Saturday, January 23, 2010

Into the Mist

My sissy's arrival over a week ago was wonderful...I prayed for non freezing travel for this January visit.
I got the call she was in Canby at I rushed back to town to meet her. Then escort her out of the city and into the countryside, where I board. She gets lost easily, you see.
Pulling up...the hazy end of the day was bright for unloading.

Pantz shared the large 3 horse trailer with her 2 weeks of hay~

She settled rather quickly with her best friend mare-Washashe- though, Wa was hilarious...turning her butt to the fence between them, appearing to not care!

Wa giving Pantz the cold Butt!!

So begins my sissy's stay.....Misty, foggy , rainy, and windy stay!

The horses really were wonderful..and easily settled into routine...we only let one horse into thenext door open stall for the next few days as Pantz settled in. The other lead mare, Panna, can be rather aggressive.
Dentisty day followed(previous post) and then came the good stuff!!
Massage and therapy!

Miriah showed us how to gently massage the jaw for healing, after the dentistry~
Good news!
My mare had no irregular or painful area's of her body...A first!

Wa mare really enjoyed this session...closing her eyes and just standing after... her usual routine of moving around.

Pantz was good too...she remembered Miss Miriah.

 It was nice to see her enjoy the attention and soothing touch of the specialist~

AND...I almost got a Western Saddle!!!
Charlie cat looking on the events with the lovely "Crates" barrel saddle behind him. It is only 2 years old.
But the unfortunate thing is; Pantz has a larger shoulder and simply padding the saddle to fit her meant too tight did not fit my mare either...DRAT!

Wa mare looking on...while Pantz gets her session ...this proved to be the best part of the 2 weeks...for weather~ Uggg

Riding in January,for the intrepid horseman, comes next...see you all soon to catch up!


  1. Fabulous photos to go with your calming story - thank goodness the mares had such healing massages after their dentist ordeal!

  2. wonderful stories.
    I love getting reactions after a fidgety horse when I am doing a massage. It's why I do equine massage therapy, to get a better understanding of the equine body and help horses in need.

  3. What gorgeous photos .....and I loved seeing the horses enjoying their massage. Isn't it nice when you discover your horse is all fine and dandy with no sore spots.hope the fog lifts and you get some lovely winter views while you ride.

  4. loved the photos, Kacey. Looks so much fun.

  5. I love that last photo! Stunning!
    Your horse gets more massages than I do.....ok wait...I've never even had a massage in my life!




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