Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Landscape of YELLOW

It was everywhere, the golden hue, and beautiful! No matter what you think about the pungent smell of Scotch broom, it sure made for a gorgeous landscape while we rode at the beach this past weekend. Jules-EQUINEMINE- and I jetted off with the TAT(Two's A Team) crew...small, and it made for a perfect weekend!

Maddy mare is such a good mare to ride with for us...she is non competitive and also a lead mare type, which my mare feels more comfortable with. Maddy won't tolerate a fussy horse behind her; as we found out last year as she hopped her rump up as Wa nosed her saying..."go faster or let me lead".
It was the best thing for us to have happen, Maddy's warning. Wa really paid mindful attention to her slowing after that.
This past weekend, with 3 days of riding on a gorgeous beach with not a mark on it, made for some excellent times. Both mares were ultra relaxed and I had very few of the excited problems of past beach trips...oh maybe a few popped shoulders as we turned back away from home..but we both rode the buckle-coming and going- a first for the mare and I. I told Jules, 14 years old for the mare and 2 years of beach times ,have finally paid off!
Soo, Wahsahse was on her best behaviour, walking behind Maddy mare.(yep..read that right-behind at times)
After all , she has the "eyes"of the Monarch butterfly that constantly watch us as we ride behind her!


  1. Great weekend Kacy. I am working out getting some pics to you. Maddy looks so pretty. Proud of my girl, she always tries so hard for me...even when the adrenaline is pumping, she seems to come back to me. Wa was beautiful on the beach...my pics do not do her justice. She has come along way Kac...gave yourself a big pat on the back!

  2. OH, I need a Maddy mare to help Baasha get over his tailgating habit! Would Maddy mind a short stay in Europe for this purpose?


  3. love her markings, I have a dun too. Very cute.

  4. I have never ridden on a beach...it's one of the things that is on my "bucket list." Gallop down a beach in the light of the full moon.

    You are one lucky chica to have so many beautiful places to ride!

  5. I'm glad Maddy is working out well. I remember last year when EquineMine was so frustrated that she almost gave her away for free.

  6. Very pretty -- I'd be sneezing my head off, though, lol

  7. Jules~ it was really a monumental time..your girl tried so hard to do all the beach things! I have some Hilarious pics that will be slowly making the rounds here..will shoot them over or make a disk for you!

    Lytha She is a real gem that Maddy mare! Wa is terrible with the pushing it to the limits behind a horse..she only respects them if they put the foot down on her..or she pulls the riens outa my hands and bumps them in the butt!Jules wants new experiences for the mare...she'd probably come!

    Veronica I do love the Duns!

    Jenn it is a wonderful thinkg for a Thoroughbred owner(or anyone)to be able to let the hoirse go and allow them to stop when they are ready..my mare loves this soo much!

    Nuzz humm last year Jules and I trailered all over the place and rode together...I think it may have been the previous owner of the barn we were in..she did give her horse away!

    Yea Promise...I was a bit sore throated with the overpowering yellow weeds!

  8. Okay...how have I missed all of these great posts lately??? You are not showing up on my blogroll as being that updated....

    First, I am glad to hear that your mother is doing alright, and that video of the doctors/nurses/hospital staff walking with eggs-in-a-spoon was hilarious.

    Second, how cool is it that you have been able to hook up with your old trail riding pals?? And new ones too! I do wish that we lived closer, as I know we would have a blast out there, but oh well, right??? LOL!!!

    And lastly, Maddy's hiney does look like a Monarch butterfly!! And more beach riding?? I am so jealous. How far away is the ocean/beach from you? It is around three hours from me, and that would be why we never make it out there with the panonies. :)

    Here's to many more trail rides (sending you a virtual tast...lol!!!)and a fun summer!!!!

  9. Oh, I'm so happy you guys got to go out together!! Maddy looks awesome! Can't wait to see pictures of Wa! And the landscape is amazing!!! What more could a girl (equine or human) ask for, hey?

    Arwen sends her love! She too would have had a hard time staying behind - AT TIMES, lol!

