Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday Stills A day in the Life

Our Host For Sundays Stills has challenged us to share a day with you...through 4 frames only. we go! Was a tough week and I will end it with my 4 frames here!

Driving into the country, I was focused on a circumstance that had snared me for a time~

Then, I opened my eyes to see the whole picture and my focus broadened and became much more beautiful ~
I saw the wonderful "Bouquets" that God had placed right before me, beyond the fence of my disdain.

The Country, had once again, lifted my minds clouds. Then riding out with my mare & friends, we strode into God's Grace and Mercy together~

After the lovely ride,
I gave the mare a bath. It was near 70 degrees this day. She  promptly rolled and showed me how good she was feeling...and I agreed, I will lift my eyes as you lift yourself, My mare; we shall laugh at calamity and throw ourselves high upon the wind of change!

Thanks Ed for another fun Weekends Challenge! Please do CLICK the title to go a visiting for many others views of "A day in the Life" through 4 frames!


  1. What a wonderful uplifting post - I love the way you changed focus on your photos to illustrate going beyond to the big picture. The mare looks full of spunk!

  2. Lovely story! I can't even pick out the one I like the best. I just like how ones leads to the next!

  3. I love your pics, very descriptive!

  4. Great challenge! The descriptions and photos go so well together.

  5. Love the spunky picture of your mare in the last shot! Looks like a nice day was had by all!

  6. Wonderful pictures. I love the first.

  7. I love the daffodils growing out in the field. Haven't seen that for a while.

  8. Wow, Kacy!!!! You really outdid yourself this time, my friend. Your creativity was in full force. Those first two pics showing the foreground and then allowing the background to show itself. Cool stuff!
    And I'm impressed to see pretty Daffodils growing there. Wild? Spring has really arrived for you and I'm so happy.
    I hope our Spring comes soon...and winter leaves for good.

    The last two pics made me smile and then laugh!
    What a spunky gal. Good thing she doesn't do that move with you on her. Whoooeee!


  9. Great post and the last photo is fantastic. Regular Guy

  10. Kacy, great pictures and words! Love Wa's picture!!

  11. I am reading your profile story of how you rode the dog. This is one of the best family story.

    My younger sis went to my dad's best friend's house and rode their German shepherd dog. The dog, having never been ridden before, resisted and bit her.

    Mum was in hospital with a sick youngest brother. We now joke wondering how dad explained it to Mum, and how mum reacted."I can't leave you one day with the kids."

    Glad you had you horse later, and Wow, what a great life.

  12. Great pics and descriptions Kacy! I need to get back on the Sunday Stills bandwagon...been finding myself a bit short of time. Really enjoyed this post of yours. Isn't it great when we can get out and put things back into perspective? The country always does that for me too.

  13. Love your photos! The first of the barbed wire fence is intriguing.

  14. Lovely photos, as always!
    I loved how you changed focus from the first to the second, very clever way of illustrating your thoughts!


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