Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday Stills Textures

Ed  Prescot, the motivator, has chosen "TEXTURES" for this weeks photo challenge. I tuned in late to find out- and had planned a solo trail ride...I invite you to come along-through the textures of preparing in the stable and riding on the trail. Have fun, I sure did, thinking of you all going with me!

Firstly, I prepared my mare's stall with these~

I wet them down and waited for this....
then this, to happen.
Then, I brushed the mare till she was clean and shiny, like this
She was a bit fidgety so I picked up this, then all was calm again.
so I petted her here and she lowered her head
I was hungry and heated this up to munch

The mare happily ate this

I then prepared and placed the tack on my mare...this really has been a great addition for non-slip riding
more tack

 Then finally we set off through these damp beauties

Many of these had fallen across the trails, so I dismounted many times to move them

Though it is not spring yet, some of these had crept across the trails. We dislike them.

This, I am not sure of what it could appears on the tops of the clearcut stumps and is very bright

The mare was in charge of what trail we headed down...and she chose unwisely this surface,the way back, as it is shorter.

We made it home before dark and I was very satisfied with the ride.

To see many more Textural views-CLICK the title!


  1. A plethora of textures and a story as well. Great eye for super shots.

  2. Wonderful textures!!!! Great shots

  3. Wow - it was like I went on the ride with you - great job!

  4. This is one of the best texture posts I have seen...and the story that goes along with it is a bonus. Thanks.

  5. Beautiful pics. Do you have a special lens to get close up shots?

  6. Very fun to come along on your textural ride! Thanks, beautiful shots!

  7. Wow! Love these pictures! Did you use a macro lens?

  8. Loved your "story" through textures. I stalked the barn for my photos -- as you saw. :-)

  9. Ditto what Barb amazing job!

  10. Thanks so much all!! I had fun knowing I was to share my ride with you here...cut out about 6 other shots...was getting long!Already6 long since it was a bit of a departure for the customary 1-3 shots of SS.
    I use a Cannon Powershot digital. It has a Macro setting.

  11. i'm tryin to find my favorite here. bear with's hard.

    i love the timothy hay heads! and the bedding pellets. i like the pine needles with water, but that blackberry gave me an inward groan.

    horrible vine of doom.

    i could not figure out what it was that you ate, so that was not a favorite, hehe.

    i like the leather close up a lot!

    oh, i don't know.

    you do good work.


  12. What a creative collection of textures! Impressive shots!

  13. Very well done!!!! Great shots!! :-)

  14. Wow! I always love the virtual trail rides, but this one was incredible! Great textures, I really liked them all! Especially the macro of the tack ring against the horse's hair.

  15. Excellent photos! Those bright yellow globs on the stump are a variety of fungus. :D

  16. The day in textures... makes me appreciate the beauty of small things :)

  17. Love this post, gorgeous macros!

  18. great ride... great textures...

  19. Excellent story. Nicely done. Regular Guy

  20. Terrific textures! Marvelous macros!Super story! Thanks for taking us along on your ride and showing all the wonders you see.


  21. beautiful pics, I'm impressed!


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