Sunday, October 26, 2008

Thoroughbreds in the woods

This Fall is still hanging on, offering us warmer days and tons of gorgeous riding adventures!
Meet Vinnie, a leggy Thoroughbred.
His little rider is introducing him to trails. She brought him to the beach last summer as well. He is taking it like a champ..from two other Thoroughbreds..My Mare Washashe,the shcoolmaster mare my friend Leases.
While tacking up, my mare got wind of an non-existent friend said it was a cow next door...but man, she had Vinn kinda excited about it too. So we mounted across the street instead of trying to cross it this time with wacked horses.

It was a lovely ride with no strange incidents...saw footprints of a walker, so I blew my whistle plenty of times while coming into clearings and such.
This time..I decided to try to get into the shot...I placed the camera on a tree brantch,set the timer..and tried not to spook the horses tripping back over to them- in the 10 seconds I had!

Look at Vinnie's ears..!! He was pensive with me crashing round inbetween trees!

A very nice day in the woods with my mare having to be calm with a nervious highblower behind her this time! She did well all in all, only crow hopped once to warn him not to get close enough to touch!


  1. Glad to hear that our west coast neighbors down south are getting similar weather pattern. It has been lovely here! Last October was the shits, so I feel like we deserve it.

  2. What an amazing day! I wish I could have joined you.

  3. Wow that TB boy has a set of legs alright! How tall is he? Looks like a sweetheart though.

    Bet you guys had a blast!!! Love trail riding in the fall... smells great out there doesnt it?

  4. Yea, DP, we too have been very much enjoying it all this way-this time!

    M MOM, Hi! Yea, he is so a new born, he still has to do the foal stance "one leg out" in front, if he tries to eat onlevel ground!
    I think he is over 17 hands.
    Her is the sweetest of sweets..saved with a surgery from Colic.

  5. You're adventures look so fun, I'm jealous!
    Nice to know of another colic surgery survivor- what's his story?

  6. Wow. What a great day out on the trails. I'm glad you had such a fun time :)


  7. Denise,
    Well The leggy Mr. Vinnie was bought by Alicia and another gal for the bargin price of just over
    $ 1,ooo from a woman that bought him off the track for her daughter ...that was unable to manage such a large horse.

    After they got him, Vinnie colic'd...went to surgery and the other part owner gal said- that she could NOT pay more for him so Alcia paid the surgery price and owns him now...
    He has gained much a nervous nellie in a stall..he weaves and she realy wanted a "Pasture Board" situation like mine...but feeding time, he take3s his time(like all night) to, Patsture with another and 20 minutes to eat your grain...won't do! So he is inside and does weave most nights..looking at the other horse next to him...


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