Thursday, May 28, 2009

The horse that showed up

Maddy mare and us the lip...telling us to Chilax near the surf!

For those of you that know me and the mare remember me telling stories of her getting "Uppity" at times in a group and sometimes even, one-on-one ,with the wrong mix of competitive horse-atudes. There are just some I will NOT be able to ride with again or ever because I know that either they, or their horse(or sometimes both) are out of control. I can not Yahoo with this mare. It must always be deliberate when we decide to do some trotting and cantering..and it MUST be controlled..those folks that can not hold their steeds back..I will not be riding with. I also require my partners to want to school as we ride the trails.

Lately, my friends and I have been doing this neat thing..we randomly change positions, as our horse is in a relaxed going mode. It seems to avert misbehaviour and rewards them for calmness. They get a change of scenery and also time to lead and then relax in the back.

This past beach trip went better than expected , Washashe being able to walk away from Maddy easily and also walk homeward bound!

Maddy mare showing the Motto for the entire trip...yawny, and breezing it!In past times going into the dunes and grasses really freaked my mare out..unknown and hidden living entities may be popping out there randomly! Wa has been overly paranoid in these close in spots and the way home, she is typically nervous and excitable.

This is one of the beach grass/ dune trails to cut over to the beach by. This is Wa's first time at the coast, 3 years ago with Nora and Gally mare.
Well...since 3 of the riders came 2 days earlier..they left on the first riding day for us and so it was JUST Jules and I for the rides. That took alot of stress out of it for me..and apparently -the mare too!

She was a dream..she barely pulled and never became agitated for any notable length of time.
I was so happy!
TWO major changes for her may have flocked saddle, that fit perfectly..and I now trail ride in my Mullen Mouth bit. She likes how soft it is and I can still talk to her lightly.

This was the beat trip ever, I told Jules . The mare being 14 and this being the 4th year to the coast, must have made a difference! I am now taking equipment OFF of more standing martingale and flash needed, I have deemed.

The Horse that showed up for me, was my awesome mare!


  1. I have been taking my flashes off, too. I buckle all my cavesons pretty loose and the flashes are pretty much just there for aesthetics anyway.
    Sounds like a great time!

  2. Sounds like an awesome ride...looks beautiful! I love the changes we see in our horses as we figure each other out and the communication gets so much better.

  3. Ahhhhhhhhh. Can you hear me living vicariously through you?

  4. Oh, I'm so happy for you Kacy! Wa is lovely and Jules and Maddy look great too! Love Maddy's lip, lol! Does this mean you guys will be doing the Zinder bush next??

  5. Hey Kacy! What a nice trip you guys had! What beach did you go to? Deb and I went to McGyver State Park. Such pretty trails. Both horses are Debbie's, not sure if I mentioned that before...I'm sure I did. I don't have a horse but I am thinking perhaps just leasing or 1/2 leasing one for awhile. I have other commitments in my life and I don't want to just buy a horse and never have time, you know? :) The other place we trail ride is Hardie Creek. The horses are used to that trail. Ari is a great boy...very laid back, I believe 13. He's the one I ride. Magic is younger and Debbie is still training him a bit. She can so relate to what you're talking about when riding with others. Both Magic and Ari definitely feed off of other horses when we've gone with others before. Made for a restless and not so laid back ride. Lol! Hope you had a great weekend!!

  6. Well those pictures are just fabulous, I won't mention being jealous of riding (my favorite thing to do) on the beach (my favorite place in the world). It would just get old. :)

    I always like hearing about TBs making progress with stuff like that. Gives me much hope for the future!

  7. I love the pictures!!
    I love that Wa was such a good girl and really seems to have learned to trust you not to let the beach monsters get her. Good for you for not allowing yourself to be put in an uncomfortable situation out on trail.
    That is one of my goals when I get back in the saddle with Fawkes. He just goes nuts on trail with other horses/riders that are Ya-hoo riders. And it sure is not fun for me or him.

  8. How perfect! All that patience has paid off. Oh, that I had a beach to ride on, it looks so peaceful.

  9. I'm so jealous of the gorgeous places you get to ride! Although I'm happy to read that even your very well-behaved beautiful mare has/had issues. Mine isn't scared of anything. Until she suddenly is! Sometimes it cracks me up. Often I need clean underwear ;-)

    Those wonderful photos make me drool. Weren't you wondering if you wanted to breed a foal? Thought I read that some time ago.

