Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Watery Wednesday

On the drive to a favorite riding spot called Silver Creek falls- we had horses in tow, but decided to stop for our cup-o-java in the nearby township of Silverton.

As they brewed our caffeine delights and warmed our chosen baked delicacies for the final 15 minute drive to the lush trail system, I stepped out to a sky walk bridge that showed the buildings perched just above the lower Silver creek. The town of Silverton is quaint with it's historic buildings and Victorian beauties.
This wonderful waterway behind the buildings was enchanting with
the hues of gold above. It gave us the proper send off to meet with the rest of the group from CTRF.(Christan trail riders fellowship)
We had a glorious time riding in the lush rain forest type setting for the end of season.
For more watery views from around the world click the Water Wednesday logo at the top!


  1. Wow This is so beautiful place!
    Very nice shot.

  2. WOW very pretty! Love the colors

  3. What a lovely scene, and I like the splash of yellow leaves!

  4. Whoa! Now, that's a beautiful shot - I love the waterway & the colors of the leaves just sets off the whole scene! Fantastic shot!!!

  5. I'm so glad I could finally get caught up with you!!! Sounds like you have been having a good time!!!! I still havent had the chance to ride its been so crazy busy around here, in fact haven't had a chance to do ANYTHING with them at all! :-(
    Glad things are well!

  6. so so beautiful!
    umm coffee and baked yummies sounds perfect about now.

  7. I love Silverton! We've talked about moving there in the past, but it's a bit far from Lake Oswego to be practical for us.

  8. That is a very restful scene, nicely composed into a lovely photograph. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Great shot. The color of those leaves is a perfect setting for that water and puts in mind what a great ride that must have been.

  10. This was a great post and a very interesting blog!


  11. What a beautiful spot! I think I went to Silverton once. I lived in Portland for a very short time when I was about 20 (oh my that was such a long time ago!). I got out and about quite a bit to see the sights: the ocean, Bend, Klamoth, etc. I enjoyed my nearly 4 month life in Oregon.
    Nice Blog- thanks for sharing your rides with us.

  12. Kacy,
    I am praying for you girlfriend! and your mare too! We are sisters and I thank Him that we found each other! Thanks for visiting my blog!
    Your sister in Christ,

  13. I love that picture. The colors are just gorgeous and very fallish. We've been to SCF a few times, but just for day rides. It is one of my favorite day hikes too. Love the trail that goes behind the falls. Good memories!

  14. That is just stunning, Kacykins! What a magical place you live.
    I also enjoyed the way you shared your memories of that experience, too.

    By the way....are you ok?
    I sense....something...I'm not sure what, that things are just not right with you.
    It makes me worry for you, my dear friend.

    Send me an email to let me know you're ok, please?

    twinville2 at yahoo dot com


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