Saturday, November 6, 2010

Visiting Ponies

Oh, it was too sweet last week, when my sister came to visit.
We gave the horses time to catch up, as well, look at them!

I went over to our old barn and picked up Pantz firstly...drove her and my sissy to my new Stable - saddled up....
well.... now that we have discovered that= BOTH our saddles= have been determined to not fit...we bareback padded up!
she has a fleece one that had to suffice. She cut out a piece of Rust suede material out, to put on top for more grip and protection.
I was just itching to take her around my new pathways and roads and such.
Here, we discover yet another pond...on the 350 acres. There has to be 7 or 8..maybe more , on these privately owned "Oasis Acres"!

It was a bright and cloudy day, and supposed to rain and storm for the next 7..oou..quick, we got on and rode!

Pretty Pantz mare are all going to get tired of this view...a fave of mine!

We just did a quick spin around the closest lands, of the privately owned property, right from the stable.

My mare's Thermography apt last Friday rendered images of -Striation of the muscles- on Wa's ham strings, from over extension in her fall ( 2 months ago) So, only walking do we get to do for like 3 more weeks.
Miriah, my Equine therapist, had  just gotten back from BEND Oregon, where
one of her classes on dissection of an equine.
Miriah now has "NEW" Vision on muscle attachments and much more!

That's fine with me, the walking....though before the apt, I took her out and we did do some uphill trotting...ooops.
Well, I figured, since this apt got cancelled once and then, happened this much later...everything I have done either has prolonged or helped... I rather think it may have helped me to know- DON'T BE PUSHING HER!

She has told me so much through the other  therapist's work on her, and through me- just watching her move- as I have "free lunged" her a few times only.
So, our healing continues, walking only.
BUT-I found her with mudd up to her tits the other day and asked the PBO what area has that much mudd?? She thought I was upset with, as mudd  is such a fact of life here in Oregon.
I  just can't  have a frantically running/sliding mare at this point.
 I failed to tell her that WA needed to be contained  in her actions, since the paddock she has been turned out since we arrived, was next to the barn and she was so calm, I didn't see the need.
 The next day, a working day for me, Washashe  had been turned out in a new field, and was a bit frantic. The horse in the front field next to hers, gets to be taken in before her.
I got to see these sliding, muddy stops and galloping myself, the other day, when I went to retrieve her from that field. It is what she does when she is upset, it's normal...but right now, not good.
 We are on the same page now, Barn owner and me....communication- a wonderful invention!

I have also kept from group rides...which causes the mare to become competitive and collected sometimes- which uses exactly the muscles she needs to rest.

 I am dying to ride with my riding bud Jules...but, as she has told me several times that Maddy mare has been rearing to go and run, each time she has gone out.. I know that it may be a while longer for us to ride.
I again, went to retrieve my sissy and her mare- just Wednesday-
LOOK AT THIS stormed for 6 days, in between her visits from the coast.
THEN, this week 70 degrees and perfectly sunny!

I ordered a new Bareback riding pad.
 After much research and wanting something a bit more refined and closer to the horse. I decided on the "THIN LINE" pad.
The technology is great and if I am right on the horse what better way to distribute concussion and heat...diagonally, instead of vertically. I let my sissy try it out first this day.
I really like the anti microbial, non slip material, that is on the horse. PLUS, the girth is the same, with these perfectly placed rings for a breast collar in front, and pack for the back!

Awe, the mares, they were really kissy face~

They were pleased to be together, as we were, this fine day!

Stopped at the pond crossing for a drink~

Then, something unusual, different and new occurred...and if you can figure it out, visually so...

First one to get it right, gets the cool prize~
 a POSTER FROM JULIETTE, coming to YOU or an EQUINE NECKLACE charm of your horse from Tara at Five'oClock Somewhere
(NOTE: Previous winners may guess, but this is for others,  that have never won a contest here before)( "~' )

As we started to ride again, I noticed very cool!!!

As we stood, to look closer at the Beaver's handy work towards a home....

We both heard a chirping noise, just behind us, in another body of water. We turned to look, but bubbles is all we could detect.

Onward and forward we rode, into the gorgeous sunlight and warmth

Funny how- the last pony on the trail, always keeps and ear out for anything that may come from behind!

Around and about we strode...into the light, and into the wondrous views~ of these "Oasis Acres"!

We went through many newly formed water spots on the way

I always try to head directly through the middle of any water puddles...
At first, a few years ago, I met with resistance from the mare...and the threat to jump or carry me far too closely near an edge, to avoid the wet spots. Now, she  reads my mind, through body intent, and heads for the center.

