Friday, June 25, 2010

Looking into a venture

When I found my new truck and got the loan for it,
( I almost said "her" there) I felt strangely confident. Promptly I came on home, got the the computer, and found the Secretary of States Business address and registered/ paid for- a business license for the name "Equine View Photography". 

Recently, I ordered some window decals, with the above photo on them, and a slightly different format with my "Allhorsestuff" blog spot as a way to reach me. 
The decal did not cost very much, so if I decide to change the contact info I may easily so. I just don't want weirdo's to call my cell, cause they saw me get out of my truck somewhere .

So, I am looking to create a photo journal, and or an Etsy site, or both- that may be reached from my Blog here. Just dabbling...and if you have how to's or suggestions...PLEASE....I am all interested in them~!

Back to the truck..and the way I almost called it- a 'Her". 
Do any of you name your vehicles?


  1. Good luck on your (ad)venture. Don't forget that such goings-on start slow, and then build up momentum.

    As for naming vehicles: I've had the "Bronze Bomber" ('73 Chevy PU), the "Gold Monkey" (oooold International Scout), and my current little New Holland tractor is "Babe" (as in the Blue Ox--can you guess what color NH's are?).

  2. John's truck is Blacky. (Its an old black truck). Mine is Hi-Ho (its silver) Hi-Ho would make you believe it does magnificent feats but alas... he has been a lemon since the day we got him, it seems (its a "he"). His only saving grace is he is paid for!

  3. All of our vehicles have names - Roy, Black Beauty (big black truck), Owen and Lal. My first car many years ago was called Vicky.

    Like the photography business - good luck with that project.

  4. Always name the vehicles. Right now, my car is granny (was my momma's car and that always irritated her when I called her granny), my truck is Big Grey. It fits. Plus, all my vehicles have always had a "car rock" inside somewhere. I was never sure why I did this, but I always have done it and I recently watched an episode of Mythbusters where they showed how to escape a submerged vehicle. Maybe that's how I can break glass?? Hmmm...not sure, but at least it's a good excuse to tell people. Plus, I just have always loved rocks.

  5. Good luck with your venture, I hope it works out for you.

  6. Great idea, kacy!
    One thing to check into is insurance. Here in Tn. if you put ANY KIND of sign on your vehicle which states you are a business (no matter if you are conducting bus. or not) you MUST have commercial insurance. The fine here is steep. So just check with your state's DMV.

    And yes, my truck is named Lily. Ford 150...she is Lily white! HA!

  7. When we bough our horse trailer it came with a decal that said, "Best Little Horse House in New Mexico"

    Hubby thinks it's weird, but I kind of like it. lol!

    Good luck and best wish with your new venture. I know you'll do well! Your photos are magnifico!


  8. Oh! ANd my first car was affectionatly referred to as "The War Wagon".

    I loved that little car. She carried me far. It was a dark green 79' Ford Pinto Station Wagon with the fake 'woody' sides. Oh!
    I was stylin! All I needed was some surf boards up on top! lol! lol!


  9. Vehicles and computers must have names. Our red Tacoma was the Red Menace, and its grey replacement is the Phantom Menace. Our little white Miata is the Smartie.

    Good luck with your business venture. I have also just started a business of my own doing data analysis...not nearly as fun as yours!

  10. Bought my big red Ford Diesel PU back in 2000. Love the truck. she pulls anything with ease. Her name is Nellie ... as in "whoa Nellie"! Not bragging, just saying.

  11. Hi Kacy! I hope you are doing well and I am pleased to hear that you're pursuing your photography. Watching your developing eye through your blog here has been a treat. I can't wait to see more and your continual progression.

    Hope WA and you are doing great. I have to catch-up.

    Wishing you the best!

    Happy Horsing,

  12. My license plate has EMA at the end of it, I have not changed my plate number in 25 years! So my vehicle is always Ema. (emma)

    People know me by that, and they'll say.. Hey, you must have been at the bakery yesterday, I saw Ema.

  13. Hi Kacy, I'm your "must ride Monday" partner's next door neighbor. My truck is affectionately referred to as the SS because it's as big as steam ship and about that hard to park. Love your blog and have been following it for quite awhile. Have a great weekend!

  14. My tracker was called "Green Girl" the new Jetta is "Lady D" for diesel.

  15. I LOVVVE reading all your names and, and thanks for answering too!
    Okay..thinkin' of a name for the Big White!

  16. Hi Kacy! Not sure if you got my return email, but count me in for any etsy help you need! I am so excited for you.

    Our old clunker Toyota was called "the buggy". Sadly, it had to be sold. Brian calls the minivan "the Vanigan".

  17. Oh how exciting! Good luck with your new business :-)
    We have a Landrover Defender that's called Bob. And a Range Rover that we call 'the plane', because it takes hours (well not really, but it feals like hours) to fill it up with fuel.
    Bob is my favourite. Although the Range Rover is very comfortable, it's a tad too chic for me. It took me ages to feel 'at home' in it. We also call her Gretl, because the GPS is in German for some weird reason. Or the only other option is English, but then it thinks that you're driving on the left side of the road and that can be very confusing. Anyway. I'm curious what you'll be calling your truck ;-)

  18. who DOESN'T name their vehicles? All mine (after my first car, "The Orange Bomb") have been named Alex. second one was named after Alex Van Halen, LOL. the next two were just named Alex. I have another truck now, and he doesn't have a name yet! Waiting to earn one, I suppose.
    I sell my photos and barbed wire on my photography website, www.TheEquestrianVagabond, and on the sidebar of my blog, I show a collage of the barbed wire with a link back to my webpage where you can buy them. When I put something on Etsy, I put a link to it in the blog.
    - The Equestrian Vagabond

  19. Good luck on your venture! Sounds exciting!

    My truck's name is Black Betty...or just Betty. :D


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