Thursday, March 4, 2010

Anniversary of freedom

It has been a whole year since I moved the mare to my current Private Barn! The time, it has gone by quickly. Had a rough start in the weather department last year. We had the record for dump-age of the white stuff (everyone else in the country is getting it this time) in 30 years. It kept coming and coming on all the way through April, with the freezes and snows. Would not bother me normally, but I had no arena to work the mare in and it seemed like a setback the time.
What I found that the mare and myself needed a break/ relief from the rigors of  boarding at a high profile barn that was full of self importance and deceit, to find ourselves again.
 What we have found in the country, the mare and I, has been most beneficial for health and well being. 

Lots of Reciprocity...

True Friends...

That God has picked for me...

Riding  often and loving the horse together

Cleansing wounds and
Providing my heart a place to flourish and trust again...

My mare has been favored as well, with plenty of managed turn out...

She has been blessed with
Room to run...

Her own horsey friends to share special times with...

Flirting is part of that too....

It has truly been a year of new vistas, for me, and vast  Horizons for the mare and I!

We crossed creeks

and  Bridges

Climbed Mountains

Refreshed in Lakes

Sometimes we Lead

and other times, we Followed

The mare had room to be herself and to really be cared for and relax

We rode till dark

But usually, rode into the sunsets with treasured friends.

We would travel to different arenas and practice

All the while, we had each other, with the wonderful absence of  barn politics and ill care.

We rather think that from a course of action  from others, that caused such pain, we landed in God's arms here in the country!
A world of knowledge I have gained by this past year...and mainly:

My journey with my mare has not been a smooth one, yet; these side roads we have traveled...with hills, valleys and the occasional river to cross, have allowed us to tarry long enough to view much more, than if we took a straighter path. We may not have come this way by choice.
 In the detour to the goals  planned-  reading the signs from my mare as  my map, has become a joy. This journey has been far more enjoyable for me at the slower pace. My mare is responding to a different girl.
Having found the support from my friend and stable owner, the difference is huge for the riding and training journey with my mare!

Into the future we stride...but...we now take the time to venture to unknown places, and see what they may offer, if only beauty and comfort and rest~
This is ALLHORSESTUFF...all that is worth pursuing with your horse is the respectful, loving, journey together!


  1. This is a fabulous retrospective. So glad that you are both much happier.

  2. What a great picture story! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Yours horse appear to be very happy.

  4. Your situation sounds wonderful - what improvements in your (and the mare's) life over the year!

  5. Oh KK! I love all your posts, but this one is my personal favorite! I identify with your journey. I know your mare is SO much happier where you are now. Your rides through the woods and mountains and creeks are way better than any arena work (in Wa's opinion!). Your photos are wonderful. Life is like that...just when we think it isn't working out...something wonderful comes along. Your current boarding situation is something wonderful. Your scenery alone is worth so much!

  6. Kacy, excellent post!! You and Wa Mare have come out of the fire and into a beautiful clear day. How wonderful that you were pointed in this direction. Love reading and seeing all the pictures of where you two venture. It's like you are taking me with you, love it!
    Happy Trails dear one....
    Jane and Big Gil

  7. I am so very lucky to only work at boarding barns and not have to keep my horses at one. I know what it's like though. The politics are insane! People talking about other people they claim to be their friends.

  8. That was so up lifting........
    Thanks you

  9. That was a beautiful post and photo story. Thanks for sharing!

  10. wonderful picture story! i am so happy for you and wa. and i'm jealous too, i admit. those mountains i call "home" - i miss them more than anything. (more than ranch dressing, more than my chevy even.)

    i wish i could have met wa and let her show me how sensible TBs can be.

    your blog is beautiful and i really appreciate it. you deserve that place.

    it was a real pleasure to meet you, my man and i read your blog together now.


  11. What a beautiful post. It must be so wonderful to be able to look back and clearly see how far you have come together. I haven't been following you for long, but I love your writing and your story, along with your photos. You are blessed to have such a beautiful place for your pony to call home!

  12. Wonderful and amazing!
    Such a journey.

    Have lovely day and weekend.

  13. Oh Kacy, I'm so very, very happy for you and your beautiful girl!! You are safe now and where you can both relax and blossom. Soooo good!!! What a beautiful collection of wonderful memories and adventures you've had...with many more to come. God is good!! I can hardly believe it's been a year though...time surely goes way too fast!! Thank you so very much for your cherished prayers and your warm comments. I love you my little blogger buddy...maybe this will be the year we will ride the hills together...I'm looking forward to that.

  14. Bravo! What an uplifting post. Thank you for sharing.

  15. Happy Anniversary ! I love your picture story and fully understand the issues you encountered at your previous situation. You and Wa Mare look so happy now.

  16. Sometimes a change of scenery is all you need to realize what makes you happy. So glad you and your mare have enjoyed your past year. That's all that matters.

  17. What a great look back! I am so very happy for you and Wa that you found happiness at the new barn. I know just how you feel too; I feel like I'm "home" in this new land!

    Love those trees - I do miss big green trees!

  18. A post full of heart! You have taken every opportunity with your mare -- well done! You are also a wonderful example that lifes' challenges are much easier with a four legged friend at your side! Well done!

  19. A wonderful journey, thanks for sharing!

  20. So nice..loved the reflection! It is so nice to board at a small facility, I do too..but on one rides there which is annoying! Or at least not enough to my liking..and I'm the only one with a lame horse, go figure! Your mare is beautiful, I love her nose!

  21. Has it really been a year??! Wow! It has truly flown by, my friend.

    I'm so happy for you, for this journey you ad you dear Wa have traveled together. Your photos speak even louder than words. That last one catches my breath in my throat. wow.
    And the sunset photo is too pretty for words. Gives me the warm fuzzies. :)

    Here's to another year. May it be filled with happy journeys.


  22. What a wonderful post - and the photos just make it even better! Much Luck to you and Mare as you head forward on Life's trail together.

  23. I appreciate you all!March 7, 2010 at 7:06 PM

    I really love all my friends here....YOU too -have made this past year a healing journey for me(and us)!
    Thanks for the continued support and very excellent knowledge shared!

  24. Happy Anniversary of being happy!

  25. What a refreshing post! I agree, happy anniversary of being HAPPY!

  26. It seems like only yesterday you and Wa found your PBO and found sanctuary there. You both have come a long, long way in such a short time. I am very happy that you and Wa are very happy. May you continue to love and grow together for many more happy years to come!

  27. You rock! Thanks for sharing this with us, you truly have and amazing outlook on life and are an inspiration.

  28. I make 30 comments..never had so many before! Tehehe!

  29. I'm always late commenting on your posts!

    This one touched me...beautiful photography, beautiful thoughts. You both look SO happy and relaxed and content.

    We are supposed to enjoy, savor and relish our horses...and we can only do so in an environment that encourages it.

    Looks like you found the right environment.

  30. What a wonderful year it has been for you! Each picture made me smile. I am so happy you found such a wonderful place for you and Wa. Here's to many more happy times ahead!


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