As many of you may recall this summer, while riding another's horse at the beach, I had a tumble OFF his he flung himself over a less than 2 ft wide puddle.
He misread my intensions and it ended up badly for all of us that day.
 That action from him is EXACTLY WHY I train my mare to disreguard puddles and to THINK and refer to me, over having to make her own way through a trail ride.

Follow me, I am the leader! 

We determined that Wa mare felt even better than the previous weeks ride. She appeared to be stepping up and under, and her hips moved evenly so.
I know that time and patience, every third day massages and stretches I have as homework, has done wonders...and, I am sure that the "Joint wafer treats" I started 2 weeks ago, have made this difference as well.

She has retained a nice "sole callus, for having her Easy Walker shoes on for the summer. Only was slightly ginger footed on these rocks, but not bad at all!

 This tree farm land is owned by one of my clients, I  JUST found out..and is another 350 acres- to add to the arsenal of riding options!

Homeward bound we went...back across the new stream below the stable.

Then we get ready to dismount for the last 50 yards....

....we see a brightly colored object, growing on a stump.
Oou, very cool and festively appropriate this Autumn, and month of Thanksgiving!

Bye- bye my sissy..untill you get back to Portland...I'll be riding out, by myself and strengthening the mare.

Have fun today everyone, and if you did not quite figure  out what the differance was -in the post...just wait a little while.
 I have video to post should clear things up,
quite a bit!


  1. I wasn't sure at first what the contest was--were we to figure out what caused the bubbles in the beaver pond?
    But your last line cued me to look for a "difference" and I think I may have spotted it: Did you and your sis trade horses?? Is your Sis riding the Was mare?
    That's my best guess...

  2. Dr Deb is great. I have learned so much from her.
    I'll have to look into that new bareback pad of yours, looks cool and comfortable.
    Glad your mare is healing well.
    Hope she's up for a ride with Maddie soon!

  3. I am guessing you switched the horses. I mean who can take pictures of your sister on wa right?

    Good thing shes healing. Oh how I wish I was closer I would love to go on rides with you.

    I have used thinline pads but I want to check out that bareback pad. I have a natural ride bareback pad I am sorta kinda ok with but its not wide enough for my wide loads.

  4. Yup that's my guess too. Pantz and Wa mare traded riders !

    Beautiful views Kacy. I'm so glad you are happy at this place.

  5. Beautiful pictures, you have the nicest places to ride. Sounds like nice weather too, ours has started to turn cold and dreary.
    Rode yesterday in the indoor arena at the stable, so nice, wish I had one!

  6. What a wonderful place to ride! If we had more places like that to ride around here I think I could get all my boys to ride with me:)

  7. I know how much you enjoy a visit from your sissy! Hard to pick a favorite photo today, but I'll opt for the one of Pantz and Wa with heads together looking down the tree lined trail. Wonderful! That fungi is pretty special, too. Glad Wa is recuperating. Thanks for taking me along again...

  8. What stunning photos. Thanks for taking me along on your ride.

  9. Wonderful pictures! Wish Pie and I could join you!

  10. I love the photo of the mares looking down the gorgeous trail! Thank you for linking to my posters and having this fun contest!!! I have no idea what is different in the photo - I do think Pantz mare's muzzle looks white, but maybe that is her color?!? Anyway, what fun! Thanks again! So happy you and your sissy and your mares were able to ride all together again!

  11. Evensong!!!

    Very astute, and very correctly noticed.
    I thought to try to fool everyone and try to hide it better. Like talking about how It was "too cool to have photos of my mare finally" ..or something.
    YOU deserve the prize!

    I appreciate your coming to visit and your freindship and THAT is why I did not put anything in my as NOT to TIP anyone to COMING BY TO JUST ENTER.
    I like someone to come on by because they want to!

    Yea, after going to her site to get the link...I'm going back to read up...she has done some World Class Studies!Thanks, yes..the down time and therapies, seem to have givin the mare healing. We are almost there. The Thermography REALLY showed us the "area of injury" though.
    A yea, I have NOT ridden with any of the barn people yet..though I have been invited.

    Sydney~ was sure fun to actually SEE MY MARES WHOLE BODY!
    WHAT are you talking...wide loads?? huh?
    Well, I thought I loved my Soft Saddle...and I do for long rides...cushy! But, after riding in it and then on the New "Thinline" sister sums it up as so:
    "Riding the Cashel "Soft Saddle" is like hainvg a MAXIPAD-SUPER LONG between your legs, and riding the "Thinline" is almost second skin to the horse".