    Hugs to you and your beautiful horse ;-)

  10. Very cute photos of your horse! You're right, it just isn't worth riding with some people - they don't seem able to listen and will even do things you specifically ask them not to do - like riding too close or just galloping off when your horse is already tense! The idea of switching places in the ride is a very good one.

  11. Serena Yesterday as she came up, very large, with being stiff at the first trotting...I missed my stading martingale...but I got my grab stap put on and we went back out!(Am trying a new saddle and it is naked!

    Jenn It was sooo nice..warm, though windy this time. I have not ever-save the Bog fiasco- done my mare wrong in asking for going anywhere.

    Nuzz I live to provide smiles!

    Esther Yes..Zinder is a destination we may have on the docket!

    Michelle-- Okay...gotta meet you sometime..and you should come out and ride too..have 2 horses to choose from and I wil treat you well!

    Albigears Thoroughbreds rock! I love my little mare that can!

    Steph The Wa really does trust me..she has a good mind and a stand and deliver attitude towards fear. Jsut pick your riders well..and you will have awesome trail times. And go alone too..this has really built my mare up!

    Gail It does take tons of patience and time!

    Carolina Oh yea..the Wa has had her days and uppity past...I am hoping to leave it =in the past= with selective riding partners!
    Yea..wa is not too afraid..never to bolting..but just acts out sometimes in the fear mode...yesterday..after a completely waliing trailride(it was humid with thnuder storms) we trotted nicely up a tree grove to come to the end...with a huge straight legged spook! That woke me up fast!
    I would love to breed her next year-?-

    Lori I am sorry...but you are making me laugh sweetie!

    Kate Oh, I am soo selective thsaes days with better rides all the time..just really do not want to blow it with a bad decision..little do the two "NEW" riders that I am to go with this week(and take Romeo or Danny) know that I am actually checking them out to -eventually- ride my mare with!

  12. Oooh! How wonderful! Hopefully Casey and I will be headed to the beach a lot next year!

  13. So glad you and Jules had a great time. I can sympathize with you about going out with yahoo riders. I won't do it, especially on a horse who can/may get a little stressed. It's just good karma to go out and relax and have fun and maybe throw in a little schooling. You guys look like you were really having fun and that's what it's all about.

  14. O Sunshine~ You definately are invited with us!

    Grey Horse's all about the the safe calm FUN!

  15. How great! What an awesome ride, and Wa just gets better every time! She is such a beauty! (not to mention her rider!) Your post made me smile for you!

  16. yay.. dont you love it when you find your equine soulmate?!??

  17. That mare is a total trip with that nose and lip! I am still soooooo jealous of all your riding adventures! I totally get what you mean about not yahooing and having to be dileberate about your riding, Less and I are the same way.

  18. Rae Smiles back at ya!

    Manker is awesome...

    Denise We are blessed to be where we are to be sure!(though it took alot of painful experiences!)

  19. What type is a Mullen Mouth bit? What does the standing martingale accomplish? And the flash? What is it? I'm still learning my way around different tack.

    I felt the same way about riding with my neighbor's silly gelding. My mare was always annoyed and tense around him. He is part APPY, part PINTO and part ARABIAN..and always minute calm and relaxed and for no apparet reason...the next minute all jiggy and uppity.

    My mare hates unpredictable and every time we went out with Val and her gelding something bad happened. Once just a crazy backwards, spinning, jiggy dance when my mare got nervous from his silly attitude, second a bolt, and then 3rd a sideways teleporting when he was snorty and nervous. Made my mare nervous, too.

    ugh. I will never ride with that gelding again. I hope that Val doesn't get mad about that, but it's my life, ya know?
    I don't want to take any unneccessary risks.


    ps you guys looked great on the beach...and in all that beach grass. Who took the picture? Too cool!

  20. Hi Lisa!
    I may come ovetr to your place should you forget to come look for the answers to questions here...

    A "Mullen Mouth" all rubber..straight like a "Dog Bone",is the other name for them. Traningbit really..but she really likes it so..why not!

    A"Standing Martingale"is for a horse that tosses it's head up or too high a headcarrige. I used it for rearing and head tossing to avoid the contact she'd do..she really has settled from that crap!

    A "Flash Noseband" goes through that little leather keeper on the nose band of english bridles(not all have them) and it fastens around the bottom part of the bit in the mouth to keep the horse from evading the bit accountability by opening wide it's mouth.

  21. Thanks for explaining these Kacy. My mare might benefit from the martingale, as she tends to toss her head around when she gets stubborn and is asked to move into a trot and canter.



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