Thursday, May 14, 2009

Looking on in envy

Poor Danny...he was nickering as I took some photo's of my mare's New Mane while she ate the grass near the paddocks. It was very sad, but he has foundered and recovered, so I am not too sad for him since he is still among the heard and healthy now!
He tried to fetch a few blades for himself , to no avail.....
I do love the way the mare's mane turned out and am glad that I decided to "pull" verses my usual "creative trimming" with 2 different sorts of shears.
With him standing there in want, it did avail me some great photo's of Danny's eye for the upcoming Photo MEME that Ed has for Sunday come back and see that..there is a laugh in it for you!

I eventually returned Washashe to a paddock farther away from him and near the herds "Lead mare", Panna. She would eat my mare for lunch, if given the chance. Though; she is a perfect angel on the trails, if we ride together! Good mare Panna. She was the horse I rode 5 years ago, as I got reintroduced to riding again.
As long as there is a fence inbetween them and Wa does not try to make friends with is all good!


  1. I love Wa's mane! She looks just so lovely!

  2. I'm surprised.....but I do like Wa's mane. I still miss her long locks a little, but her no doo really shows of her gorgeous neck and jawline so much better.

    Well done.

    Poor Danny. Sometimes we have to give up things that aren't so good for us. I feel for ya, buddy.

    Love ya Kacykins!

  3. Green grass looks fabulous right about now. Ours is all dried out. :( So sad.

  4. Hi,
    Oh the black and white paint mare will be in training for 30 days at least, maybe more depending how well she responds. We just keep trying trainers until we get the right results....finding a good one around here is not easy! I did talk to him yesterday and he really likes her, said she has nice smooth gates and is doing so well. He's had about six rides on her and she's been there a week. My husband broke her and she was really easy......just took it slow. We've had her since she was little. She has never done anything to my husband but bit me on the shoulder two winters ago...thank goodness I had a heavy coat still hurt though but has not done it since....but quite honestly...I don't handle her if I don't have to....freaked me out! She's a horse that looks to her handler for confidence and she's really attached to my hubby. She was testing me and her pecking order had changed in the herd too? I just brought her through the gate and was latching it and chomp! Unacceptable behavior for sure! I screamed at her mainly in shock that she did it and also because it hurt! At the same time, I backed her up for about two miles, she knew she had chosen wrong, her head was down and had a worried look in/around her eye. Has never done it since. Trainer said she has not offered to do anything questionable with him. Think Turquoise for your necklace....I like my shorter too!

  5. She look so sexy in her new 'do! She really looks great, muscling up very nicely and a glowing coat to top it all off! She looks very, very happy.


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