Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Away with the mare and friends 2nd day

Though the day, our first whole day at the beach, was somewhat windy and grey sometimes.....
we liked it all the same! 
The morning was lovely...looking over the bay through the Calla Lillis.

 Then the riders started to groom and ready the mounts, for another time on the sandy shores.

It was a unique day for all of us riding. Jules and I, being veteran beach riders...know of the difficulties and sometimes, unusual behaviors our horse partners may display.
Like Rolling...horses sometimes find the deep, soft sand overwhelmingly inviting and are overcome with the erg to go down in it = and ROLL!
For our little 5 yr old paint, Willow, she really was uppity at times, like all our horses can be when they get their adrenaline going. Her human partner decided to not fight, but to do ground work on the way to the beach. It was more effective .

Other behaviors are a strong sense of  the-will- to-not- move -when confronted with the VAST VIEW OF THE OCEAN! You come over the top of the large, hilly sand dune- that is blowing with POP..a huge view of rolling movements and multi colors of blue white and green water far as the eye can see!

Big Sky here got "the stops" with the Maddy mare lead the way down the hill.

Once we hit the was nice to just chill out and stand. Jules enjoyed her mares willingness to do just we trotted and cantered in circles and patterns around  and about her, for a time.

I had my mare's pissy "I'm not going to focus attitude" I calmly  kept at it, till I could get a round bending circle and some serpentines. I just refused to look at her. She does feel my focus and the dead body stance of a- stare- at -the-head- rider. I chose not  react.. just tons of praise with the slightest effort and forward movement and ear stance. 
More movements for misbehaving and less for a willing mare!

The worse, in my opinion, issue on the beach though...Is The horse that gets dizzy in the waves!
This is not a chosen willfulness, by the horse, just a certain problem that many do have.
Willow Here...rocked somewhat sideways, as I looked on her and her rider once...

.... I have found that heading into the oncoming waves/and likewise, as they retreat, become vertical with them, by facing the direction they travel. Remaining Perpendicular...can mean...
 "Horse and Rider down" FAST. 
I have seen it happen, a few times, without damage...but a certain loss of confidence in both horse and rider will ensue.

We headed up the beach..I found it easier to stay a way
s away from the excited my mare so much that going towards the water was my training technique this soothed her and trotting in the moving waters made her think and have to work it out. It felt so neat to be so buoyant as well, her lifting her legs higher.
Jules had her Video cam camera on so maybe sometime...I will get to see us in and moving pictures too!
They began to canter up the beach, so I joined them, from where I was. 
I quickly got my camera out, and got them in a row!
After spending about an hour down at the beach, then went back for our delicious brunch.
 It works out nicely to take turns at the main meals on these trips. I made dinner Saturday eve.
We gave the horses a much needed break and brunch delight after ours, as well!

My mare just loves this beach grass

We also did something I had NEVER done...we watched

I found it quite hilarious for the terms and slogans they used..that were all true! Hours had passed and we werte a bit lulled and tired ..but rallied for a Sunset ride.
We  made a quick dinner and decided to have it on the beach-picnik style....
We rode out near sunset...the horses were in TOTAL and utter disbelief! It was cold and windy and we ate as fast as we could...

Jules stayed aboard Maddy mare and forwent the dinner...till later...we were all quite tired and dismounting just was not appealing to her.

 Wa mare..stood nicely near Willow, a new mare to her..too tired to fuss really.

We headed away and back towards was Coooolddddd, in the partially clouded sunset.

I decided then...that was all my mare would have to do this beach trip, instead of trying to ride before we left the next day.
Maddy and Jules...riding in the sunset of the Oregon Coast

Thanks Jules, for coming along for my special treat, making it even more special! 
Nice to ride with a group of dedicated, and devoted horsewomen too!
I look forward to meeting you on the trails this summer...yea


  1. Ahhhh, what a lovely day! and lovely pictures. Thanks for sharing:)

  2. Kacey!! What a beautiful, beautiful time at the beach. I just love the pictures. I still have yet to ride on the beach if you can believe that. :) I absolutely LOVE the sunset picture. It was so great to see you, dear friend....and yes, we need to ride very soon! I am doing good, if you can believe that!

    Sorry I didn't call you back, ugh! I got your message...but was at Jim's that evening...that front is going very well also. Lol!

    Let's get together, at least for even just breakfast again!


    Lots of love and hugs...

    Michelle and the kitties

  3. Oh and I need to have you over for a kitty fix!! :))

  4. Oh, be still my heart! I always loved a beach ride :)
    And your pics are beautiful as always. What an awesome getaway!
    The Calla Lilies are my fave. I have never seen them growing in the wild like that....

    Hugs to you and Wa! xo, misha

  5. 'repeat my comment yesterday', and like to add that I love what you did to that photo of your friends riding in a row on the beach. The black & white one with some colour. Love it!

    Hugs to you and your gorgeous mare

  6. oh just beautiful ....there is something so wonderful about beach riding. It really does give you a complete feeling of freedom. Your coastline is so like ours and I love the lillies. They were my flowers for our wedding....just gorgeous

  7. Oh, how awesome.. how wonderful!!! What it must be like to have such a great natural place to ride... all our shoreline is restricted from horse use. :-(

  8. Kacy - your photographs are wonderful. Your fellow riders must be grateful to have those pictures - especially the one of all of them cantering in a row! I hope they got some of YOU and Wa. Sounds like she was full of her TB self and it also sounds like you worked it out in the waves. Smart you!!! I long to feel that bouyancy kick in in the water like the Black Stallion movie! You are awesome, my friend! Rest and recover now!

