Thursday, January 7, 2010

Company is coming to the stable

This is my sister and her Appy mare "Pantz". she  was given the horse when she participated in a drill team , Emerald Rein" for a few years time. Pantz's owner did not like her much and decided my sis would be a better fit. The drill team was the only way for her to ride at the coast where she lives. The area has very little to offer for facilities and organised riding groups. Her Thoroughbred St. Timothy had passed  and Washashe was living there still and green.
In 2008 she lost her boarding facility. It was sold to private owners that had not
wanted to keep it a boarding facility. There was Nowhere else to board  for her so she called me, as I was boarding at a nice facility near Canby with Washashe mare.
That seems forever ago!

I also got the use of her Truck and trailer for over a year!!! Freedom!
She used to help me with my riding all the time, and I loved that! We would go late at night to my arena and ride to classical music.She would video me riding then, we'd go back to our mom's as watch/review. Video is the best for seeing the truth!

Last year, we moved to the boarding facility that almost broke us up as sisters(if you can do that) She was soo displeased with my choice and now,  hind sight reveals why. It was the worst decision I have ever made!

So...have ya gathered that- My sissy is coming to visit us for a week, with her horse Pantz!!!

I am really looking forward to taking her to all my riding places and the arenas in the area.
No doubt, we shall go to McIver State park, the location of my very first trail ride on Washashe. ABOVE.
I was so nervous about this outdoor ride, I had my siss pony me from Pantz. It became apparent that the Wa was so enthralled with the outdoors..she thought everything through and was steadfast about staying the course.
Pantz is totally Washashe's lead mare and Wa LOVES HER!!!

So, I am getting ready for the company at my stable....she has a stall next to Wa already. My PBO is making a gate at the end of a 100 foot graveled run for Pantz. Over the weekend, I got LIGHTS inside the stalls as well as more lights in the main barn. It is really getting nice!
So, now all I have to do is WAIT....I cleaned out my area in the tack room, a tad, for my sissy's tack...though, I bet it will go inside my trailer- as we shall go to more State Parks/Horse parks, than ride my area...tis a bit slippery and needs to be groomed from the winter storms.
First thing Monday, both mares have an apt with the tooth Dr. Then the Horse therapist on Weds.
Waiting excitedly!!!


  1. Oh, what fun you two will have! Nice pictures of both horses, can't wait to see more as you ride the trails and arenas. We are getting more snow here as I type this...LOTS of snow! Too cold outside for me to ride and no place to work wild Gilly before riding, sigh, it's gonna be a long winter!

  2. How wonderful for you that you get to spend this time with your sister and her horse. Enjoy!

  3. Sounds like some fun days are coming for the 'four' of you. How neat!

  4. I hear the JOy and feel the excitement. I'm sure that you'll take us all along for the ride.

    I love the last picture in the wet sand.

    I pray your visit is all that you HOPE for and more. What a blessing to have a relationship like that with your sister!

    God Bless you and yours, and stay safe


  5. Oh, how FUN!!! Pantz is a gem...what a beauty! Hope you guys have an awesome time!! :)

  6. Fun times. Wa is going to love seeing Pantz. Great to hear you and sis are spending time together...I know how much she means to you. Enjoy your trails together!

  7. Are you going to have fun or what? I expect you will be taking us along on your rides! How far away is your sister? It's great that your boarding facility can take on her horse.

  8. What a great story! You two sisters getting to ride together again and Wa reuniting with her friend too.

    I can't wait to see the photos!

  9. Oh, Pantz is coming! I remember him! I know Wa will be excited to see him, and you'll have a great time with your sis.

  10. I can understand you are looking forward to her she living far away from you now?
    Hope you will have loads of fun together!

  11. Yay! I bet you guys will have a wonderful visit full of adventures and good times!

  12. Oh that's great. I wish my sister rode, I tried to get her interested but she just didn't like it. You're so lucky! Pantz is a very pretty girl as is your mare. I'm sure you four girls will have a wonderful time playing together.

  13. Love the pictures of Pantz, especially with your mare! You will have a wonderful time, and how nice that Pantz found such a good home!

  14. Thanks for the generous comments everyone!
    I am excited to have my sissy back in good standing again and All is well with us...she turns 60 next Weds and do I have goodies for her. She has always lavished wonderful tack and horsey items of great value to me and my riding.
    She is a corrections Deputy in Newport Oregon. She has raised a son -alone- and financially alone as well. I am so proud of her...wished she lived closer.
    Will tell ya more as it occurs!

  15. Looks like fun! This is my first visit here, and I had a giggle: I'm an Appy lover all the way and my nickname for my dog is "Panzon" which is often shortened to Pants. Lol! Love the site and I'm looking forward to getting to know you through it!

  16. How nice to have so much in common with your sister. What a treat for her to bring her beautiful Appy and spend some time riding together. My own sister, Barb, came to visit with her family during the holidays and had a chance to ride our sweet horses - first time for her in a long time. She used to be the rider in the family. Now I guess it's me!

  17. Oh! How wonderful that your sis is coming to spend time together. Wa will be so happy, too!

    I can't wait to read and see all the photos from your rides together.

    That last photo is gorgeous!


  18. So glad you have patched things up and the four of you will ride together again! Can't wait to hear about your adventures together!


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