Monday, November 22, 2010

THANKFUL for Snowy rides!


  1. Pie and I have plans to do the same! Love the ears!

  2. Fun!! Wa is so shiny - she looks great, and especially comfortable sporting her ear-ware :)

  3. I'm trying to decide if this is trick photography or if Wa is really wearing that ear covering! If so, I believe she might be mortified... Happy Thanksgiving to you and Family (both human and animal).

  4. Kate~
    Yea..YOU ARE and Intrepid Rider! I love it too! I am so happy that you finally have Pie.
    The Ears I love for the Wind and cold times~

    She has been so silky these days...above the belly...below-caked mudd! She does sport the ears well, thanks!

    I LOVE that profile pic!!

    HAHA! No trick, jsut another one of my well equipt rides!

    Against some popular belief, WA likes her ear coverings... in the wind and snow times of trail riding...she never tries to get them off!

  5. You need to add little white pom-poms (or dare I say it, jingle bells) to the tips!
    You can have our snow, thank you very much. Come to think of it, it's blowing pretty much horizontally in your direction, so it may be on it's way!
    Stay warm!

  6. Kac! I'm so sorry I haven't visited...but it's so nice to see Wa all ready for winter. Beautiful snow! Where is your new barn again? Is that Colton? Wa is so pretty with her red ear warmers. :) Miss you! We will have to get together soon even if for a morning breakfast sometime.

    I've been riding here and there. Went on my first official ten mile endurance ride with a girl named Princess. I had great fun!

    We will talk soon! Hope all is well. Ready for a new kit kat? :)


    Michelle and the kiddies :)

  7. I'm not ready for the snow yet...may have some by Friday. What a fabulous coat Wa shiny!

  8. That photo would make a nice Christmas card.

  9. Love the ear muffs! Tell me, is that real snow, or was there a machine pumping it out?Lol.

    Nice stuff!

  10. LOL.. that mare is spoiled :-)

    I am SO envious of your trails. Yes I know I've said that already.

  11. Besides warding off flies, I guess those work as ear muffs too, huh? Cute!!

  12. Thank you for the pictures...I am missing my barn days right now...and the snow :)


  13. Hope you keep your snow to yourself. I'm just not ready for it yet, there's a thousand things to do around the barn to get ready for winter. Love the Santa ears, pom poms would be awfully cute. Your header collage is awesome. Happy Thanksgiving.

  14. Snuggly - earred Wa and you in snow! So perfect for the coming season!

    I hope you are getting my emails to the KK(number) email!

  15. When I lived in Alaska, a friend of mine in the PNW and I noticed that whatever weather I had in Alaska, usually hit Seattle and Portland 1-2 weeks later, even if it had turned to rain. Alaska had an ice storm Monday. Please be paying attention to the weather the next couple weeks and stay safe!


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