  9. Oh, that looks like so much fun!

  10. Beautiful...thanks for sharing...

  11. So glad that you mentioned the frozen-horse phase and first ocean encounters. If anyone has had the pleasure of riding on the beach they know that the very first time the horse crests that dune and sees the ocean is an unforgettable experience. Wow!
    Your pictures and this post were lovely. Living here in Colorado is wonderful, but I really do miss the Pacific Ocean! Thanks for sharing!

  12. What fun Kac! I keep forgetting to a)bring my camera or b)I don't take it out. Just how good of a blogger am I? I did have a fab lesson yesterday tho', so I am happy in that regard! Sounds like ya'll had a ton of fun!!

  13. AGH! I replied to your comment, but on my blog again! I'm sorry. Really, I am missing my mind the most...

  14. What a fantastic experience! Your photos are gorgeous.

  15. Oooh! Such a beautiful, exciting, thrilling, and fun trip with the women and their horses!
    Does your friend who didn't want to dismount, have knee troubles, too? It looked like she was wearing a knee brace/wrap.

    Your photos were just stunning! I love the calla lily photo and the one of all threee horse running across the beach!
    A trip of a lifetime for most folks...and you do it all the time. So envious!


    word verification: distang

    What a mustang can run.....go the distang.

  16. HAHA!
    Liss, that word veri was hilarious!
    Jules has a "Cashel ankle safe" on. It holds all your essentials- should you become separated from your horse. use pockets of a vest or jacket...but now that it summer...almost...I will be getting one of those too.
    Jules was a bit sick and cold that night..we had some lemon drops earlier..and it soured her tummy...and having dinner on the dunes..,not such a bright idea..but now..memorable!( Still spittin' out sand and grit!)
    Thanks..I feel very blessed, to have all these places here to go to. Yea...the women I did not know..thought I was weirdo for always having my camera out...but not after they saw images of themselves-having fun!

    Terry~ Welcome and thanks so much. I LOVVVE going to the beach with the horses!

    Thanks Sydney...I like it larger...reminds me of the "Cliffs of insanity" behind her!

  17. You have awesome friends and awesome horses! What fun - I wish I could join yall. Thank you for sharing!

  18. Your beach photos are spectacular! You capture the essence of the horses and riders. I love the running one. What were those balls hanging when you came over the dune?

  19. Oh yes, the "stops". When we went beach riding one of the horses actually fell to his knees in the water because he got so dizzy... poor guy! I could tell Jasper was a bit discombobulated as well. It's so worth it though, adrenaline and all...

  20. ohhhhhhh a ride on the beach - jealous, very jealous!!
    - The Equestrian Vagabond

  21. Funder!
    I do love our horses...the gals really put effort into the proper traing and reppitions ...I rode someone elses a day ago...He pulled some pretty crappy crap on me off and Darted towards the other rider...her horse her off...then the third horse freaked...jumped into the brush...that was actually a drop off BOG!
    And cries for help ensued..scarey! We all really could have gotten hurt..and the horses, that ran away. The only thing that happened..that SHOULD have NOT...was I took a rider to the hospital... she hit her head falling off..(with out a helmet)Last time I ride with someone without a helmet...too close for comfort.
    And- LAST TIME I ride someone elses horse too!

    Thanks!! I do love to shoot large SD card!

    The Ball "A Trail Mark Post"..someone really nice made it for those of us that are riding/walking/ playing on the beach...and can not find the trail back...the wind sometime blows all tracks away...or the surf changes the can get easily lost down there! We were so happy to see it...though- the horses certainly were NOT, at first!

    It does take one keeping their head about things, to avoid mishaps...the thrill is great, I agree!Time in the moving water has helped Wa to think about what I am asking...instead of what the water is doing...finally...only took a few years..tehehe!

    Ahhh...I do know the feeling..I get it as well when I visit you!

  22. Hi Kacy,
    Making my rounds tonight....sorry I've been MIA. I miss my Chloe every time I go into the barn...sniff sniff. It's been hard around here without her. She was an awesome guard dog and herded the horses too for us. It's not the same. Looks like you had a great time on the beach! I LOVE the photos and my favorite one is the Calla Lilly! Looks like a great group! You're lucky you have other women to ride with...wish I did! Take care! Blessing...and thank you for your kind words. Luanne

  23. Such a great weekend...loved every minute of it. Such a great travel buddy and cherished rock Kac!

  24. Lu~ So glad to see you!
    I do know what you mean...when a loved one has been with you for so many years...and then the space goes empty... it is ROUGH.
    I actually almost asked about Elsie, again, as I was away at the beach and was talking to my husband. It will take time. They never will be replaced, yet I do know I need another little furry cat to bestow my affection on..even Charlie, the barn cat went missing...and is injured not know if he'll get the courage to be out at the barn again. he is on life 4 by now!

    Jules! Hi there my girlfriend. Thanks, I loved it too...really love you stable gals and was JUST thinking of the nice mind set of them too.
    I went again last wkend...very different..and taxing with a timid one...that actually had the BEST horse under her for a sound mind and willingness.... I came off the borrowed horse...and he spooked the other 2= we all had a harrowing fall, and that was the whole riding trip. We were all injured and sore.


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