Monday, October 26, 2009

Fall Beach work/ride trip Part 1

The Dogs my PBO has are always with us when we go places around the property. As we packed up for the beach a few wkends ago, they suddenly appeared and parked it-on either side of one of the saddles!! It was adorable, as if to say, "Pack us up too!"

We drove to the Bay Ocean house in Tillamook, unloaded the horses for a time of rest and refreshment. After we all rested up, we then left for the spit and the first ride. It was later in the day and the weather held nicely for us- perfectly calm and dry.
We were happy to see a large group of Pack llama's loaded and ready to leave. They had two groups and 5 animals.
Amongst all the strange things the horses have seen there...this was one I am glad we missed while aboard them!

Romeo looking on~

We rode just a little due to the rising tides.

Our short "sunset ride" was a beauty, in fall's crisp air. My mare kept wanting to go toward the ocean and away from the dunes. She knew it was easier walking + the dunes represent moving- scary- grasses and other unknowns.
The Sunset, through the truck window, was gorgeous~
Day two was full of foul....Sea birds of all kinds. I finally got to capture some Pelicans! Though I was unable to get very close and my moving animal beneath me also kept my shots from being too zoomed. They were so cool!

Riding South for a change, we went towards the cliffs and End of the Bay. Romeo loved the new views...he always looks and looks.
I loved how the forests met the mountains behind my friend~
Wa mare watched them go up with interest~

We had such a blast discovering new sights and the horses loved the times we allowed to race along side each other. This was a blast and when my freind sends me her'll see what I did for the first time ever...I flew-atop my mare. like in Alex, aboard the "Black Stallion"! It was delightful!

We spent much of the time in training...leaving each other and asking the horses to remain with us, in mind and action. They did really well...only a few misbehaving moments. These two know each other so well, being pasture mates. It sometimes can be easier for me to ride with strangers or another horse that tells her off sometimes, due to the mare being so at ease with him and attached.

All in all, it was such a blessing and revival time!


  1. oh, I can just picture you galloping down the beach with your arms out and head thrown back in sheer delight!! Amazing trip!!

  2. What fun - thanks for sharing!

  3. What a beautiful place to ride. Always enjoy your travels. There was one picture I especially liked - the gal on the sorrel up on the little hill - very nice.

    My horse would have had a COW at those llamas! She still thinks mules are untrusting devils. I think llamas would do her in. :)

  4. Love the photos, love the appearance of the llamas! How funny they look in horse trailers! Thanks for the great story and photos - and reference to "Black Stallion"!

  5. Some things never change. The beach looks just like it did years ago when I rode there!

    Great pictures, glad you had a good ride.

  6. Oh just look at you out there riding on the beach!!! I haven't been blogging much lattely, but I had to stop in and say "hi!"

  7. I can't wait to see the photos and video of you galloping. These photos were all so gorgeous. What a grand and beautiful adventure you were on with your lovely mare. :)


  8. Oh and I forgot to say that this post reminds me that I should take my llamas out more often on the trails. Even though I'm not riding my horse I can still take my llamas out on treks. I hope they don't scare anyone's horses, though. Maybe I could take out a llama and my mare, and if the other horses see my mare not worried about the llama beside her, they will feel calmed?

    Llamas are fun and non-spooky. I wish I could ride my llamas. :)


  9. Kacy what a beautiful ride!! xoxo :)


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