Thursday, May 14, 2009


It was that kinda day...First, My mare and Romeo had a round before the Equine Therapist showed up for Wa's apt. They decided to do a little of their own warm up...then Romeo , after watching my mare's session seemed to decide that he was in need and offered his mouth to Danny!

This was a word my mother taught me when I was young and the horses were having a scratch in our fields...I asked what they were doing, and mom said, "Reciprocity...I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine!"


  1. Those are the sweetest pictures. I am always touched when I am scratching one of my horses and they try to groom me in return. Love your new header photo. Great picture of you two!

  2. Lovely video. Tonka and Raven will display such reciprocity *occasionally* but I have never caught a picture.

  3. Beautiful photos!! Love the black and white...

  4. KC-'tis the season isn't it? The horses are doing this all over the country....

  5. Oh wow this was fantastic.
    I love the word your mother taught you .
    This was really great.
    I have not ever seen anyone catch the photo
    of Reciprocity before.
    Thank you for sharing such a special post.
    Have a wonderful weekend !

  6. candid camera girlMay 14, 2009 at 8:53 PM

    One Red Horse I feel fortunate they kept right on going as I walked around them in photo mode! The Lead mare, that resides with weirded out by me being in there and came over..right after the Video and raised her hind leg by them... and they scattered!
    Thanks for the compliment on the header...had it since March..but waited till now..beach times in a week!

    DP aren't they funny...the two geldings actually don't ever get that close to each other..Danny is so dominant that it was sweet to see him loving on Romeo for a change!

    Flying Lily Thanks it looked terrible in color..B/W was the best!

    Lori yeppers...itchy winter hairs comming off for springtime!

    Terry I loved watching them was so cool!, she came up with some good one!
    You too, have a lovley weekend!

  7. Awww! I'm most impressed that they didn't seem too bothered that you were videtaping them up close. They just kept on with their nibbling and scratching. It's amazing how gentle they can be with those huge chompers!
    And I noticed all the horse drool on their withers, too. lol!
    Good thing horses don't typically do the same on us humans, eh?

    I, too think your new header is just stunning. Good job!
    I know you are so happy for more beach rides now.

    Have fun Kacykins!


  8. That was really a cute set of photos. I do love to watch horses grooming each other, they just seem so contented.

  9. Lisa I knew some Keen eye person would notice that drool!I almost said something on it..he totally makes a "soup" of any kind of oats or grain too!
    Those Morgans...I really am impressed with them..very kind and patient.
    Thanks for notoicing the was a video and Romeo could not stand still for her to get me well, so I had to take a "still".

  10. Gray it was a full day of grooming that day..! I loved it~

  11. Hi Kacy,
    I love your header photo! Great! Hey could you tell me how long you like your necklace made? I'll send it out first of next week and I'll be working on it today! Cute video of the two reciprocating! Luanne

  12. Those give me the warm and fuzzies. Great photos. I've just added your link to my blog. Nice to meet you!

  13. Great pictures and video!!
    They both seemed so content and happy.

  14. definitely gets you in touch with why i love these creatures


  15. Very cute pictures!

    I just love your header photo! Very cool!!! I want to run in the surf with my horse someday.

  16. I love to watch the interaction horses have with each other. Great shots!


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