Monday, January 25, 2010

We drank Tea

While my sissy  was here, we drank tons of  tea. We'd go to Starbucks and get an Earl Grey Latte' and then later, while at the stable, we'd boil up some water in my handy dandy electric tea kettle and revive our original drinks.
There is something about tastes(smells and sounds) that can take you to a time of special memory. When you taste the thing you had while doing something wonderful, or hear the song, or smell some aroma are TRANSPORTED  to the time ere now.
I am having Tea NOW, as I write feels comforting! the pouring rain, my sissy prepared herself to beat it back home to the coast. The mares were happily inside their stalls, during a down pouring day...we were busy loading the truck,trailer, trailer tack room-with ALL THE STUFF- my sister brought. She DOES NOT pack light! When we'd made some more tea for ourselves and done the deed of packing up all.....
I took My mare outside this see what effect it would haver on her; to see Pantz loaded in the trailer.

Washashe stood in the rain...wondering and watching. She seemed to know, I would not be asking her to load after Pantz. Unfortunately, Pantz was surprised by Wa mare not getting inside after her. She began to paw and paw...making it a tearful time for the both of us sisters....knowing that the mares were so happy together.

Shutting the door, we hugged goodbye and watched them pull out of our driveway and begin the near 3 hour journey homeward.
I have to tell you all that THIS siss did come over to my house and got on the internet. She pulled up the job opening listings for our area, in her field of work. It gave to me hope that she'd follow through this time.
Our Mom needs her here. Mom fell one day, while we were riding..twisted her ankle, and went down.  She took her to the hospital and all was well, but she needed to stay off her ankle.
I normally do everything for mom and to have help would be great.

My mare was very inquisitive, watching her lead mare leave...she did not whinny, she did not pull at the rope...she just stood there with me, staring at them leaving....till finally, we lost sight.

I was blubbering and the mare was extra calm...returning to her dry stall. I decided to leave her in her open stall to run set up this day. She was satisfied with hay and I readied to leave for home...totally no-desire to ride.
 I checked all the commons areas my sister had used, making sure nothing was left behind.....and as I walked through Pantz's stall to the paddock and back again...OH!  It was like she was still there...her wet hoof print remained on the rubber mat!!!

Goodbye sweet Pantz mare.... until next time~ will love you and sis from afar


  1. ohhhhh... your post made me want to cry! What a wonderful 2 weeks for you and Wa (and I am sure your mom enjoyed them too)

    It is so hard living apart from loved ones. Those pictures of Wa mare watching the trailer pull ou just tugged on my heart strings.

  2. oh, from this post, i miss them too!!!

    come back soon, for all of us!

    ~lytha in germany

  3. Ohhhh...that last pic watching the trailer leave. Heartbreaking. For some reason I thought they were staying for quite a while. You must find the miracle to get everybody together.

  4. What fun you had - and hope you can get together soon!

  5. aww but what a fun time you had. Feel lucky you could ride with your sister, like I said mines chicken sh*t

  6. Why do good times come to an end? I'm glad you had those times at least!

  7. I have learned, rather harshly, that you take everything you can get, every moment, second, of every day to enjoy your family.

    I started riding when I was just able to sit up in-front of mom in the saddle.

    I never got my mom to come ride wirh me after I bought Bonnie. Living 400 miles a part was the excuse, but it's one thing I wish I could have made happen, I should have forced it really. It was truly something she gave me.

    Cherish every ride and make more happen!
    Hugs to you KC.

  8. Awww:-( Sad Kac, wish the girls could be together..such good buds. Sounds like you have an amazing time with your sister. One thing to cheer a truck! Need to get trailer brakes and a hitch, work on my driving and I coming to meet you and Wa on the trails.

  9. Awww...sorry you gals had to say good-bye so soon! :( Time to get busy planning the next trip!

  10. *sniff-sniff*

    I hope your sis can get a job and move closer to you soon.


  11. This was an emotional one for me. Let's see how this all turns out. I hope your sister will move back to where you are.

  12. Oh, that's very sad that your sis had to leave and go home. I know how much you two enjoyed riding together. Wa looks so sad too, like she just lost her best friend.

    Fingers crossed that your sis will come to stay for good and find a job. Help with mom should not fall to one child but to all equally, even if you don't mind the extra time and care we parents take sometimes. Help is never unwelcome. Here's hoping she comes to stay.

  13. p.s. love your new header! and I'm a huge drinker of Earl Grey tea, and you're right aromas do bring back great memories.

  14. Thanks everyone...YOU all made me brighten...such a cool horse community (I have here)here!
    I love you all and imagine that you are my boarding community...wouldn't that be neat!
    Thanks again for the sweet comments of understanding.

  15. Hi KK, Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm not a horse person--but love reading about others who do own and love horses. Misha is not too far from us. We are up on the Cumberland Plateau which is 2000 feet above sea level.

    Sounds like you did have a wonderful time with your sister. I hope she does move closer to you--since your Mom needs you BOTH.

    Beautiful pictures... You live in a gorgeous area of the country.

    Come back to my blog anytime.


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