Saturday, January 2, 2010

Shadow Roll

I am adding a new piece of tack to my arsenal...A shadow roll.

Noseband Accessories
• Shadow roll: This fluffy piece of fleece can be added to any noseband, either on the nose or cheeks. Race trainers use shadow rolls on "climbers" and spooks: horses that need to level out or ones that don’t concentrate well. Shadow rolls tend to limit vision and can affect the horse’s head carriage. Event trainers use shadow rolls on horses that peek into ditches. Shadow rolls on the cheek straps behind the eyes can have the same calming effect as blinkers on horses that spook or look back.
• Jaw Channel: This is a piece of high-density foam that goes under the jaw strap of a cavesson that is to be fitted tightly. It provides cushion and keeps the skin from being pinched. Some versions are covered with leather or vinyl and attached to the jaw strap with Velcro so that they don’t slip out or get dropped when the strap is unbuckled.

A shadow roll can help chronic spooky horses.

I have  noticed them on several horses  and I remember my sissy telling me to look into one for my mare several times as she would spook over silly things.
I'll let you know how this goes.

What piece of tack( a favorite or useful thing) has helped you out with your training /daily riding experience?


  1. I think for me and Gil the thing that has helped with his saddle fitting it the Parelli air pad. This saddle pad, they come in English (mine) or western. The English one works with both my Dressage saddle and my round skirted western saddle. Gilly has a short back and high withers/big shoulders; I have gone through 6 saddles before I got the last two and the pad. It has air bladders inside that are adjustable and also has shims that can be added...for me a life saver! Expensive??? Yes!! But well worth it.
    Hope the shadow roll helps Wa mare!
    Jane and Gil

  2. interesting...might try the shadow roll on my super spooky mare...
    my fav training tool - bareback pad & Old Mac boots

  3. 10' cotton lead with lightweight brass snap!

  4. I have to say that a Mattes pad has made a big difference in the comfort of my horse. Like the one Jane mentioned, this one has shims. My horse is long backed and it allows the saddle (Albion SL Dressage) to fit very well. So many people do not know how to fit a saddle...I pity the horses are are being pinched and given very sore backs.

  5. Custom fitted saddle! French link snaffle. Ummm. I guess I'm boring. I don't use a lot of things on my horse...
    But I'm still looking for that headlight to put on his breast collar!

  6. OHHHHHHH! I forgot! My blocker tie ring! Since I have gotten it sitting back is NO LONGER an issue!! One of my favorite things!

  7. I love the Bitless Bridle. If I have that, I don't need much else - except a mounting block!!!

  8. why didn't you tell me this 20 years ago!?!

    let me know if it works. i'm fascinated!


  9. I don't have a piece of tack per say.... I put bells and beads on my horses. They move and make noise to the horses movement. Soothing and distracting at the same time.

  10. WOW...Loved hearing of the great and helpful items you all have!

    Thanks for the input.I still want to get this bareback saddle called "Baretek". But I do have "Cashel's" bareback is a bit springy though. I too use the Old Mac's- G-2s..they are great!

    Kate~ Nice!

    Lori~ I LOVE that Mattes Pad...mine is the "Correction" is a half pad with Shims. I got the "Thinline" to go in it.It has saved my horses back for some time!!!

    Mindy~ dream is a custom saddle!! I have the lozenge(rounder than the link) snaffle...Wa mare love that too!
    And yessss! The blocker rings- I have 2 original sized one with Climbing Caribiners for moving them from inside the trailer to outside easily.

    Juliette~~Ha! Yea...get a mounting block! I like my bitless too.

    Lytha~ Will do!

    JeniQ~ I have always wanted some of those "Rythem Beads"! Take a pic of yours...would love to see them!

  11. They use those at the track a lot...let us know if it helps our Wa out.

  12. Wow...I've never heard of a shadow roll...I've seen them (or something like it...?) on halters before...but I thought they were for comfort...hmm...let us know how it goes! I'm going to try eventing, and maybe it would help over ditches...never tried jumping those! :P :)

    My favorite item currently is my Kimberwick bit...I got a new english bridle, ordered a real kimberwick (after trying a broken kimberwick and finding it very unhelpful at a hunterpace :P) and I LOVE that bit! Daisy softens to it really well and I have SO much more control; it's great!

  13. They are used on the track to lengthen the stride of the horse. I have used it occasionally on barrel horses to help them stride out and run. At a full run it seems they like to see their front feet :)

    Good luck


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