Friday, November 12, 2010

Getting to know you~ Part 1

"Winter  turnout mode" is about to be in full swing at the this means, every other day turn out. And only 2 of the 7 turnout fields will be used.
On the days horse stay in, they have the open stall and covered patio with 150 foot breezeway runs into their own private forest.
So Wa mare has to buddy up and we chose Theo, her next stall  neighbor gelding.

Wa mare and he  have spent the last month...about this close in turnouts.

So his owner and I decided to ride out together, to assimilate them a bit more...and boy did we luck out with the day!!!

It was really C-o-l-d, but bright and sunny!

Theo is a blessing...he almost died a month ago. It is still undetermined why he coliced the second night Wa was there..but he got cast in his stall...from rolling...Wa spent the night outside..we know, for all her poos were out there!
The stable owner, and many others litterally- saved his life- the vet had him scheduled to be put down..due to it not looking too good...and the owner of the stable said," NOPE...lets do more for him" and Theo was willing.
 It was tough going for a few weeks...but he has gotten a clean bill of health, and His lovely owner is thankful and I too, for the stable owners diligence and patience to support and encourage healing. We have an awesome group of folks and I praise God for allowing me to come here too...
"Pinching" myself still.

Theo is quite happy to bring up the rear of any trail ride...he lead for a short time, and Wa mare relaxed in the back.

We had the occasion to ride under a Red tailed he took ain a lofty view of us humans, astride horses.

Falls bounty was everywhere this day

We took a short  6 mile ride, out and back became very Misty and chilly, as we rode along by one of the ponds

Heading on back...mist grew heavier and so thick...we culd not see far along the roadway

I really wanted to ride side by side...but Theo was wary, and this was about the only time he would try, on the road home

Then he lagged back again, which always is fine with Wa mare...being the Trail Boss Hoss (self appointed leader) we practiced calmly waiting, every so often

She really was sleepy looking(and happy) in this shot!

Taking the hill home, Theo and his partner make it back through the misty Autumn day, having accomplished a nice ride together with my mare and me

I love the way the barn aisle way is, at the far end of the stable...looks as though you are standing in the evergreens!

My mare does her happy debriefing yawns...every time, she does this yawning ritual- before and after a ride! comes the second part of the days goal...

~INTRODUCING Wa and THEO for turn out~

Be back soon, to share...
my man and I have an anniversary to enjoy...In  the "Oregon Gardens". We are staying in the resort that was  built nearby.... and will be celebrating 21 years of wedded bliss!
Yeeha, I am amazed how time flys!

I shall leave you with visions of later in the day, after I left the stable...wooo, look at those skies!

 A resident hummer, taking advantage of some energy, before dark

And a rose, my husband has nursed along...showing us love

Have a good weekend all!


  1. How fantastic to reach such a wonderful milestone in your relationship......Hope you have a wonderful time sharing love and memories of the past years together with your man.xx
    Just loved the photo essay of the ride out in the chilly air. So glad Wa mare has the company of such a fine horsey friend. He looks like a dude.....hope the turn out together goes well. How lucky to be in such a wonderful barn

  2. That ride was just the ticket! Cheered me up no end! I have managed to contract the dreaded "Man-flu"! So I feel like s*** but I`m sure as a man I`ll get through! Ha!

  3. Beautiful photos! Glad he's doing so well - he looks happy and healthy, and good of Wa mare to do such a fine job as "trail boss"!

  4. Kacy - you have found a great barn. What a wonderful story about the care of Theo. He is a lovely horse. Wa is a good friend for him. I am excited to hear how their turnout together went. You and Wa in that one photo - Wow! I love that - can't remember - is that a Rambo half sheet? It matches your helmet cover. You two are decked out! Theo probably doesn't want to ride beside you because of all the stripes!
    Happy, happy anniversary to you and sweet husband! Have a terrific getaway celebrating. Love and Hugs from me and the boys and all my family here!

  5. Glorious ride - I love the mist! That dark sky and leaf one was fabulous, but I always like the view through the ears as though I'm riding,too. I see you have an ear in your new Header. Happy Anniversary!

  6. Heartfelt congratulations on your anniversary. It's wonderful to share life with someone you love.

    150' runs! Wow! That's almost as good as turnout! Noone around here has runs like that. What a great barn. And the people there care, and that is huge.

  7. I am so happy for you! New friends, a beautiful barn, good care for Wa... you deserve all these good things!

  8. I love your trail rides! Your descriptions of the horses' reactions and your surroundings make it seem all so real. And congrats on the anniversary!

  9. Congratulations on your anniversary! What a wonderful story about how everyone went to battle to pull Theo through.

  10. That sounds like a marvelous ride! I loved all your pictures and was waaay jealous! :)


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