Monday, March 8, 2010

Like a lamb

March is said to, " Come in like a Lion and out  like A Lamb". Sometimes because of the temps are lower in the beginning of the month and higher at the end... but mostly because of the constellations, Leo and Aries.
Unlike the saying, our daytime temps  have pleasantly surprised getting up to the 60's!
This sunny weather has been our beginning for March...So I headed out for New Territories again, with my "Must Ride Monday" partner. I rode Mustang Cazi.

Destination-Squaw Mountain~

Not too far from us, we trailered on up the mountain...about 2,000 ft mark.

We entered a gate, not unlike the ones around our area, across the Clackamas River.
Crossed a creek on a bridge this time...

There are many of them up in these mountains

We decided to go all the way up a clear cut ridge....up and up and up...
Till Wala...What A view!

See the little road in the middle there..that is what we drove up on~

Cazi man is very plump this me!

We just stayed up on the view point for the longest time...and ooued and friend sang a little tune that got me to laughing...I sang it when I was a girl, riding my pony around then towns. Karen Carpendar's, " I'm on Top Of The World".

Coming down we went a different route..there were so many new choices~

It was so pretty all lined with Alders with their white bark.

Now...the below is a picture story of how we mainly use a "FLASH Nose Band" ( to keep the horse from munching!)....though Simeon figured out how to use it to his advantage- while his girl remounted !

Position is everything...., got em...

The quickly suck them into your mouth!


  1. You always seem to find the most beautiful and interesting places to ride. I envy you. That chunky little mustang is adorable and you look just fine. It's nice to see everyone having a good time after our long winter.

  2. We in the west have been blessed with a very mild winter and seeming early spring--unlike GHM and others east of us.
    Again, I ENVY your trees. On the other hand, you should enjoy my weekend post of a ride through the coulees of the Columbia River basin.
    Love your little mustang--he must be an entirely different experience than WA!

  3. Love the cute mustang. Just my size...and matches my winter plumpness, too. hehe!
    Looked like a very fun ride!

    I dislike March because it can be so us a tease of warmer weather and then blasting us with more snow and high winds.

    I enjoyed some nice trail rides this past weekend, and even though we rode with some spitting rains on Sunday, it wasn't cold.
    But then last night and today we are getting blasted with snow and strong gusts of wind. bleh!

    Winter is not over here in the southwest!


  4. Lovely ride! Lovely views. I am always so jealous of your scenic overlooks. You make me want to move out there! Where was the Wa Mare? I can't wait to start the poster! Hope you got my emails?

  5. What an incredible trail! And those trees - just gorgeous.

  6. What an awesome ride - great weather, great views little mud (at least I didn't see much) !

  7. Another wonderful ride with you and my butt isn't even sore! Those views are magical.

  8. You are the most active rider I know.
    Perfect place to be....beautiful.

  9. Beautifull pictures! Aound here March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb, but it's like the bipolar guy next door in between comming and going.

  10. Plump? Why I never. The interesting thing about Cazi and his plumpness... he eats nothing but local grass hay and nothing else but a tasty treat now and then. Anything else would ruin him. Grass hay and never put a shoe on him. Cheapest horse to keep we have ever had.

  11. Beautiful pictures - it reminds me so much of when we packed in 20+ plus miles into Idaho - what an adventure but so awesomely beautiful!

  12. Grey horse~Yes he is a chunk..but a ball of fire sometimes..I am blessed to be able to ride him!

    Evensong~LOVED your wide open ride...will trade ya..have a mare that hates anything to touch her or she gets our trees and mudd sometimes make her through fits of -I don't waana!

    Liss~YEA!!!! Trail stories from you too!!! Love that= love that= Love that!(and I spoke too soon about March's Lamb..the Lion reared his head this wkend)

    Juliette~YES deciding on a pic! Maybe I will let you by sending you 2 or 3! DO move here...would love riding with ya!

    Breathe~I do love a view!

    JeniQ~Yea..nice place though a bit out there and It made me feel somewhat less safe parking aside the road...but no mudd!

    Barb~HAHA!!! Totally made me laugh... as I have a perennial "Riding Rash"!

    Lori~ You know, when I ride, I often think of you saying such..I can be insatiable and that is why it is -sooo handy- that others have wonderful horses for me to give my mare a break!

    Cara~Thanks! I did noit quite follow though.... '~"

    Mr. ShackBhimself! I got er good with that Mustang man...maybe a little less grass for him and more for the bay! That bay gets ridden like the wind in the gorge!


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