  10. Mellie! Well..I just posted several in a row in like 2 days time!
    The time has been flying and I can't believe outr first beach plans are fulfilled already!We made them in the snowy weather...long time ago it seems!
    The Bay Ocean House(Tillamook) is 90 minutes from Portland..quite doable for the horse trailer ride.
    Som,eday...we shall ride together...and what fun it will be giggles and laughs the entire time !

    Esther Hi gal! I have missed you..coming over after this.
    Arwen would love the beach racing times...I race against "the wind" only!
    Yep...Jules is a KEEPER!!!

  11. I know some of the TAT crew -- the "Garage Girls."

    I have no idea what Phantom would do with a whole ocean coming and going at him! Would love to ride on the beach some time before I have to hang up my chaps.

  12. What a gorgeous place to ride! I am really working on close following issues on trail. John has a high level of comfort with nose to tail and it is a problem.

  13. I sure wish you would quit torturing me with that talk of riding on the beach. Glad you two and your ponies could get together. DRAMATIC yellow.

  14. AWESOME!!!! Wonderful pics!!! I wanna come ride on the beach! As a gal who used to live by the ocean and work on a dive boat, my watery roots yearn to be fulfilled, BUT this time, I wanna do it with MY horse!!! :P

  15. Great pictures. Glad you guys had a great time.

  16. Excellent photos Kacy! Your beach ride sounds fabulous! So fun! And what a great view from behind Maddy. Must have made you smile.

    Those flowering brooms are just lovely for photographs. I also like your new header.

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  17. Kac--Yes the beach does sound like heaven! I bet you ARE lovin' it! My only fear with beach riding would be not being able to LET GO of my fear and just let Jacks goooo. After breaking my shoulder, fear issues became huge (and humbling) in a big part b/c I am a single mom so if I'm not able to work for an extended period due to an injury from a passion of mine--well, let's just say that would be REALLY bad. Like bills not getting paid bad!!! So it is both a logical and also very much a primitive /protective fear. A weird humbling thing from the girl who never had fear with horses. PROBABLY much needed tho', and it is becoming a healthy needed fear that rooted in mutual respect b/t us both. He doesn't get away with any cr**, and I don't try to do more than I am capable of! Jacks is SOOOOO fast, I am becoming more and more used to having such a fast horse! Thank GOD he is responsive and has a mind like a sponge. A characteristic of his breed is that he learns FAST!! We went out on a trailride with a new friend the other day and we had to go back down to a walk for HER three times!!!! I just wanted to MOVE OUT!! That was not the me of even 6 months ago, and I'm in better shape now too. Of course, I was totally understanding of slowing down for another rider, I just got an inward (delighted!) chuckle that that rider isn't me anymore! My peeps have been SUCH a BLESSING and have helped Jacks and I enormously with my confidence and with his training! So, give me 6 more months and I'll be ready for the beach gallop Kac!! :)

  18. WOW! What a catch up I had to do! First - I'm SO happy your mom is doing okay!! We really must get back to phone calls!!!!! (I think I'm out of my slump after a medication change so I'm not hiding from the world - at least not today! LOL) what wonderful rides, and a beautiful mare! I love buckskins! And she is a beauty! Oh I'm so jealous of all the wonderful riding places and having a friend to ride with!!!! *sigh* I swear one day i'm gonna come visit on vacation!!!!!!! thats a promise! Horse and all! I'm excited for this weekend...I'm planning on leah and I riding..my first time in over a year in the saddle.....courage will be found! LOL what a stupid mental block..Oh well it will pass - determination is building! LOL Love the fun your having, cant wait to see your next post and call me soon!!!!
    Love rae

  19. O Equestrian Well, riding the beach I do think it important the first times to be with a horse that knows the sights and sounds and movements of the surf...that is how we learned and it has paid off..the mare still shys sometimes but more often is accepting of my requests to walk in the water...
    Yet.therre is a trick...face it head on as it comes or they tend to get dizzy..You too! Maddy crossed her legs a few times because she did get dizzy...
    Do come with us sometime or get your own group together..I will go with you all and show you the places to ride! There are calm dune rides separate from the surf..and even so, when it is low tide..tons of sand apart from the watery places.

