Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sunday Stills Sunrise Sunsets and Shadows

Though the Sunrise is on the other side of the house...this sunrise effect on my kitchen window view is wonderful...with all the Tree Shadows of our front yard tree-upon the neighbors garage roof! It tricks the eye, making it look like a reverse shadow, from the one you can see in this shot! 
And here is the days Sunset, driving homeward from riding my mare, in a gorgeous day....that turned slightly snowy on us.

Please enjoy many more Sunday Stills-sky views and  also cool-o-Shadows Shots, by visiting these creative folks!


  1. The sunset photo is just beautiful. The warmth is amazing. Love it.

  2. Such great shadow shots! Love them both, but the sunset is awesome! Thanks for your visit! Have a terrific Sunday!


  3. Absolutely stunning shots - particularl that last one - swoon!

  4. Great tree shadows! I like the oddness of it. It did trick me! And that sunset photo is divine! A sensational capture! Have a great week!

  5. Kacy!!! Lovely photos!

    I have to use this space to write to you about the poster. I am afraid you didn't get any of my emails. I resent them so check your spam folder to!

    I emailed you right away that I got the photos and then I sent you a copy of the poster! Let me know what you think! Hugs - juliette

  6. KC...Talk about breathtaking! That second shot is amazing.

    After I posted my first shots, I read that we were not supposed to use any from our archives, so I had to change over to the photos I took recently. There is nothing wrong with your computer!

  7. What a delightful photo--the perspective is fresh, and grand! Lovely shadows at the bottom! I was looking through some of your other photos and posts....just lovely!! I had a horse growing up, but haven't had one since..I miss them so!

  8. KC, your shorts are all so beautiful!
    Thank you for the encouragement you've given me during this time.
    Hope to be flying out of Taiwan soon!
    Warm greetings,

  9. Definitely a fascinating shot...I always love visiting your blog and taking a virtual trail ride with you, though the clear-cut areas sadden me.
    People are always asking me why I let the cedar trees grow untethered on my 6 acres...some one has to give back, I always reply...

    Have a ride for me and breathe in the beauty of your wonderful state, you are a lucky equestrian!


  10. That last shot is fantastic. Nice outline of the clouds with that yellow/golden glow. Regular Guy

  11. So beautiful!

    Thank you for your kind words about my friend. I truley appreciate you taking the time to comment...
    xo, misha

  12. I LOVE these. Nature just makes it all right, sometimes. Which is all the time.

  13. Beautiful pictures Kacy, loving the last one of the sunset! What a beautiful sight to see after a nice ride.

  14. Thanks for stopping by & your lovely comments! Those pictures are great - this last one is breathtaking - wow!! I'll have to get my daughter on your blog - she LOVES horses!!
    Happy SSS!

  15. The intensity of the sky is a treat, the goldenrod hue overpowering the dark mass of clouds.

    I was scrolling through this great blog - Washashe is a lovely steed takes you to places of grandeur and beauty. She is a true beauty, loyal and one with her rider. Such nobility!

  16. Great photos! I love the opposite side of the sunset.

  17. Gorgeous and so warm that sunset. I'm so used to pinks and purples here. But I love the oranges and golds very much. The glow is beautiful!

    And the shadows of the tree of sunrise is very clever and pretty. Nice captures Kacy!


  18. Love the second shot, every cloud deserves an orange lining..:-)

  19. To quote Johnny Cash "I ain't seen the sunshine in I don't know when..."

    I think you are getting more of the sun in Oregon than we are here in Nebraska. Seriously, it will NOT shine! I long for sunshine!


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