Wednesday, October 7, 2009


With hunting season upon us in Oregon as of last week, my MUST RIDE MONDAYS partners and I decided to trailer out to safer riding grounds. Here, were we live, there are many State parks and other Pedestrian /Equestrian parks to choose from.
It was a Nice break from wearing ORANGE/flashing lights/ribbons and the sleigh like sounds of bear bells! I am a spectacle back home when I go out!

Grooming is very realaxing for this young Paso Fino, as the sunshine warms us all up. It was very brisk and icy earlier.

Washashe mare eats a bit more breakfast as I tack her up and ready myself.
Off we go, into the gorgeous wooded acres of Hardy Creek, in the Molalla River Corridor.

Washashe mare hears her horse friends, up in the woods...
I split off from the girls for a time , and rode the flatter wider path, as I had my hoof boots on and some of the narrow trails were slick as snot and I do not have a plant- em- down- and- walk- trail horse in Wa...she flutters around and slips, especially with the boots!
I do have some at home with STUDS...but they are for walking -no trotting or cantering.
It was so very lovely in the woods with the bright colors just starting to appear for Autumn.
There are some very nice tree assortments too...I love the white barked Alders!
Peeka boo~

I could not resist a shadow rider shot....the shadow rider is a faithful companion on bright days.

So we rode and rode till we got to the end of the main roadway and it hit trails. I wanted to go right and head back towards home, as the two others had time lines. But there was talk of a log cabin and we turned left to seek it out.
The trail got so steep and too slick for my mare I opted to take the boots off and pack them in a bag I brought . It was okay for a time, then it got dicey and even the others were wondering if we should go on . The trail said "Seasonal" which means, it closes due to the muddy slick conditions.
They persited in going forth, So I got off the mare, undid her daisy chained rope. Then I got her tail wrapped around my hand behind her and asked her to follow the others up and down some icky-slicky stretches. She was awesome! She would look back frequently, to make sure all was well, and I would rub her and say -yes, it is!
We got pretty far away...NO log cabin in sight. So we headed down a rode, hoping it was correct...we forgot the map! We prayed for help-"To find the way home". Not 10 minutes later...
we yelled YEA!!!!

Back towards home we went, and as we rounded one of the last miles closest to home...the cabin appeared. It was a shack like thing really...and we all laughed it up with how memory, sometimes makes things grander!
Home ward we ride!
All was well with us and after a few phone calls...plans were changed and we relaxed agian as we drove home with our equine partners.
This sunset is what I fianlly drove home viewing, later after putting the mare out in her pasture. We rode for 5 hours and though it was not planned to be that sure was a beaut of a day !! Praise God for helping us find the way- again!


  1. Amazing ride! I love how you use your mare's tail to pull yourself up hills that are too steep/slick to ride - alas we have no hills here like that, although I'll bet Maisie would do it too!

  2. Wow, what a ride you were on! I have used Gilly's tail to pull me up the really steep road to the meadow on the hill. He goes right along pulling me with him. What good horses we have, huh?
    Beautiful pictures, I like the peeka-boo one!
    Very windy here today and with the rain last night, no riding in the round pen. something is blowing in.

  3. KC

    I think you go on more interesting rides than anyone I know! Great shots again.

  4. Kate~ It was such a nice day...walking(being pulled) was good for my weight loss program!
    Maisie would enjoy ot...wa loves change and she did get into it after a time of questioning me a bit.

    Jane~ I thought I remembered you two doing this. I love the teamwork part-Gilly is such a good boy!Wow...yea, we had some wind and now some ice where I is much highter there. In town here it is 500 ft. There it is 1,300. Old man winter is wanting to settle in early.

    Lori~ Well, it helps me get out there to have insanely -go getter- trail buddies!

  5. you tailed your mare! awesome!

    i love letting them help me up the hills, when it is too steep and i happen to be off walking at the time.

    speaking of seasonal trails, i remember a road in the cascades that is only open in summer, and it was so awful, even in summer! i told myself to never drive my rig on seasonal roads!


  6. Wow what a cool ride .....I know winter is upon you but to make you feel better its the second month of spring in NZ and we have had snow storms .....hows that for summer upon us!. Love the leaf shots

  7. Another fantabulous Kacey Trail Ride! I would have loved to see the log cabin shack. I bet it was rustic and maybe even spooky?

    Wa is such a good girl for letting you hold onto her tail and guide her up from behind across the slick trails. Walking in mud can be so treacherous. I'm glad you all made it home safely.


  8. Oh kac...I've finally been able to catch up! No desktop computer...the hard drive has been out for over 2 months and still not expected back for another 4 weeks, some kind of manufacturer prob they have to try to fix before they will replace it. The first month i didnt get it fixed due to the health problems I was me at so I can update u..anyway girl I have missed you sooo much and it was so good to read about all that has happened, your choice to stay where you are and how its just all fallen into place and everything! YEA! Call me or email me so we can catch up! <3 u! I'm trying to blog regularly again...but I hate this laptop! LOL

  9. I would have been so intent on finding that cabin, too! Sounds like a great ride. Looks like one of your friends was on a red dun? Big horse, it seems. Very nice.

    Someday, when I am up in Oregon again, I would love to ride with you and your Monday group!

  10. Fun day on the trails girl. Looks like fun.

  11. nice work on the tailing... ..saves both you and your equine... looks like you had a great adventure

    happy trails

  12. What a beautiful time of year it is in Oregon! My dad is there for a few weeks at thier condo in Bend. Not sure if that is near you.

    I was cracking up about you holding onto Wa tail to pull you up the hills!


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