Friday, January 22, 2010

Second stop- Dentist

My vet is one of 3 precision equine dentists in Oregon that Qualifies others to be further licensed in the area of Equine dentistry.

He has crafted his own tools and has such a nice facility. I suggested something to him last time ...that got him to thinking I would have been a good designer of the dentistry area.
 I watch him work at the angles and take his time. He loves to share why he does what he does with the horses owner. He takes the horse out of the handy sling, to move the teeth from side to side and to rotate the jaw frequently . He mentioned how a horse can not collect properly on the bit, if certain angles are wrong. So, I said...what about a lowered pit for him to either sit or stand in -so the horses angle would already be lowered(as in how they eat and travel longer). He thought that pretty smart.

It is always difficult to imagine just how hard it is for my mare to endure this procedure. I have a rather large tongue and and a big gag reflex and my mouth produces tons of SPIT! I I want to say, " just leave that suction thing in there, or I may drown!"
My vet does allow the horse to have it's head down, every so often, and he rinses the mouth out.

After Wa was was Pantz's turn...and she DID NOT want to have any procedure done...and she sat back no avail, as the large tubular enclosure was locked in place!

Wa was really really out of it and could not keep her head was amazing too..that he could even walk to the stall nearby!

And...........WARNING...........Graphic content next....
Cosmetic procedure done this time~ FINALLY~The rather Large Bloodwart (below) on her neck, well, we took it off!

She winced a little...but was really good and it went fast.

But it was bloody and I thought it wouldn't stop bleeding!

I have been putting neosporin with pain relief on it..and now, Calendula creme, for anti inflammatory and healing.
She has begun to want to itch it...I do it for her and she likes that. We had to put another stall board she can't see her Pantz mare as well...but most certainly won't be getting splinters either, by putting her head over the rail! Yea...duct tape helps too!

I want to end  this post on a good pic/ note......
Wa being pampered !

The next appointment(24 hours later) the mares got to have, was with the Equine Therapist, Miriah,  for massage and adjustments for them to feel good!


  1. Our equine dentist doesn't use a head sling - the horses are loose - and kneels (he wears knee pads) to do the work. Nice pictures!

  2. Love the wide open mouth photo, then the blood hit me.
    I hope the horse is doing great!!

  3. I got a little panicked on the mares' behalf! Somehow, the look of that large instrument (a drill??) made my blood pressure rise a bit. Thank goodness you ended with the massage and pampering - I feel as though I could use some myself!

  4. Enjoyed my visit to your blog! No one believes me when I tell them about the equine dentist.


  5. Kacey,
    This was so cool to see! Thank you for sharing all of this procedure. Pretty cool to see the inside of Wa's mouth.
    How's the weather? did the rain stop at your place so you could have some riding fun with sis?

    Wishing you a great sun-filled weekend

  6. Have to say I've never seen the sling before either. mine have always been done standing free. Great pictures though-- and I hope Wa Mare heals up quick.

  7. We have an awesome equine dentist, too. Just like a good farrier; they are worth their weight in gold!!
    Hope Wa has recovered from her day of equine health appts.!! :)
    xo, misha

  8. I do not have to sedate my horses for their floating. They are far more cooperative than most horses way older than them. Pays off with all the playing I do with their mouthes, even if they are bitless.

  9. watching the horses chewJanuary 23, 2010 at 8:18 AM

    Kate-I still think the "Oil Can Henry's" pit, would serve them All better for angle and comfort of all involved!

    fredamans~she appears to be healing very well...have not been able to get there-for working in town- but I hear she is beginning to itch!

    Barb~ I know! It is a difficult procedure to watch!

    Julie~Hi there! I will come over to visit you too

    Patrina~ Glad you liked this rather ick apt post. Um...the next post will have the wet and wondy details of the 10 days we had together
    JeniQ~ In 2008 December's "HORSE JOURNAL" they cover why the sling has afforded dentist's much more reliable does not hurt them as much-so they can work!It is a great article.
    From the Porch~ The good ones are Misha! Good to see you!

    Sydney~ It would not have worked for either of these mares teeth NOT to be sedated in some way...I saw the huge ramps and sharp edges..may have taken 2 days and the "Power Float" is so precise...would be foolish to try it with out complete control(horses till)!
    Pantz mare was neglected when my sissy got her and had teeth missing and irregular growth and could barely chew like a horse...she would not be able to bear the pain of what work had to be done with out it.

  10. Hey! Looks like we use the same vet.

    "That's interesting." Words you don't want to hear from the vet upon inspecting your horse's mouth. That's what Dr. Dave (another of the area's top dental vets) said on observing a youthful Phantom's teeth.

    Now that I'm keeping on top of things with annual dental checkups, Phantom's mouth is much less "interesting." Makes for less traumatizing (and less expensive) dental sessions.

    By the way...anyone who is fascinated by the idea of riding sidesaddle should visit Julie's blog!

  11. Oh, lovede this post!
    I've learned so much from our dentist! I used to work for a small animal vet so the blood doesn't bug me so much.
    Hopes Wa is well!


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