Sunday, January 24, 2010

Horseback sisterhood

The last 14 days of riding with my sister has meant everything to me!
There were many weather challenges for us. And as I have discovered...for many of you out there is January-wintertime in the U.S.
Bless your heart MINDY AND JACKSON <> Your Post inspired me..though in a lonely hearted FUNK, to post of the past 14 days with my sis.

We rode in the rain down the road~

Our soggy horses enjoyed each other as much as we did...Wa mare always keeping "An Ear" towards her lead mare.

Smiles began to appear on my sissy's face...shinning up a grey and sogged riding day~

We both had our oilskin dusters on for this wet ride~

My sissy is very much a leather die-hard...BUT...after our first ride out in the soggy brush; she soon took me up on the Synthetic Bridle (above) I offered her. It did make getting home after a ride much faster. The first time she had to clean her tack and oil it, right after the ride, made a synthetic believer out of fact...she came on home and ordered one online through Schneiders Saddlery - like this one below~
The reins are rubber as well.

It will make her beach rides(she lives there) a breeze the salt can really do a number on leather!

We sisters rode in the highWIND as well...the coast was getting 70 MPH storms...we'd get back lashes. So in Order to ride at all this time...we had to choose wisely.
I choose the place I rode last year, as the EMERGENCY BROADCAST SYSTEM went off -sounding the alarm for tornado warnings -for those listening to radio- I was out here, sheltered from it all!

It was a good ride and handy too. We  drive 2 mi and park in a Private Drive of a friend near the trail head.

One day,we did some mountain road riding into NEW Territories....up and up and up  the roads......

 Then, Down Roads....

Seeing the odd and out of the norm SALE properties -wayyyy the heck out there!
This one, uninhabitable!

We reached a mountain top and oowed and awed... as we spied  3 white caped mountains...not that I could get them to show up on film.. very grey day~

Returning to the trailer, then home again~

A day off or two  for inclement conditions out-then a break in the weather for a last ride....Next door on Tree farmer chuck's land~

Down to the pond and around the mossy footed trails we went, unbooted for a change. It was a delight to not boot up. After 4 booted rides...we both needed a break!
This day was the FIRST to see a speck of bright and some blue in the skies!

Pantz and Washashe mare were full of beans...3 days off ( I had to work) So we just walked on the slickery ground and enjoyed our time together. It was our last ride before she had to leave .

Somehow, my sissy's leg wrap came undone and we lost one...I noticed it missing before we headed across a creek. She said the Velcro was weak...Now I have a mission tomorrow...go find the wrap!


  1. Oh-Oh! I think I see one snow-capped mountain! Over Pantz's nose...Or is it a cloud?
    What a great, if soggy, visit you had! I envy your trees!

  2. I can't tell you how happy I am to see so much of Pantz!

  3. Sunshine sure makes a diference, doesn't it? Great to follow the ride. I loved the "ear" Wa gave Prantz. You're so funny :0

    keep smiling & keep growing closer to Jesus

  4. what a lovely time you two have had riding together ....was awesome to read about your meanderings.

  5. I am so happy you and your sister had this time. Family is so special and to be able to share the things you love the most is just so much more.

  6. You don't mess around when it comes to riding! What a variety of places.
    How sweet it must have been to spend two weeks together.

  7. Your lucky to have a horse crazy sister. Mine is terrified of horses. I have one picture of her on Suzy probably 6 or more years ago and shes clinging on for dear life.
    Beta is the best for everyday bridles, enough said.

  8. Thanks for giving me a smile today!
    How awesome to spend time on a horse with your sister!
    xo, misha

  9. What a great time you had with your sissy! Loved the pictures and getting to go on the "ride" with you! sigh, still waiting for a break in the weather here to do something with Gil. I have no place that isn't sloppy mud to work him and I don't ride him without a workout on the ground. I don't want to ride a wild one...LOL

  10. Even Song...haha!

    DP....nice to see you my dear...yea..loved, loved, loved, having her here!

    Patrina...thanks...yes praying! was sogged and windblown and not without some hardship(coming next post)- but I loved every minute of it!

    JeniQ...This was a special time this made all of us know that we need to be together...!

    Lori...I was looking forward to many more riding times -in farther away places..but the stopped us.We did get to ride though...very thankful!

    Sydney.. Hay thanks for the tip on the bridles..will look into them. I used my Bitless, as it is the synthetic. I got my love for horses from my mother passing onto my sissy.

    Front glad to have brought on that smile in you...!!!

    Jane...Hay, I DO KNOW what ytou mean about the wild one..I had to be extra careful to be more silent atop my mare when in sloppy ground..she sometimes gets uppity. The roads are my first choice...very solid(but have to boot her).

  11. Awwww! You're so lucky to have such a special relationship with your sister and that she rides horses, too. You have a very best friend to ride with.
    I wish I had a sister. wah!


  12. Kac- Glad to be of service in the inspiration department! I missed your posts while your dissuade was here. U both braved the elements and made the best of less than ideal weather! Wonderful pics, I really like the sepia toned one with Pants n your sis!

  13. While your sis was here it should've said! My new phone likes to try to auto correct words when I'm not looking!


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