Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday Stills Numbers

For some reason, when I signed up this week's SS challenge on NUMBERS, I was a bit stumped with it. Until I walked out my door!!! Numbers appeared everywhere!

This was on our porch, inscribed on an Oil lamp

Walking to the car, I stepped on this to open the passenger side door...
the cover for the water main to our house~

From there , it was easy to find numbers.There were some on my stirrup leathers~

And more under the flap of my saddle, as I fitted the girth for my ride~

I really enjoyed this Treasure hunt day this time for Sunday Stills!
 For more Views on Numbers- CLICK HERE or the Title!


  1. I struggled with this and then all of sudden there are numbers everywhere -- you did well in scavenger hunt!

  2. Love the numbers from your saddle and leathers.

    I put my camera case over my shoulder when I headed out for our morning walk with the dog and -- as you experienced -- suddenly there were numbers everywhere!

    I love how Ed's challenges make us look at things in a new way.

  3. Wow, good choices! Love those numbers inscribed on the leather!

  4. I need to get serious! Your shots are fabulous.

  5. Kacy, like the leather numbers, ride time! yippee!

  6. These are all lovely shots, the numbers of one's everyday life are the most interesting!

  7. Yes! A Treasure Hunt! You said it perfectly, Kacy! And I loved all your photos. There are literally numbers everywhere we look.


  8. ooooooo i really like these, some of them gave my poor eyes a strain teehehe
    great job xx

  9. great job finding numbers on the tack!


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