Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Whoop-whoop!! Get along there doogies!

Something else, very unexpected, was in the woods yesterday.

We came out to a very soggy, misty and grey day for a ride.
That was not a hindrance for the mare and I...we have  all weather GEAR to wear- and we did so !
Our friends had bagged for the weather and the timing of the ride for schedules..no problem. A day solo with the mare is always a good day for us...that is how we got to now each other so well. We set off and deal with come what may!
I saw the hoof prints and the poo too...but when I saw them....I was surprised. Not half as surprised as my mare though!

One loose cow was at the top of the driveway to this delicious hideaway home I adore to look upon. As we rounded the corner in this half block, dead end road from trails- to more trails....there were more of them loose. They were kinda looking for their place here...but no...they all decided to come on out the drive- as I was passing!

We just whooped it up  a bit, to get them on their way...
And as we got going more uphill...they slowed to a cows pace...and the mare and I then decided to drive them on...Whoop!! My mare lowered her head and pinned her ears! She would taken a chunk outa the last one if I had given her her head...I think she'd like to do something ( I would have never dreamt of)  in an arena this summer!!!

Wa mare the cow pony, and me, signing off...laughing the whole way!

Have YOU has an unexpected bit of fun land upon your path of late???
Do tell!


  1. Fun story. Looks like it was a bit shaky there for a moment. You are getting pretty good with those ear shots :).

    No fun on my path - but then I'm not on a path - pretty much homebound like my 83 year old father. But I did take Lisa's advice and made some "snow cream" for the first time yesterday . It wasn't half bad! Daughter and grandkids thot I was fooling them when I pixed a pic of it.

    That's about the extend of my out of the ordinary day

    Good to hear you smile.


  2. Lily, Dawn and Maisie have had the opportunity to do a little bit of cow work when we went to the Mark Rashid clinics in Colorado, and after they got used to cows (they'd never seen one before, I believe), it was very interesting. Lily had to be retired from the exercise - her idea was to lunge at the cows and bite them, which is a no-no. Dawn was a natural, even though she's a TB. Maisie, who is low on the totem pole in the herd, loved the idea of telling them what to do and having them move away from her - she found this very empowering! Sounds like your mare has some "cow"!

  3. I'm very impressed with you and Wa. How did the story end? Did the people get there cows back in the pasture? My horses would have not been so cooperative. Good for you.

  4. What a fun and unexpected adventure! I am not so sure as to what would have happened if Fawkes and I encountered some loose cows...

    You and Wa make an awesome pair!

  5. I do have a funny loose cow story, I will well on my blog tonight.

  6. Oh, good girl Wa!!! I was afraid you were going to say that she spooked and something bad happened! So glad it went the other way.
    Gilly loves cows, since they were his companions for two years here on the farm. When we ride past them now he wants to stop and visit, most of them want to ran away from him. He doesn't chase them but wants to play like he did when we had the calves.
    We have a lot of snow here so no riding for me.....I too did a Lisa and made snow ice cream last night! YUMMM-O!!!!
    you ridem' cowgirl!!! LOL
    Jane in the snow

  7. I love that first photo. Gorgeous!

    But that photo with the cows was such an odd one. You've got this lovely little house tucked into the woods, and with beautiful white pristine fences decked out in holiday red ribbons and evergreen swags...and then you have cows sauntering down bwteen the fences....where in my mind I see a carriage being pulled by two beautiful black steeds.

    The cows look so western, while the house looks so European. What a huge and interesting contrast!

    What a fun adventure. I can't wait to see you and Wa sorting, team penning, or reining. What fun!


  8. speaking off cows, a cow of one of our neighbors got lose the other day and I ended up in a ditch trying to avoid it...both me, car and the cow are ok though ;o)

  9. I'm sorry, but I don't know how to help you with the posting of a video.
    I'd love to see that cattle drive.

  10. Wa is a cow horse!!! I love it. Sounds like you need to do some sorting this summer:-).

  11. Don't you just love surprises out on the trail??? At least Wa mare didn't react negatively towards them....

    We had a loose Emu chase us down a trail once, and I thought that Waska was going to kill Amber, because he was so frightened by the giant and friendly bird.

    So...are you going to give cows a try???? :)

  12. that's awesome. i've only ran into cows once, and i was pretty scared cuz i was in their natural environment (eastern washington) and i was the invader. i got real loud and they got out of our way. i get real loud when i see bears too, cuz it helps with my own fear!

    so glad wa took care of you!


  13. That is so funny and the photos are great. Wa is a good girl! We haven't seen any cows out our way, but when I was younger and rode cross-country at another stable we would always pass a field of cows. The cows would buck and frolic and get our horses all worked up!

  14. How fun! Did you find where they belonged?

    That is a cool home tucked in there...

  15. Thank you for the kind words.
    I do enjoy your pictures :)


  16. I had a big smile on my face reading your post - and the photos were fabulous. Perhaps Washashe has found a new calling? I did encounter something unusual today on the ski mountain - a bull moose and a female, just off the trail in an area that still has some long grasses poking through the snow. What a sight! It really surprised me - don't want to run into one of those big critters while schussing downhill!

  17. LOL! My sister's Arab would have been terrified of the cows! Of course, Markey was a pampered arena baby.

  18. LOL where did you drive those cows too? You and your adventerous trail rides on your mare:-) I bet that was alot of fun!


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