Monday, May 18, 2009

Reunited and it feels so GOOD!

Jules, as I call may know her as "EQUINEMINE". She is the best dressed/ snazy rider I know!
I got to ride with her last weekend, at her new wonderful place...uh...getting ahead of myself, I saw Nora( my first ever ridin' partner) on the trails first. the day before, for a ride at my place!

This is not Washashe below looking on Jules and Maddy is Romeo.

(Look at the title again)Do you hear the sappy song..?... that will not leave your head ALL DAY NOW...You will hum it and sing it- 'cause it just gets stuck in YOUR head!!! happened to me when I thought of it for the title and now I shall pass on the song to you! It will be apparent soon why I chose that tune~

Well, I have missed reading and writing for the past least it seems like that amount of time, for all that has occurred.
I shall fill you in now!

2 Weekends ago, I told my PBO and her friend that is staying at the house, that I would love to go for a ride...she has soo much work to do around that farm there that she said maybe.... I showed up on Sunday with sandwiches and drinks and >>Chocolate<<....they were all sweaty and dirty and had been working for a few hard hours in the sun and it looked as if they were going to bag-out. I served them up some Advil, drinks and lunch, we talked . I then broke out the chocolate...that did it, they were revived! We soon saddled and rode on out...

Gemma asked me for the camera and I have a shot of me for a change!
We headed for a set of trails I have not taken them to yet..only told them of how beautiful they are and the steep delivery on each side of the creek to get there. I always get off...because the mare and I dislike slick and steep and cliffy edges. We have an understanding about how it goes while we walk down..I go ahead till it gets cliffy..then she comes along side of me and I walk on the upper embankment as she slowly walks down, allowing me to hold the top of the saddle for stability..she stops immediately if I stumble or ask her to. She has gotten very good at this and anticipates my needs.

We all made it down fine and they did not even get good for them! We forded the creek, and set to the next hazard area...a bog.

Okay, that was okay as well...and up the other side and my PBO said, "OH! these trials are soo gorgeous!" I said," I know, I called you 3 weeks ago when I found them remember?..I called them "Trails Shangrila!"
I put the camera on a stump and in ten seconds tried to get on and over in front of the camera again!I was askew and couldn't get my stirrup!

We had such a great time in these trails that went on and on and on...they were relatively flat and so we trotted and cantered alot this day. As we'd get to trotting I could hear my friend Gemma..start to giggle..then more and more till I had to just hunch over once, in shear laughter, when Panna mare and Ginny(right)decided to leap over something and she bellowed out! Gem saw me hunch in laughter and lost it herself! It was a blast but I knew I would not get them to ride for some time as it was about 4 hours...they would be so sore!
We watered then horses on the way back in the creek and somehow--lost the green pommel- pack Ginny had on her saddle. She asked if maybe the next weekend we could go look for it.

Wow, so much has happened between that ride and now..........just been fantastically worn out upon arrival home all last week. I gave the mare time off cause I had used my dressage saddle for that hilly ride and it is too stiff, her back was sore... she got therapy last WEDS. My little light weight jump saddle is being missed by the both of us!

Plus...there is the fact that my husband's time off landed on my days off this time! We actually got to look into each others eyes-while open! AND... there also a crisis last week on Wednesday- My mother went into the hospital for her heart again..this time no surgeries!! Just a BIG scare . The second day...she got transferred to the place I came into the world...Emanuel Hospital. That day We found out that she just needed meds adjusted... soooo relieved.

Saturday last, I was dismissed from mom's bedside by one of my sisters to attend to the mare, since mom was well taken care of and it had been 3 days since I last was at the stable. As I left the hospital...this is what I left was nice and refreshing..and A bit funny too! I am glad that professionals can be light in the workplace!

So, Part two next......which will bring us up to date!


  1. Yes that song definitly IS stuck in my head now!

  2. Wow!! Thoes trails look beautiful what a fun day!

  3. Glad you are OK, I was worried about you, you hadn't posted for a long time!
    Great pictures of your ride!
    Glad your mom is OK too!
    ~Jane and Gilly~

  4. What a wonderful ride and such a faithful horse to help you down the hills that way.

    Glad the hospital trip was only a scare, they are bad enough, but as bad as the real thing.

    I did not know you were married! Just kidding, I am sure it was nice to see each other for a little personal time.

  5. Hey! I'm an Emanuel baby, too! A few decades before you, I imagine.

    The video was fun. Now I know how surgeons fine tune their skills.

    We started our trail riding season on Monday. Silly horses. But the more we get out, the fewer horse eaters they'll see (we hope).

  6. Good to see you and Miss Equinemine getting back together. The stable looks beautiful... I love the photo of you and your horse...different and sweet.

  7. looks like a serious day in paradise :) happy trails

  8. Goodness what a trail ride. I only wish I could go on stuff like that here. We just have steep hills. NO fun stuff like water crossings. And nice to be with your spouse!

    Fun riding and pictures.

    Hope your mom is doing well too.

    Keep on horsin'

  9. You people are having a heck of a time. I'm Envious! :D Gorgeous shots by the way! I was looking for the sunday stills. But was not disappointed! great shots!

  10. Congrats on being reunited! Your outward excursions always look like so much fun. :)

  11. lol! The video from the hospital is so funny! What do they get for egg salad sandwich? lol!

    Your ride with friends looked like such fun! You are so lucky to have so many horse friends to ride with. I suppose that is one benefit that comes from boarding your horse, eh?

    I also loved reading about the bond you have with Wa and how the two of you communicate so well on the trails, especially on steep hills. That is just so beautiful :)

    I hope I have a bond as deep and beautiful as that with a horse one day.

    I hope your Mom continues to improve every day, too.



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