Saturday, November 13, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday Natural Cavallettis

For more on the shadow scene...please visit "HEY HARRIET"!


  1. So beautiful Kacy. Is that from your old barn or new? You have the prettiest country lanes to ride on with sweet Wa.

  2. Nice header ... first the eyes, but I'll bet we'll see more ear shots now!

  3. I know a silly horse that would jump those shadows just like cavalletti!

  4. Ha!
    Funny thinng is....there's another ear...I mean, you know that..!... the photo for the "HEADER" I took on purpose- cause the fog was soooooo cool..blogger will not put the whole photo in the header!!! So, its become this abstract thing. Ha !

    This Cavalletti shadow is at the new place

  5. Nice shadow shot! Thanks for coming by our blog too! I used to be an equestrian for many years; raising, training, showing, teaching. Main loves were my Morgan horses, but we had a Palomino Quarter Horse, a Standardbred Pacer, an albino/Appaloosa, and a grey Thoroughbred, among our many equine pals. I say I traded horses for huskies at this point in my life, but I love them both! Yours are beautiful! I'm now following both of your blogs. Hope you'll come by and visit again soon!

  6. What a wonderful photo of the natural caveletti's. Did you and Wa jump them?

  7. Fivesibemom~
    So very glad we met through the SHADOWS! I too will be a visiting you!

    Lori ~ thought you'd appreciate

    This was a day that my sissy and I traded, she just walked them, this time!

  8. That's lovely! I was going to add your link to Mr Linky as you had asked but see that you've already added it. All good then! I hope you have a super week ahead :)


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