Saturday, March 13, 2010

Many hooves have been here

Riding on a promising day up to Stony Mountain, I had to get off at the "cedar ally" part of the trail....
many hooves over the winter have made it very deep with mudd and trenches. It already is hard to see the ground through  the thick, softly reaching branches!
This trail , I had to clear myself, last winter, as no one was using it.

I reached the top of the clearcut view point ...with it's unique -Vantage point view- of the newest Clear cutting
ridge....they seem to have left a row of trees at the top...looks like feathers!
I was amazed with the total HAZE affect.....The first sunny day of Spring approaching and ALL THE FIRE FREAKS start up burning...musty be a country thing...
I think I counted a least 10 this day!!

One in the distance-zoomed in~ adding to the very white-out-sky conditions

I took a look at my GPS (yup- still have it)  while Wa mare ate some new spring grasses that were  still sparse .....and we traveled :
a little over 4 miles
1 hour 17 min
Max Speed 18 mph
Move average 4.7mph
This is the part that is newest...the elevation stats....

1,100 elevation to
1,826 elevation!
UP 726 Feet!

We were able to see our little "Tree Farm Glen", that is next to my mare's stall~

And I zoomed in on my PBO's house too!

Was a good Spring day ride...that I shared the burden of the rocky decent with my dismounting for the
road down...she seems to appreciate it~


  1. Glad you still have the Garmin GPS, I got ours out yesterday but can't figure it out, guess I need to get the directions and READ them?? LOL
    I would like to know how fast or with Gil how SLOW he goes!
    We got to ride three times last week! It's raining now and don't know how long that will last.

  2. Simply gorgeous photos especially to someone who will probably never see the view from a horses back! Such a delight to visit!

  3. As always, your ride seems idyllic. You and your photos and your mare sure do make me want to live where you are! I am inspired. We have rain now, but when it stops I feel like I have to get out and look for gorgeous rides like KK and Wa!

  4. Your mare is so beautiful! I absolutely love all the rides you share with us. You have great (and many) trails and the scenery is spectacular. I got a great ride in today too (no photos) but the weather was wonderful!

  5. Jane, Yes, I still have the Garmin and I need to go online or to Best Buys and try to get the manual and cord for the computer...
    YEA- you got to RIDE!!!Happy for you!

    Hello again! Nice to see you, and happy to take you on some will REALLY like the next ride I take you on...coming soon!

    hope you got the photo's I sent of Wa and I??
    Inspiration is flowing Riding partner is so much like me...she quests for the new trails so I get to go too!
    Wish- oh wish -you and I could ride together!
    You have yourself a great wkend!

  6. MomaH
    THANKS! I Just LOVE her!
    WOW, I sure had a great time with you earlier today...that was a festive guys were all decked out and celebration too!
    Good for you, gettin' out there riding, while the gettin' is good in fickle spring!

  7. I really like all the pictures. My favorites are the one of her sticking her face through the cedars and looking off into the distance. What a great ride you had once again.

  8. That first photo with the white snow on the tree and on your mare's blaze - just awesome! I liked this ride. Sounds as though both you and the mare got good exercise.

  9. Your photos are beautiful, especially that first one. I love seeing Wa in her bitless bridle, too.
    Interesting how you attach the breast collar on an English saddle. I never even thought about that before, but I bet it is very useful on the steep hills to have.

    Love the GPS. I must try to get on for my family, too. We want to do more geocaching along with our letterboxing and it would behelpful to have one. And I love that it can tell you all that information when you are out riding, too. Cool!

    I'm glad you enjoyed a great ride. It's snowing here right now. We've already got at least 6" on the ground. bleh!


  10. Grey Horse~ She does not like this particular ride..but was a good girl for me and I love to bond with her always.

    Barb~ Oop, trick of the sunshine on the over exposed branches, no snow!
    It is a nice ride..Wa could care less for the ups and the downs though...that is why I get off...or she'd never want to do it again ever!

    Hi there sweet horse owner!
    (So excited for you)
    I am sorry it is snowing still...we had a bout but now..Oregon smiles with some more sun!
    The breast collar is not so much for the saddle slipping..her belly probably would not allow it...but for something to grab for me, up front. Since I trimmed her mane(last time) I have nothing to hold unto for the hills!
    YOU would LOVE a GPS...tells you much about your terrains and finds the treasures too!

  11. Your first photo just takes my breath away - how green and how magic to see your horse's head appear. Lovely!
    Glad you still have the GPS and are having fun with it. I bet is a sweet 'gadget'.


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