Sunday, November 2, 2008

Elsie Button Boo

This is Elsie Button Boo~
She got her name from a woman at church I volunteered for one summer. This woman was the sweetest thing I'd ever met and she had a cat named K.C. (Kitty Cat).

Bruce and I had been trying to figure out what to name this little bundle of fire kitten for two weeks. Then one morning I looked down upon her, and she started to purr instantly. That was it! Elsie! Because she was just soo sweet!
because she had this incredible thing she would do with her them so wide, they looked like teddy bears "Button Eyes"!

because...this is what she was most the time...scared!

I just took this one for you, she sits behind us while we are on the computer and yowls..till we pet her so we placed a table with a pillow on it for her to be close enough to reach and pet!

She thinks she'd like to go on all out trips with suit cases......

carpet bags.........

and mens duffles!

Bruce just loves his kitten, though she is 18 now!

I leave you all with the "Crap-Happy-Kick" that Elsie does after she... guessed her..goes crap! Manx's have a problem typically with this..they get constipated easily and often. SO when she does must feel pretty lightening to her...she runs for her leopard pillow..and kicks the crap outa it! This is NOT the best video to show this daily event..she was distracted by her mouse.


  1. Animals are so weird. When Spike (now 7) was younger he run around the house at high speed after taking a crap. We called it his victory lap. Now he is too fat and lazy, I think.

  2. Your kitty is too cute, and I love how you call me "Mellie!!!"

    My old best friend used to call me that, and it jsut sounds better than "Mel," although I don't mind that name either! :)

    Mellie sounds happy and Mel sounds!!!

  3. Cute kitty!

    Aren't they always a part of the family?

  4. a hahahah DP!

    Mellie, I call you that because the pic I had of Wa and my friend Melanie(will have to put back up again) is why I call you is an endearing name Her husband calls her and I also have the priveledge of calling her that too...she moved to Colorado a few years back and I miss her!

    So, I am glad you don't mind me calling you "Mellie" are SWEET like her and so..there you have it!

  5. Elsie Button Boo is just adorable. Love all the terrific photos of her! A pillow by the computer ... how perfect! Lucky cat, lucky you!

    Thanks for visiting my site and your comments about Royal. You're right, he has English hunt prints in his stall. (screwed, plastic, no glass)
    We thought about a recliner for him, but he does fine on the shavings.

    By the way, your cat is 18?! Bravo!

  6. I love your heart and hearing about Shadow and Royal!
    Thanks for the visit,
    seeya soon!

  7. I love your cat, she is very unique (and cute). I didn't realize she had no tail until the video, makes her even cuter!

  8. Those are sure cute cats! I love the yellow eyes...reminds me of the story of Courdoroy the bear! :)
    My friend just lost her 15 yr. old cat to kidney disease, she is having a tough time with it. It's hard to lose abeloved pet. Once she's grieved, I do hope she wants to adopt a new kitty soon, and I can't wait to go kitty-shopping with her! ;)

  9. This kitty has so much personality that comes thru, even in the photos.

  10. Yea Pony and Saddle,
    Elsie is definately a part of our home and life...Personality galore!
    Your friend is hurting forsure.

    When myfirst Cat died...I was so torn up I just cried and cried...then I went to Kenya for 2 weeks on a mission trip >God seemed to replace my loss of love with those lovely people!

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  12. She's a grey cowcat! My Curtis is a grey cowcat too - not a Manx, just a DLH I found in a parking lot.

    This is the best picture I will ever take of him, so I'll share it with you...

  13. I LOVE kitties! LOVE THEM! I've had cats as long as I can remember. They have ALL been rescues too. My parents still have my first two cats. They are so old and fragile now that I don't want to move them around with me. Besides, my Dad treats them like they're made of solid gold! One is 18 and the other 17. My two I have at home now are 2 and we got them from the Hawaiian Humane Society as soon as we got here!

  14. What a sweet kitty! love the name:-) I love the pics of her in your suit cases and bags, too funny.


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