    You too got er!
    And with my new stable...
    I am PINCHING myself still, at being here, at this new place that seems like a second home almost for the mare!(first home would be right with me)

    Oh our weather has been dreary..this was just an odd fluke- that I was able to get a day off to ride AND the sister came to town.
    Ooou your ride in the arena sounded neat, hope you post on that!

    I am surprised you don't...but I guess I was on the wait list for almost 2 years to be here...cause I KNEW it was kinda special. You dohave excellent places, I have seen them, but you must trailer out. Still a blessing!
    Yea, something about the ease of getting to the spots would have a boy on a horse= quicker!

    Always so nice to see you.
    It is so hard to have my sissy leave,each time. But soon I pray, she will stay and become a Portlander again.

    I always love to share...and you can come with us, on one of yours too!

    Meee too Kate~!
    You would become my favorite riding buddy-with how delightfully contained PIE is...I always need someone that has a horse that is NOT as hot as mine...or mine refers to the hottest only...and is reflective of that nature!
    AND, no doubt, I'd get to pick your brain as we rode...without paying for a lesson!

  12. I just love your beautiful photos. The one with the horse's heads together, looking down the tree-lined road, is truly art. You should exhibit it.

    I am so glad the new place is working out for you so well.

  13. I love that 5th picture down with the two mares looking down the trail ahead. You really should frame that. Anyway, I'm sure Wa will heal quickly with the good care she's getting. It was so nice you and your sis got to ride out together again. It looked like the girls enjoyed being together too.

    As for a difference in the pictures, I would guess you switched horses, their manes are on different sides or maybe a fish jumped out during their drink. I have no idea.

  14. I just love the area you get to ride in.

    I don't use a bareback pad - I usually just go completely commando :) However, it might be nice to use one once in a while (and cut down on the amount of laundry I have to do) and it might be a little more comfortable on our longer rides.

  15. I meant wide load horses, as in my horses are all a wide/x wide tree/saddle. The natural ride is a great bareback pad, just not for my wide load horses backs.

  16. Thank you Kacy! I just happened to be in the house (between getting-ready-for-winter chores) when you post came up! And even after I decided what I thought was different, I kept second-guessing myself.
    Now I have to decide what I want...I'm not usually a jewelry person, but some of Tara's are really pretty! The posters are cool, too.
    Ummm..decisions, decisions! (I'll pm you when I make up my mind, to find out how to "redeem" my prize.)

  17. Again I loved to be part of your trail. How cool is it that your sister and Pantz came over for a ride and to see your horses being real friends. Love it!

    The only difference I noticed was that you and your sister exchanged horses ;-) But I'm not sure if you meant that. (I'm not entering in your competition though. It's far too expensive to send fantastic prizes over to our part of the world.)

    (And the puddle thing is exactly why I try to train my horses to walk over weird stuff like plastic. So they learn to trust me when I tell them it is alright and safe.)


  18. Hi you visited my blog and left me qa comment, so I figured I'd check your blog out...Sounds like you had a fun ride! I wish we had THAT much land to explore! Just a little jealous...Glad you had a good time and got to ride with your sister. Wa is beautiful, as is your sister's horse!

  19. Grey HM~
    thanks...for the laugh too!

    You will just have to try it out, the bareback pad ride...the thinline is a goodie, as it is proven to reduce vertical concussion to YOUR back and the horses!

    I'm so glad you came by and you won this...
    The gifting from Tara-it would be the "Scrabble piece" necklace photo-charm. You'd pick the photo...send it to her.
    Let me know anytime...then I will prepay them~

    Well, I'd do it in a heart beat..if you'd won!

    Hi there Mare~
    Thanks for stoppin' in over here too. I love to meet people with horses in common...then you find out- how much more- you have in common too!

  20. The cement- Most of our barnyard is actually cement. It's great because our horses don't have to be hock deep in mud in the wet seasons.
    However the "raised" cement is an old silo foundation, remnants of what used to be a wooden silo that fell down about 20 years ago. It's useful not only as a mounting block, but entertainment and a place to put grain down so my horses are always eating near ground level. See in this picture If you type in silo in my blog search you will see theres a video too in one post.

  21. As always, awesome pics, thanks!

  22. Your trails are just so beautiful. We went out on a ride this morning... chilly enough for winter coats and gloves.

  23. KK, the girls look good! Keep us posted as to how you like the Thinline. It looks like something I'd be interested in as well!

    Very pretty there at your new place. And how cool there are beavers around!

  24. oh the pics are awesome! :)
    Very curious about that thin line...I added it to my list wish :)

  25. Wonderful pictures loved it. Thanks for sharing the post. Keep posting.


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