Friday, January 29, 2010

Visit a friend

FROM MY FRONT PORCH IN THE MOUNTAINSHas always been a delightful blog to visit a beautiful hearted woman and her endearing lifestyle .( Misha)She has offered whomever is a" follower" of her lovely blog and a" facebook" fan, to enter a giveaway to win a pair of well made ARIAT boots.
By clicking the TITLE of this post or her name at the beginning of it- you may go a visiting and be enchanted for yourself...and enter the drawing~should you wish to.

Have a wonderful FRIDAY into weekend all!
Yours truly,


  1. Yeah....I love Misha. She seems like she's just a wonderful person.

  2. I haven't been on the net for a while and have just read about your time with your sister. I love reading about people who have such wonderful relationships with their sisters. My sister and I both ride ....and our time riding together is just once a year when she comes home to NZ or I go to Australia...we have so much fun and I totally understand you missing your sis like you do. Its precious time and creates wonderful memories

  3. Thanks for the comment on my blog! My mare is a 2003 Selle Francais named Panache D'Orange. Unfortunately she's on an injury lay-up right now, but she should be back into work in two or three months. Happy riding

  4. Hi there! Thanks for the info. a good pair of boots is a treasure. MB


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