    Flying L Yea...my mare tends to want to be in front or make the one in front speed up..she has a killer walkout..but is disrespectful in her bumping..I like a horse in front that takes no fussing..it reminds her without me pulling her back.

    Lori I'm sorry dear..I am afraid the torture may continues a bit longer though...I am addicted to the surf riding...I can't make it to Africa, to ride with Esther with the mare, so this is the sand I can have around here!

    Jacks grl I realise that caution is best no matter what status you are finacially so! This galloping on the beach is a one at a time event..the mare must be confident and the tide must be out and all the stars alined.."~' we want smooth riding and no shying! We walk out area first to make sure of footing and weido thinkgs that tend to wash up or even strange looking driftwood pieces can make us stop too quickly sometimes.

    Gray Thanks...can't wait to see me in some for a change!

    Lisa Hi sweetie...need to come on by an catch up!! Thanks, the header is a photo of a photo that Jules took of us... when I get the original, I will change it over..will look cleaner..will have a good wkend..gotta work and do the horse..PBO gone with her steeds to beach now..Wa will be lonely

    Rae HIYA!! I am sooo sorry that your meds have toyed with you and it has taken you out some..ick honey...sent you a txt...and will call today.
    I thinnk if you spend tons of time on the gournd and some time in an enclosed area chaecking in with your steed with laterals and transitins for communication..you will feel much better about it..don't take a long ride or you'll be too sore!

  20. Hi Kacy!! Wow, been catching up here. Glad your mom's okay and you gals had such a great time at the beach. I have been trying and trying to bring up your blog without any success for a couple of weeks!! And then, I could bring it up, but could not comment. Grrr!! So frustrating!! But today after a couple of trys, here I am. Thanks for the visit. Good to hear from you again. I have been riding the boys and it feels wonderful!! Our truck is in the shop and is getting fixed, so very soon I'll be hitting the trails again too!! Yippee!!

  21. LOVE your blog and how ironic...I live in West Linn! Your horse is lovely....I just started riding again. My girlfriend that I ride with lives in Oregon City as well. :) Happy riding!

    Michelle :)

  22. Kacy, great post love the pictures! Love the new banner, ahhhh, the ocean, I wonder what Gilly would think of it. I would love to ride on a beach.
    ~Jane and Gilly~

  23. Hey Kacy! Thanks for swinging by my place. Well, my love of horses....let's see where do I begin? I started riding at 13 and have loved horses all my life. Ask my mom...the collection of horses I had when I was young was too big for our house. LOL! Unfortunately life got a hold of me and I stopped riding until this Spring. My girlfriend Debbie, who I ride with (she has two horses she needs taking out) said I hopped back on like I had never stopped riding. My connection with horses, I believe, is so natural. Well, I should say animals in general. I am an animal lover through and through! Right now I'm just riding western. My niece, at the ripe old age of 10, has just started riding English. I'm so proud of her! Anyway, we pretty much just trail ride. I've only ridden one horse, Deb's horse Ari who is a 13 year old Apaloosa/Arabian. I love him so much! We connect so well. Tomorrow I am going to meet Debbie's instructor to see about lessons. I'm excited about that! What trails do you tpically ride? Debbie and I go to either Mission Park, McGyver or Hardy Creek. Would love to meet you sometime if you're up for it! And I'd love to meet your beautiful horse! Mustang? Hope you're having a great weekend in this wonderful weather!!

  24. Love your pictures Kacy, the yellow flowers or weeds are beautiful, so bright and cheery looking.
    Gilly and I had a lesson today, it was great and AND I rode bareback at a trot!!! and stayed on!! WAHOOO! What a ride, what a horse! :-)
    ~Jane and Gilly~

  25. I was totally thinking WEEDS, non-native WEEDS, but if you ride was good I guess it is ok. ;)


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