that some horses really let go easily and others do not...yeah, I couldn't believe they actually "let it go"? Is this right?
    She looks shanzee! I also wanted let you know that a piece of jewelry will be on the way to you. I wrote your address down and deleted your comment from the post so that no lunatics get your address! LOL! Thanks again for playing along!

  4. That wouldn't be Mariah, would it? I won a free session from her for Phantom. Looooved the massage and adjustment. Happy pony.

  5. I like my horse's mane short. It's really cute, but I really like it REALLY long too.

  6. Hairdresser horsedresserMay 12, 2009 at 7:26 PM

    ORhorse Thanks...Will leave you the instructions on your blog!

    Hi DP! I thought you may like the hunter look better for her! She put up with it and I will become faster..need a better tool..the one I used was a bit old.
    I am not sure when for the saddle...the maker is about 100 years old and has his daughter helping him..I may call him soon to see when...miss that featherlite saddle!

    Humm, Lu, not too sure about the "let go" thing. never heard of it.OOOUUU ...Jewlery!! AWESOME! You are so kind to even have such a fun thing offered ojn your I said, I may wanto to get in on this give away fun..
    "the giver gets the gift"is what I always have thought.
    Well...was not too worried about all "Your" lunatics...I mean, I see so many show up over at your place! Ha!!!Thanks sweet!

    O Sunshine...You bet it isMiriah!..did you not recognise her from my sidebar?

    Lydia I loved Wa's flowing mane glad i took so many pictures..but this will fit her better and me too!

  7. Hello!

    I love the short pulled look. I think it makes them look neat and athletic.

    Was browsing your blog and drooling over all of the pics of the beach...! I lived in Eugene for a year and used to trailer to the beach every now and then. Best times ever.


  8. Hi there! Thank you for stopping by at my new blog!

    Your horse looks nice with the new "haircut" and I am sure she will enjoy her time with the therapist, I love it when people recognize how beneficial a massage can be for a horse.

    To your question about the downward transitions...
    Have you ever watched your own breathing when you ride? Try it and make sure you breath OUT when you ask the horse to slow down. Another think is that a rider should always be aware of the whereabouts of the horses back feet through all gaits. So try and FEEL the hind feet and connect to them mentally, breath out and slow your own body down. The horse should follow you. Try walk - stop first, then trott - walk...
    Let me know how it works!

  9. oh, she looks so much more elegant now!

    more pics!


  10. Awwww...her lavish, long, black, and wavy locks are all gone!!!! She still looks lovely with her mane pulled though, and good for you for sticking with it. :)

    Thanks for the award!!! I have been doing a lot of intrepid riding lately too (unfortunately, right??? Where did spring go???) I will be back this weekend to snag it. :)

  11. Awwww, I loved Wa's long black mane and you cut it off!!! :-( I am not a fan of pulled manes, a gal tried pulling Gilly's once and he threw a fit so I made her stop. I could tell it hurt him so we don't do that anymore. Pokey has trimmed Gilly's mane all uneven so he needs a trim now too.

  12. Good job on the pulling. Funny story about Romeo breathing down your neck ("Where's MY oats?"). lol!

    I'm glad you enjoyed a nice ride, but sorry that the two of you are both sore. Sounds like a good massage for both of you will fix ya up quick! :)


  13. Wa- Love the new look girl!

    When Lester's mane gets long I always start with clippers to get the long ends off then just "pull" the rest with my finger tips- he HATES when I use a comb and knott it up first then pull, he prefers just quick rips to the ends.


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