Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Differance

(my sis wanted to know if she should come back to the trail..or jump brush later)

The cool difference, new thing - that WAS unusual for the last ride  is that :
my sister wanted me to feel the way my new bareback pad felt.
So,  half way into the ride, we traded steeds.
CONGRATS TO "EVENSONG" for correctly noticing first...cause she was first! others got it too '~'

 I had loaned her the pad to try out firstly, cause I really wanted to see how she liked it.
 (Things like this help during the holidays and gift giving)

After she got on Wa mare, she decided that selling her Cashel "Soft Saddle"(the one I use on Wa mare normally) years prior, was a good thing. She likened it to A SUPER LONG MAXI PAD- between your legs.
I mean, we were hooting it up, over the AIR under her legs, between her and Washashe mare. Granted the mare does this twisting motion to the tends to shift one to the left.
But most the photo's..she was really spread out!

I really thought it so cool to get to see my mare in action, under another rider!

Then, my sis did the unthinkable....oh my...answered the phone!!

Good mare Washashe...just stood patiently by, I mean, I have her trained for phototaking...

I try (unless it's my mother) to NEVER answer the phone on kinds breaks up the still , calm and peace of why I ride

Okay...finally, thats over...lets get on with it!

Have a great weekend all!


  1. Phones????? Never take one! They are a handy thing, but as you say they interrupt a good ride. Besides, who the hell would I want to talk to when out riding, other than the horse?

  2. I really think I am selling my natural ride now and getting me a thinline. If you know anyone interested, comes with a free neoprene cinch, western stirrups and has been very well cared for other than some white horse hairs on the bottom.

  3. Oh how fabulous to see you guys out enjoying the nice weather and I had a good laugh at the idea of the riding pad being like a maxi pad ....hahahah. I'm interested to know how your mare goes in the bitless bridle. I would love to try one out but haven't seen any for sale here.
    Oh and you think I have a different accent!! ....I think yours is cute

  4. OH, nice pictures! phones, I can't use one here, we live in a hollow and nothing much works down here. Wish it did, it would be nice to have one just in case of an accident.

  5. Well, at least she stopped and pulled over to answer the phone. I had a lady pull away from the side of the road at the most dangerous intersection in town while talking on a cell phone today, and she pulled right into the oncoming lane in front of me! When she saw my headlights coming at her she jerked her car back into her lane, but I did have to brake hard to avoid hitting her. I'd hate to see a horsey head-on from riders talking on cell phones. Hee hee.

  6. Love the expression on Wa's face when your sister's on the phone. She can hardly beleive it. I like phones for safety.

  7. The main reason I carry a cell phone*aside from an emergency call from my mother* is for an emergency on the trail ride-which I HAVE HAD SOME!
    I used the Cell to call ahead, when the mares ran off after I got dumped 2 months ago, to name the last time it came in very handy!

    Next on the thin line-Pros/Cons
    I may know someone who wants that...I will check and see!

    I guess being Countries apart...we both have accents!
    I'll come by and give you a link to a neat bitless article..and tell you more of what I think of mine too.

    Terry- yea, she kinda is getting used to it and knows to make a face and hang~

  8. Kacy- I have it up on e-bay with a few extra goodies.
    I decided to go the e-bay way since I've already had like 3 e-mails just from me mentioning it on your blog post here LOL! Send the link along I am taking best offer for it.

    Hopefully it can go to a good useful loving home rather than the life of collecting dust at the bottom of my trunk along with the extra goodies.

  9. Gotta take the phone on rides... Heaven FORBID something bad should happen. You want to be able to get a hold of someone!...But I keep it turned off.

    I did a horsey post today,so you can see my guy.

    Will do a rescue post soon!

  10. Hello :)
    Thank You for visiting my blog. I love awards! and would be honored to get another.

    Your mare is beautiful. I can tell by her face that she has a wonderful disposition! I see that you also use a Nurtural bitless bridle. Griffin and I have absolutly fallen in love with ours. I think we are well on our way to never riding with a bit again!

    Even though Grif isn't a "fancy" horse, I think of him like a family member. I have never been able to understand people who only have horses so they can compete in a specific discipline. In my eyes, it seems like they are missing out on so much more. Sometimes I even pity them :(

  11. I never answer on the trail - turn the sound off. If the world needs me that desperately then I should have a security escort!

    I carry it, though, just in case.

    You know what's neat about seeing someone on your horse - they don't fret about the things you fret about. It can be very freeing.

  12. Karen!
    Hi again,
    neat, will come on by and read! Thanks for the "heads up" on it too...

    Thehe! I did chuckle somewhat...on your comment on "disposition" She has a true "MARE" one! Should have seen her today in full season... I changed my mind on WHAT I was going to try today!But thanks!

    I chose you for the award because of EXACTLY THAT sentiment you wrote! I could tell we were kindred spirits, about the horse and experiences with them.

    Yea, WHO is that important to have to answer when upon a horse...The only thing I wanna say...should I answer is:(the original Old Spice commercial voice)-
    "Im On A Horse!"

    YES, seeing someone else ride her...I was thinking that, as I rode along happily upon Pantz mare...who cares NOT if she is in the back or the front. It was good for Wa to experience someone else's remedy to her fears/anxieties. I need to break out of some of "conditioned responses"! We could be trading more- in future!
    Something else that will be good for my to feel the mares responce to bitless and then we'll go with a bit. Should be interesting!

  13. looks like a fun day for you
    makes me want to go riding

  14. Hello! And thank you so much!!!

    I’ve visited your blog a few times already. I think if you click “follow” at the top of my blog’s page, you will still get what you need…but if it does not work sufficiently, send me a quick note and I’ll add the gadget.

    My sister gave me my TB also, but post humus.
    (It’s a story I’ll probably include when I do Dreamer’s page.)

    I’ve loved the pictures of you both riding and the horses greeting each other! It is so awesome that you both have that. The new place where you are looks beautiful.

    I noticed the bitless bridle on your TB.

    It is a pleasure to read your site!


  15. It's so nice that you and your sis got to ride out together and switch steeds. Glad someone guessed the answer too. Here's hoping you have some more lovely rides together soon.

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. HI, Thank You, sorry-- clicking my sister's photo will get you more info.


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