Saturday, November 20, 2010

Just a fun ol' day..waiting for snow

I finally got to go see the mare today..and we had a canter in the sun...first canter in 2 1/2 months!

We've been hole up inside, either working or waiting the storms out...really nasty weather these past days.
And now, the snow is visible in the foothills and is forcasted for this weekend.
After out canter...we walked on home through lots of new water puddles the storms left behind.

 I put a really cool application on my phone I may keep track of the weather easily...
Look at this photo...and then check out the application..(It's us!)

Fun stuff!!
As I left the stable tonight, the Full moon was peering over the horse trailers in the driveway and  the fir tree tops, really beautiful!
Have a God day!


  1. Hey that is a cool phone app! Glad you got out to canter...I feel like I was right there with you! Happy weekend!

  2. All great videos! I heard the music by Eva Cassidy!

  3. Oh, to have those TRAILS!!! what a beautuful part of the country to trail ride in. I'm jealous.

  4. Thanks for taking me along for the ride! Wa mare seemed to be having as much fun as you are! It's cold here today, weather bug says 34. Yesterday was bitter, too. But really, we've been lucky so far. Every nice day is one less winter day.

  5. Ooooo...what a nice canter your Wa sweetie gave you - and after so long. What a good girl she is. You live in glorious country my dear friend! Cool weather app.

  6. Wow what a wonderful canter. I bet she can fly if you let her !!

  7. Great post and cool phone app demo!
    You are awesome to video while cantering - I'm putting that on my list of goals :)

  8. Your cantering video was much better than mine! Maybe I should have been holding the camera instead of having Bill film me :)

    The horses are gone for the winter now, and my heart's a little broken, so keep up with the videos so I can at least ride virtually with you :)

  9. oh wow thats very clever of you to video while cantering. Wa mare has a bit of speed in those hooves. you were getting along at a great clip.
    Eva Cassidy ....wasn't she just the best. I have all her cd's .....just love her version of fields of gold.
    Awesome phone thingy ma jig was that your current temperature? on the screen. Thats getting cold. we are sitting 23C. Its hotter out of the wind.....he only bummer is we are getting low water tanks already.
    Stay warm and I might have to try the canter clip.....could be a laugh


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