Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Useful in riding development

"Hacking out should be regarded as especially useful training supplement at all stages of a rider's development. A rider who thinks he has good control of his horse indoors should test himself in similar movements outdoors".....
From "Riding Logic" W. Museler
This said..we ride indoors for the second time this week tomorrow in the largest arena in the area...soo excited!


  1. Hi Kacy, looks like you are out on an adventure again! It's raining here so Gilly and I aren't on the trail. I hope that I can get to ride on Thursday or Friday, no rain in sight then!

  2. Have a wonderful ride, you and your special mare. How nice it is to have such a special relationship with an animal. They are so dependent on us and I love it when the people they live with really understand that and give them their all. Very cool.

  3. Jane Hiya! Sorry for the il weather & interupted riding plans..ours too will wane this week later.

    A palmer Thankyou, I am excited to give the mare new environments..keeps her active mind engaged and fresh...mee too!

  4. hey! i have that book! it's one of the few i kept thru the dispersal of almost all my earthly possessions due to an overseas move.

    gotta get out and ride today!


  5. I don't know anything about riding horses but they've always fascinated me. Sounds like good advice to me and I love that shot.

  6. Words of wisdom. That looks like a perfect trail to me. I like land on both sides of the trail, not too terribly rocky, good footing and no terribly steep downhills. I don't ask for much right??


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